10 Glamorous Girl Names Inspired By Old Hollywood

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Parents who love classic films will want to read this list twice; it would be so fun to name a little girl after one of the beloved actresses from the golden era of cinema. These monikers are so dazzling and lovely because of their connections to Old Hollywood.

Inspired by a time when women stole the stage, these names harken back to our favorite starlets. From traditional names that sound sweet to sophisticated titles that are beyond bold, these monikers would be perfect for all the fancy little girls of the world. Please enjoy this list of 10 glamorous girl names inspired by Old Hollywood.

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10 Bette

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A super-glam name that harkens back to the silver screen would be to name your daughter Bette. Inspired by the classic actress, Bette Davis, this one has a classic feel that we just love. It’s old-fashioned without sounding too stuffy.

Bette is a Hebrew name that means "pledged to God." It’s also a diminutive of the name Elizabeth and a less common way to spell Betty. Feminine, traditional, and cute, Bette is one of those names that will make people stop and take notice. This one is sure to please even Grandma, so be sure to claim it as your own.

9 Audrey

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It doesn’t get much more old Hollywood than the name Audrey. This one was taken from the screen legend, Audrey Hepburn. Her sense of style and amazing poise were unforgettable, so she’s a great inspiration. This one has a certain sophistication to it that makes it just seem timeless.

Audrey is an English name that means noble strength. We think that this one is just too chic to pass up, and you’d be smart to claim it before your friends do. Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are a famous couple that chose this one for their daughter.

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8 Hedy

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Hedy is one of those names that just oozes with confidence. This one was inspired by the Austrian-born American actress Hedy Lamarr who starred in many classic films such as BoomTownSamson and Delilah.

She also was one smart lady who made her make in the scientific field by inventing a technique for spread spectrum communications. Beauty and brains? We love that! Hedy is a German name that means "war" and is also the female variation of Hedwig. It’s not very common so your little girl will stand apart from all the other girls.

7 Mae

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If you’re looking for a spunky name for your little girl then you will adore the name, Mae. Inspired by the brash actress Mae West, this moniker harkens back to a time of glamour. We think that this one is the total package, elegant, demure, and classy.

Mae is an English name that means "pearl." It’s also a variation of the name Mary or Margaret. This one was popular in the 1940s and 1950s and hasn’t seen much action these days. So, it’s just waiting for someone to claim it again. Stay ahead of the trends and pick Mae for your daughter.

6 Rosalind

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A charming name that is inspired by a classic Hollywood starlet is Rosalind. We took this one from the actress Rosalind Russell, who was a big deal in the olden days of film. It’s a name that feels cosmopolitan and somehow modern despite the fact that parents haven’t been choosing this one for a while now.

Rosalind is a Latin name that means "pretty rose." We think that Rosa would be a sweet nickname for this one if you want something less formal. Feminine, rare, and sweet, a little girl named Rosalind will take a bite of life, for sure.

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5 Greer

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A charming name that is drawn from the name of a classic actress is Greer. It was inspired by Greer Garson, who was a big deal in the 1940s for her roles in films like Pride and Prejudice and Goodbye Mr. Chips.

This one seems to transcend the trends and feels like it would be a lovely pick for a little girl born in our time. Greer is a Scottish name that means "watchful" and is a variation of the Surname, Gregor. We think that it would also be a smart middle name. It’s very versatile and unique.

4 Gloria

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Gloria is one of those names that just sounds appealing and kind. We drew inspiration from the classic actress Gloria Swanson, who starred in the popular film Sunset Boulevard. This one harkens back to old Hollywood in a major way. A little girl named Gloria will take the spotlight.

Gloria is a Latin name that means "glory." We love that it’s a virtue name that would suit an angelic girl. It’s totally an underused moniker, so, if you want to give your daughter a unique name that isn’t too outlandish, this one would be a perfect option.

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3 Josephine

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Parents who are hoping to give their daughter a super glam name will be captivated by Josephine. Inspired by the amazing performer Josphine Baker who stunned everyone with her dancing and singing. This one lends itself to the adorable nickname, Josie. How sassy is that for a little girl?

Josephine a French name that means "Jehova Increases." So, if you want your daughter to have a pretty name with a deep meaning, this one would be the best choice. It hasn’t been a top pick for a while but we think that means that it’s poised to steal the stage once again.

2 Corrine

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Corrine is an Old Hollywood name that parents will adore. Corrine Griffith was a prominent actress during the silent film era. This one is just so feminine and ladylike. It would be hard to resist a little girl given this name because you know that she would be dainty.

We think that it has a vintage feel to it that is so timeless. Corrine is a French name that means "beautiful maiden." It’s a sweet option that will totally grow up with your daughter. Formal, gentle, and dignified, a little girl named Corrine will be a light to the world.

1 Ava

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Parents who are seeking a name with a flair for the dramatic will adore the name Ava. Taken from the old Hollywood actress Ava Gardner, this one is so striking and polished. It’s one of those monikers that feels a bit old-fashioned but in the best way possible. Vintage names are making a comeback these days.

Ava is a Latin moniker that is a diminutive of the name Eve. A little girl given this name will be radiant and delight everyone that she encounters. You’d be smart to put dibs on this one before anyone else does. Ava is ripe for the picking.

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