Hipster Baby Clothes That Are So Adorable

There is no doubt that being stylish is an important part of everyone’s personality. And being a baby doesn’t necessarily mean boring pink/blue outfits! There are plenty of fashionable clothes for the littlest ones. Let your baby be stylish despite the age and check the most trending tone recently – hipster style. We give you and your small mod some clothing ideas for how to dress an adorable little hipster.

First of all, for those who do not know much about hipsters, let’s shortly present what it is. The “hipster” subculture started forming around the 1940s. It is some kind of a postmodern subculture and mostly made of middle class, urban youngsters. Their ideas and thoughts are out of the routine and they shine progressive political views, inner and outer freedom, and denying the consumer lifestyle.

Their clothing refers to their attitude and celebrates their rogue approach against conformity-- “found clothes and dressed without thinking too much”. Here we give you some main items that are “must-have” for every hipster. So, you can mix these different ideas together to create an overall (miniature) hipster style or just pick the one item that suits your baby’s casual outfits.

12 Hats and Beanies

Everybody will agree that headdress is a ‘must-have’ thing for every hipster. So, don’t forget your baby. Headdress is especially important for the little ones going outside (depending on the weather, you should pick the most suitable for the season). You will be surprised by how many stylish hipster hats and beanies you can find for babies.

It’s already getting painfully cute.

Precisely, bucket hats and colorful beanies seem most hipster on your little toddler’s head. You can choose a funny, hand-made hat (try to crochet or knit -- of course, if you know how to) or just buy a simple one. Decide which one suits your little hipster best. We suggest the funny bright one for your little baby girl and a stylish, suave hat for hipster baby boy!

Important issue: if your baby is not sitting yet, a better idea would be to choose the beanie, because it is softer and more comfortable while baby is lying down. Hello, slouchy beanies on Etsy.

11 Scarves

What is a hipster without a sharp scarf? Just choose one as huge as you can find for your baby. Bright and colorful scarves will make alive even the simplest outfit. The material can vary according to your wishes. During the cold season, it can warm up your little hipster.

The internet is full of ideas for how to make a scarf by yourself -- check the Pinterest suggestions, which are filled with ways to make it is very easy even for handcraft beginners. The good news is that the scarf for your kid will not be very big (even if you are going to make it ‘huge’), so you will handle this handcraft very quickly. We suggest a soft, enormous bright muffler for cold season and the bright, thin scarf for the summer period!

10 Over-Sized Glasses

Of course, there cannot be the hipster style without those huge glasses on your nose. The glasses must be as big as possible, hiding more than half of your face (or at least, that’s what we hear)! If your kid has to wear glasses due to the problems of vision, it is easy to make him proud of being very stylish (the big glasses are top fashion!).

Frame Empty -- Fully Adorable

Nevertheless, what about the littlest ones without any struggles with vision? The idea to make your baby look more hipster with over-sized glasses is still possible by using only the empty frame of glasses. Maybe not for every day, but it can be an attractive idea for some occasions.

Don’t forget enormous sunglasses during summer periods as well. And they help to protect your kid’s eyes from sun -- just choose quality ones. In addition, they must be over-sized! The ones with colorful frames for toddlers look great.

9 Overalls

Overalls are very trendy and perfectly reflect hipster style. There are various kinds of overalls and they are incredibly comfortable. Choose the one that suits your little hipster best by color, fabric, and style.

Be creative and search for the trendy ones to display hipster style more. The jean overalls could look really stylish, cozy, and ironically ‘classic’. So, this clothing piece should find a place in your kid’s closet!

8 Suspenders

Yes, yes, probably for babies the suspenders are not a necessary clothing item, but they reflect the stylish baby perfectly. Just use your imagination and create a gorgeous hipster image by using suspenders. They can vary: be perfectly matched to an outfit or go out of the contrast of all clothes by adding a little sparkle (choose the colorful ones or a strong red/pink/yellow). Buy a few pairs and you will have them for every occasion or casual day!

If you do not feel like putting extra unnecessary stuff on your baby (some moms declare that baby’s clothes must be only comfortable), you can find clothes with painted suspenders! Good idea, don’t you think so?

7 Plaid Clothes

We are talking about plaid clothes or flannel shirts – it is very hipster and very comfortable for your little toddler. The colors can vary from bright yellow to “serious” grey. The baby can wear this thick shirt as a jacket as well. Just adjust it with funny T-shirts, jeans, and a vivid beanie.

