Exclusive Interview: Holistic Nutritionist & Author Dave Brown Shares His Advice For Healthy Kids

David Brown is a man who wears many hats. He is a holistic nutritionist, an author and a public speaker but at the end of the day, the role that he takes most seriously is being an advocate for children. He has recently written a book called "Stop Killing Your Kids," which has been published by P53 Publishing, a company that he named after his favourite gene, p53, a tumour-suppressor gene.

Brown was kind enough to speak with us recently for a BabyGaga exclusive interview about his new book and his greatest passion, saving human lives through the power of good whole foods. Please enjoy this exclusive interview and scroll all the way down for special savings just for BabyGaga readers!

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BabyGaga (BG): Dave, can you explain your profession, holistic nutritionist, for those who might be unaware of this field? What does a holistic nutritionist do that differs from a regular children’s nutritionist?

David Brown (DB): My profession is chemistry and biology-based. It’s about taking what your body needs, not taking drugs, not taking pills but using whole plant foods as a source of medicine and for health. We know now through science that it truly is the way to go. You’ll get disputes, I get them, when I speak - I get people from the dairy industry or from the meat industry, people pushing products and services about kids’ health. But I look at the numbers, I’ve been researching this for over 15 years and it’s just alarming what’s going on out there.

I’ve been spending pretty much my whole life fighting for kids’ rights. Somebody’s gotta stick up for them, they can’t stick up for themselves. I’ve got a big mouth, I’ve always been told that. I walked across the U.S. for child abuse prevention back in 1989. I did a parenting magazine, I didn’t even have a kid. Sometimes parents can put themselves second and their kids second. I see something in restaurants a lot where parents are eating healthy but the kids are getting to order whatever they want with no awareness of the kid’s health. The kid isn’t choosing to be unhealthy.

But the holistic side of it is using whole plant foods as the medicine for ourselves. Going back thousands of years, we didn’t have medicine but if you eat a certain way, your body knows how to heal itself. We just need to give it that opportunity to do it. But right now, we have processed foods.



BG: Your book, “Stop Killing Your Kids”, is due out in less than 30 days! How has the feedback been so far and where can we find your book on the release date?

DB: The best place to find it is on my website at p53publishing.com. It will also be available at Amazon, iBooks and other bookstores.

BG: We have heard that your book is the result of 15 years of research. What was the hardest part about putting your book together?

DB: Analyzing and categorizing validity from the research. So in other words, I was dealing with a lot of fake studies and I have to push off which ones are paid for by industries.

BG: Your book is called a “nutritional reference to keeping children healthy.” Does it read as an actual reference book, does it have case studies… can you tell us more about the format?

DB: It’s kind of both. This is my first book so I’m not good at this. My grammar is probably not the best in the world but it’s the science behind I wanted to get out. I wanted to list, in a sequence, what the state of America is with children, what’s going on, then I list the things that are causing the problems and then how to fix it. For example, Chapter 15 is about having a healthy lifestyle. Getting enough sleep, keeping clean, keeping bad bacteria and pathogens out as well as shopping for good replacement foods.


BG: In your opinion, what is the most important food (or food group) for parents to incorporate into their children’s diet and what is the most dangerous product to stay away from?

DB: Fruits and vegetables but in regards to cancer, the allium group, garlic, leeks, onions and then the cruciferous group like broccoli and cauliflower… eat the rainbow. There’s a lot of truth in eating the rainbow. On the fruit side, lemons and cranberries are number one because of the cancer research.


BG: What’s the most compelling piece of evidence that you have found linking a poor diet to illnesses in children?

DB: I would touch on Dr. Lustick’s work on sugar and obesity, the sugars, chemicals and aspartame in soft drinks. He’s done work with fructose and high fructose syrup and that research is damaging. Dyes would be the other one. A Southampton University study proved that dyes, Yellow 6 and Yellow 5, were the culprits of hyperactivity. It’s not so much sugar… sugar can do that too but it’s really in the dyes.



BG: Do you believe that, due to tradition or years of habit, your information will be difficult for many parents to accept? Why or why not? What can make the transition easier?

DB: If you eat the right way and put the right nutrients in your body, you’re going to be okay. It’s been proven through science. But the bigger machine that has money isn’t the carrot farmer in the local organic place. It’s the industry that pays money to lie to the American people to sell a product. And they make it taste good. They work on that dopamine process to make it taste good.

There’s a lot of myths with the dairy industry and poultry industry. Eggs aren’t good. Everybody thinks they need a lot of protein. A lot of my bodybuilder guy friends are not switching to a vegan diet after I’ve convinced them that having too much protein is bad for the liver. And you don’t need meat, dairy and eggs to get protein. Each one of them creates baggage and I honestly believe that we were never meant to have animal proteins in our body.

But for the most part, we know that sukphuraphanie in broccoli can actually bind to some of the toxic chemicals in cigarette smoke and make a bond and take some of this stuff out in bile. The body knows how to heal itself. We just need to give it the fuel to heal itself.

BG: Dave, thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us today!

DB: Thank you.

Readers, you can learn more about Brown and his mission to save the future of the world, one child at a time, and as a special treat just for BabyGaga readers, the author is offering a $5 off coupon. Just enter the code "babygaga" upon checkout on Brown's website.  Happy reading!

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