Traveling For The Holidays? Pack These Diaper Bag Must-Haves

The holiday season is upon us which means its time to make new memories with your family and your newborn or toddler. If you live close to your parents and in-laws consider yourself lucky in this instance! They'll only be a short drive away for Thanksgiving and Christmas or Hanukkah. For the rest of us, start packing your bags. If you're hitting the road or even flying by air the best thing you can do to make your travel as smoothas possible is to be prepared.

Here are a few essentials you should consider packing in your diaper bag so you have everything at arm's reach. We'll start with the no-brainers...Diapers/Wipes: If you're wondering how many diapers to pack for the road or the plane, take the number of hours you'll be driving or flying and pack that many diapersSo that one diaper per hour. You may not need that many but at least they'll be there if you run into any messes while traveling. Be sure to pack more away in your bags depending on how long you'll be gone for while you're visiting family or friends.

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Diaper Rash Cream: Buy a smaller tub and pack it away. You never know when your little one's bum may get irritated.

Portable Changing Pad: These mats are fairly inexpensive.  They fold up easily to fit into your bag.  You can whip our the waterproof mat anywhere to change your baby's diaper.  Whether you need to lay them down and change them in the back of the car, or in the ladies restroom.  You can easily wipe them down and they keep everything sanitary.Change of Clothes: Try to have at least two outfits ready to go in case there is a poop explosion!Ziplock Bags: Keep one or two stowed away in your diaper bag. You can use them to store the soiled or wet clothes in case there's an accident. It's a great way to keepthe dirty clothes separated from everything else.Teether: This can be a lifesaver especially if your little one is going through some growing pains.Age appropriate snacks: If the teether doesn't work and they are old enough try giving them a rice rusk to snack on. It may help distract them and gives them somethingto chew on.Blankets: They are so versatile. They can provide warmth for your baby in the car. Remember, do not buckle them in with their coats and jackets on it can be a safety hazard.Before you put them in the car seat take off their jackets so their seat belts fit them properly. You can use a blanket over their body once they are buckled in and it can also double as a play mat on stops you make along the way.Nursing Cover: For all the nursing mamas out there.Sunscreen: Because it's important to protect your little one and their sensitive skin from the sun. Talk to your pediatrician first about what age you should start using sunscreen on them.First Aid Kit: Basic first aid kit to patch up on cuts or boo-boos they may get while playing.

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Bottles: If the baby is drinking formula or your bringing pumped breast milk have their bottles packed away so it's easy to access during rest stops if its feeding time.Baby's Favorite Toy: It's never a bad idea to have one or two small toys (rattles, stuffed animals, etc ...) that they might enjoy playing with while on the planeor in the back of the car.

If you are traveling by car consider traveling at night. This has worked great for a lot of parents. If it's a 3 to 5-hour car ride you can leave closer to your baby's bedtime and they can sleep while in the car. You'll eventually have to do the delicate dance of getting them out of the car seat into their bed once you reach your destination but worth considering if traveling during the day with a fussy baby doesn't seem all that appealing.Happy travels, stay safe!


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