His And Hers: 24 Baby Names Perfect For Each Birth Month

Choosing a baby name can be a lot of fun. It can be a little stressful too. Parents are looking for the perfect name for their incredible newborn. A fun way to come up with new baby name ideas is to try looking at names with a different spin that relate to the month the baby was born. The names on this list range from classic to nearly unheard of but each name would make a precious and beautiful choice for a baby name.

Check out the top two names for boys and girls born in each month. Each name will in some way relate to the special features of the month the baby was born. If those don’t spark inspiration for mom and dad maybe the names by seasons will.

It's not always easy choosing the perfect baby name. Sometimes the “just right” name will speak to one of the parents. Check out the entire list to find out if one of the names sounds special regardless of the month it’s assigned to. Since the names have multiple meanings and the meanings can be interpreted in different ways, the perfect baby name might be hiding in a different month.

15 January - Ausra & Novak

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January is the perfect time for starting fresh. It signals a new year in which people look to reinvent their lives and look to the new year to make it the best year yet. That’s why babies born in January should have a name signifying this wonderful time of year. The names Ausra, for a girl, and Novak, for a boy, are perfect names for babies born in January. They are born at the dawn of the new year. Ausra means dawn in Lithuanian and don’t worry about too many other babies having the same name. Most recently, it was ranked as #16,225 in popularity.

Novak is a little more popular at #6,995 but you still probably won’t have a class full of them. Novak is the perfect name for a baby born at the new year because it means new in Hungarian, Czech and Slovak.

14 February - Ashlynn & Dailon

In cold climates, people find themselves dreaming throughout the month of February. Marked by the coldest temperatures of the year, people can’t help themselves but to dream of warmer weather coming in spring and summer which is just around the corner. For this, two perfect names for babies born in February is Ashlynn and Dailon. Ashlynn is a beautiful baby girl name with Irish and Gaelic origins. Ashlynn means dream. This is a name that isn’t totally unheard of and at the same time won’t be too common. Most recently it ranked at #549 in popularity.

Dailon has roots as an English and Christian name meaning daydreamer. You can rest assured that few boys born in the same year will have the same name as your little Dailon at #6,894.

13 Beauties of Winter

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Looking for a different name for a winter baby? Don’t distress, there are many more names perfectly suited for your winter baby. Bianca is sure to be a stunning winter beauty. This baby girl name means white in Italian and brings about pictures of a beautiful little girl dressed in white frolicking in the snow. For popularity, Bianca ranks at #411.

For a boy, Whitaker is a perfect winter name. Strong in sound, Whitaker means white field. It is a classic English name with style and beauty. This classic name won’t have to fight to stand out. Most recently, it ranked at #4,435 in popularity. If those don’t suit, you can choose a name that’s more strongly related to the winter season like Aspen, Snow, Cypress, Holly, Iclyn, or Winter.

12 March - Aviva & Denver

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The first half of March is still part of winter although it fills everyone’s minds with springtime. The spring equinox and the official start of spring happens around the 20th of the month. For this, Aviva is the perfect name for a baby girl born in March. Aviva is a Hebrew name which means springtime. It also means innocent which fits with the dawn of spring in March. If you have older children, they may recognize the name from the PBS Kids show Wild Kratz. Otherwise, the popularity is quite low, ranking at #2,588.

For your little boy born in March, Denver is the perfect name. Strong and solid, Denver is an Old English and French name that means green valley. Denver reached its height in popularity in the 1920s but has recently been on the rise again. Currently, it ranks at #1,041.

11 April - Iris & Javier

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April showers bring May flowers and these April baby names will be a perfect match for your Spring baby. With the April showers, you’re sure to see a rainbow or two. That’s why Iris is a perfect baby name for a girl born in April. Iris has two meanings. The first of which is “rainbow” because in Greek mythology Iris is the goddess of the rainbow. Iris also is the name for the beautiful spring flower. This name brings together both the idea of April showers and May flowers.

Javier is a beautiful boy name for a baby born in April. April really starts to give way to the feeling of spring. Javier means bright new day and reminds us of how the earth is awakening to a bright new day in the spring season.

10 May - Florence & Owen

May is a beautiful month of blooming flowers and baby animals being born. Two great names for babies born in May are Florence and Owen. A Florence born in May will be in perfect harmony with nature. Florence means blossoming or to flower. May flowers take the spotlight during this month and a little baby Florence definitely won’t be outshone. Florence was at the height of popularity in the 1890s but is ready for a comeback as more parents are choosing classic names. Today, Florence ranks at #706 in popularity.

Owen is a Gaelic and Welsh name meaning young lamb, although it can also mean well-born or noble. Either way, Owen will make a great name for your baby boy. Owen has been on the rise in popularity since 2000. Most recently, it has ranked at #22 in popularity.

9 Spring Specialties

Not in love with one of the name choices for your baby’s birth month? No worries, there are still plenty more beautiful spring names for babies. For your baby girl, you might prefer a more obviously spring names like May, Blossom, Lily or Primrose. Want something a little less obvious? Olwen is the Welsh goddess of springtime and flowers. Boy’s names aren’t usually so floral but still can have a nice spring feel. Names like Branch, Bud, Dewey, Leif and Springer are all clearly spring inspired names. Looking for something a little more subtle? Try Jarek. It’s Czech for spring. The name choices for a spring baby are almost endless. With nods to nature, flowers, and mythology, mom and dad will have plenty to choose from for spring baby names.

