13Beauties of Winter

Via: https://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2015/04/28/winter-baby-names_n_7035702.html

Looking for a different name for a winter baby? Don’t distress, there are many more names perfectly suited for your winter baby. Bianca is sure to be a stunning winter beauty. This baby girl name means white in Italian and brings about pictures of a beautiful little girl

dressed in white frolicking in the snow. For popularity, Bianca ranks at #411.

For a boy, Whitaker is a perfect winter name. Strong in sound, Whitaker means white field. It is a classic English name with style and beauty. This classic name won’t have to fight to stand out. Most recently, it ranked at #4,435 in popularity. If those don’t suit, you can choose a name that’s more strongly related to the winter season like Aspen, Snow, Cypress, Holly, Iclyn, or Winter.

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