15January - Ausra & Novak

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January is the perfect time for starting fresh. It signals a new year in which people look to reinvent their lives and look to the new year to make it the best year yet. That’s why babies born in January should have a name signifying this wonderful time

of year. The names Ausra, for a girl, and Novak, for a boy, are perfect names for babies born in January. They are born at the dawn of the new year. Ausra means dawn in Lithuanian and don’t worry about too many other babies having the same name. Most recently, it was ranked as #16,225 in popularity.

Novak is a little more popular at #6,995 but you still probably won’t have a class full of them. Novak is the perfect name for a baby born at the new year because it means new in Hungarian, Czech and Slovak.

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