8 June - Kyra & Beckett

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June is a wonderful month that transitions between spring and summer. The summer solstice happens around the 20th of the month and kicks off summer. This is a month of warm weather and sunshine. A perfect time to have a baby. And the perfect name for a baby girl born in June? Kyra. Kyra comes from the Persian and Egyptian word for the sun. The name Kyra has become more popular in the 1990s and 2000s but it still only ranks at #432.

Beckett is a great name for a baby boy born in June. It means beehive or stream. Both of which can bring little boys much joy in the summer. The popularity of the name Beckett has taken off in the 2000s. Today it ranks at #239 in popularity.

7 July - Eden & Somerset

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In July, summer really takes off. You know summer is in full swing when gardens are in bloom, people are vacationing and cookouts are happening all over. This sort of summer paradise deserves a special name for baby girls born in July. What better name for a girl born in July than Eden - literally meaning paradise. Eden is a biblical name and has been used for both boys and girls. It hit its height of popularity around 2010. Today, Eden ranks at #150 in popularity.

For boys born in July, Somerset is a classical name meaning summer settlers. This beautiful sounding name won’t be one that’s too common - ranking at #15,952 in popularity. It has been used as both a boy’s and girl’s name and can be found in Shakespeare's Henry VI.

6 August - Adena & Leo

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August tends to be the hottest month of summer. For that, your baby girl born in August will need a fitting name. Adena is the female version of Aiden which means fire. Adena also has roots in many cultures from Hebrew to African to Early Native American. This beautiful name probably won’t be too common in preschool as Adena ranks at #7,108 in popularity.

You can’t miss with naming a little boy born in August Leo. Leo means lion or lionheart but is also the zodiac sign for those born from July 23rd to August 22nd. Most of the babies born in August will be under the zodiac Leo. Leo was most popular in the 1890s but is becoming more and more popular today. Currently, Leo ranks at #32 in popularity.

5 Summer Sweeties

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Summer babies can be more challenging for mom. From being very pregnant in the heat of summer to holding a newborn while you both get hot and sticky. But it can offer mom and baby time outdoors to walk and bond. Plus summer can offer great inspiration for naming the baby. There are tons of perfect names for babies born in summer. Girls can have iconic summer names like June, August, Summer, Sunny, or Oceana. If you’d like something a little less blatant but still an ode to summer, maybe something like Suma, meaning born in summer, or Brooklyn, meaning water, would be a good fit. Boys have lots of great summer options like Augustus, River or Sky. Other options include Kai which is Hawaiian for summer or Theros, the Greek word for summer.

4 September - Hazel & Aster

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Many areas welcome the coming of fall with beautiful fall colors. Fashions reflect the changing colors of autumn. So why not choose a baby name that honors the new season? That’s why Hazel makes an adorable baby girl name. Hazel comes from the Hazelnut and its beautiful brown color. This classic name was most popular in the 1890s and is becoming more popular as parents opt for elegant names. Today, Hazel ranks at #43 in popularity.

For boys born in September, Aster is a great choice. Aster means star and is also the name of a flower that blooms in September. Aster is becoming more popular but still only ranks at #4,488 in popularity. Aster has been used as both a boy and a girl name. Today, it is more commonly used for boys.

3 October - Libra & Hawthorne

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October has the perfect balance of fall. The weather is still mild and the fall colors are in full swing. Parents and newborns can enjoy the mild weather of this month. A perfect baby name for girls born in October is Libra. Libra is the zodiac sign for people born between September 23rd and October 22nd. Libras enjoy harmony in everything and will appreciate the connection between birth month, zodiac and name. Libra saw the most popularity in the 1970s. Today Libra only comes in at #18,400 in popularity.

Hawthorne is a strong and classic name and a perfect choice for a baby born in October. Hawthorne bushes burst with beautiful yellow, red and orange colors. Hawthorne has shot up in popularity since 2010 but still only ranks at #7,020.

2 November - Persephone & Rory


November is a time of harvest and giving thanks. Parents welcoming a newborn baby in November will have plenty to be thankful for. A lovely name for a baby girl born in November is Persephone. It pays homage to the Greek goddess Persephone. Persephone was the daughter of Demeter, the queen of the harvest. After being kidnapped by Hades, Persephone was allowed to return to her mother for 6 months of the year to help crops grow, and according to Greek mythology, that's why we have the seasons. Persephone is sometimes used to replace the more popular Stephanie. Today, it ranks at #2,145 in popularity.

For a baby boy born in November, Rory is an adorable choice. Rory means red king or rusty and speaks to the beautiful red colors found throughout November. Rory can be used as a boy or girl name. Recently, it's become more popular. Today, Rory ranks at #385 in popularity.

1 December - Chiara & Abner


December is a month full of joy and winter festivities. A season with twinkling lights and warm fires. There are many names that reflect the joyousness of the season. Chiara is a beautiful Italian name meaning light and bright. It reflects the brightness of the holiday season and has a romantic ring to it. Chiara is gaining popularity and today ranks at #783.

For a little boy born in December, Abner may be an unlikely but great holiday choice. Abner means father of light and is reminiscent of both the Hanukkah and Christmas seasons. Abner is a name with Hebrew origins that was most popular in the 1880s. Today it comes in at #2,065 in popularity. With its roots in the old testament, it was a popular name for Puritans who brought it to America in the 1600s.

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