Hilary Duff Had Her Two Kids Alone For The First Time And Her Reaction Was All Too Relatable

Hilary Duff recently became a mom of two after welcoming daughter Banks with her boyfriend Matthew Koma last October. Adding a baby to any family is a huge change and everyday life tasks become just a little bit more difficult.

A newborn already needs a lot of care and so do any older children in the home. In this family, Duff already was a mom to her son Luca, six but up until now, she had always had help with her new brood of two.

Well, this past week Hilary was tasked with the terrifying task of wrangling both a young child and newborn baby out the door on time by herself for the first time ever. It's a daunting task for any mom, and even if you're Hilary Duff it's hard!

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Duff had to get Luca to school on time as well as dress herself and the baby, make breakfast, breastfeed the baby, make sure Luca had all of his school supplies, feed the animals and make sure didn't leave the house looking like a total mombie. Basically, it was an average morning for a mom of two and we love her for her realistic approach to it all and doing it alone for the first time.

She took to her personal Instagram to vent about her hectic morning and give a shout out to all the moms who do this crazy stuff every day because motherhood is not for the faint of heart.


The first time you're alone with both your first and second child is scary! You imagine worst-case scenarios of explosive diapers and tears. And while that may happen, it gets better. Moms of new babies quickly learn that it will be tough but moms are superheroes and can handle anything.

Duff has been open over the adjustment of adding baby Banks to her family. She revealed on Instagram that Banks was suffering from colic and was asking for tips. A colicky baby is no fun for anyone and her revelation that motherhood that second time around hasn't been perfect is so relatable.

How was your adjustment from one to two kids? Do you have tips for Duffs or any other moms going through this for the first time?

Let us know in the comments!

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