Your little lumberjack… or lumberjill?

The flannel shirts are warm enough and can be a good idea for early autumn or later spring periods.The most important rule is whatever you choose for your kid, it will look hipster if the clothes are voluminous and a little bit over-sized matched with tiny jeans and other accessories for hipsters.

Suggestion: buy a one-size bigger flannel shirt for your baby – she/he can wear it for quite a long period either in the fall or winter. Just match other clothing pieces!

6 Pullovers

If the hipsters wear over-sized clothes, then we have to mention over-sized pullovers as well! Check your baby’s bigger sister’s or brother’s closet (or a friend’s house) and probably you will find something suitable for your toddler. The pullover can look a little bit ratty -- this issue makes it even more hipster.

Just be careful -- the pullover has to be just a little bit too big, but not too much (otherwise it can easily get wrapped around junior’s face). Try the ones with snappy phrases on them – your little mod will get some more rebellious attention.

5 Vests

The vest looks stylish and could be mixed well with other clothes. It could be worn only as an accessory, too. For example, choose a jean vest or colorful one to brighten the whole outfit of your baby. Think about an over-sized vest for your toddler to make him look even more hipster (are you noticing a pattern here?).

If the weather is colder, you can think of knitted, crochet (make it for your baby by yourself), or furry vests – most of hipsters propagate “green peace” ideas, so make sure that the vest would be unnatural fur.

4 Cool, Colorful Shirts (T-Shirts)

The babyhood is the life period when being bright and colorful come easiest. That is why Hawaiian style shirts are perfect for any hipster style baby. Don’t like Hawaiian colors? Pick other colorful items instead!

He’s tiny and he has more wit than us!

Of course, everyone will pay attention if your little hipster’s shirt shouts aloud a sarcastic or funny message (or if you have a witty saying on your baby’s “body” -- very comfortable clothing for a little baby). Check out some clever sayings or develop original ideas.

If you do not find anything acceptable, think of yours that must be said. So, do not hesitate and write it down on your baby’s T-shirt! When next time you will go shopping for your toddler – a funny and telling T-shirt is “must-buy” item.

3 Jeans

One of the main attributes of hipster style is jeans. Moreover, if your little kid is a real “victim” of fashion, you should check for tiny ripped jeans and match them with an expected over-sized pullover and enormous glasses.

Why are tiny jeans so cute?

Be creative – jeans can be worn with different kinds of clothes and will look awesome any way! Think not only about jean-trousers; another idea is bringing in jean jackets/shirts or vests on baby’s shoulders! She will look even more hipster with every inch of denim -- just check out these items!

No doubt your child has at least one pair of jeans. You just need to match them with other adorable hipster clothes.

2 Colorful Socks

Colorful socks (choose different ones depending on baby’s whole outfit) also can be a nice attribute for hipster style mod. We suppose we don’t need to remind you that socks are necessary pieces of your baby’s clothing. So, why not make them an attractive accessory in all baby’s outfits?

A great idea would be to match the shiny pairs of socks with naturally colored over-sized pullovers, pairs of short jeans, and huge scarves with a tiny beanie on your toddlers head. Don’t like this suggestion? Think of your own ideas and try to weave colorful socks into your baby’s style!

1 Comfortable Shoes

Do not forget the footwear for your developing hipster. They are also an important part of practical style. However, if your toddler is just doing his first steps on the ground, pay attention to a comfortable footwear. All vintage or cowboy style shoes are not very suitable for smallest kids, but the converse type shoes could be a good idea for your little hipster!

And even if your baby is still too little to stand on the ground by his own foot, you can think about crochet converse shoes! Are not they so cute? Another option could be moccasin booties for the baby. They are also comfortable and look really hipster! If your toddler is starting to walk, moccasins are adjustable for the colder weather as well. Just pick the pretty ones!

Creating Style From First Days

It is always nice to see stylish babies on the streets and it is cheery when parents try to generate a fashion-sense from the first kid’s days. You, as a mother, can check for the style idea on internet, in magazines, and even in the street and create an original style not just for yourself but for your little toddler as well.

No doubt that later on, when your child will face the world, she/he will decide what to wear and how to look. And for now, we hope you will enjoy the hipster style ideas above and will find some of them matching for your kid. Enjoy being hipster together with your baby!

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