10 Things About Home Births You Should Know

Women have been giving birth in the comfort of their own homes for a very long time. Even after hospitals started popping up in various areas around the world, lots of mothers still chose to have their babies at home.

Home births are pretty awesome these days, but they used to be a lot riskier than they are now, which is probably why more women started choosing to use hospitals when they welcomed their babies into the world. But giving birth at home is becoming popular again. There are a lot of things women should know before they decide whether or not they want to give birth at home.

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10 A Mother & Her Baby Might Receive Special Care

Mothers, as well as their babies, receive a lot of special care when they chose to give birth at home. Ladies who do this usually get more personal care than they would have if they had chosen to give birth at a hospital.

That is simply because doctors usually have a lot of patients to tend to, which can cause them to rush through some things. Midwives are usually able to devote more time to each of their clients because they do not see many of them at a time, which allows them to spend more time with each mother they are caring for.

9 Midwives Do Bring Medical Supplies Just In Case

A lot of people think midwives do not have any medical supplies on them when they attend a home birth, but that is simply not the case. While every midwife is different, a lot of them tend to have the same objects in their bag.

They usually carry around things like stethoscopes, thermometers, dopplers, and fetoscopes so that they can monitor unborn babies and their mothers. They also carry around sterile instruments that they can use during birth, as well as medications that are used in some emergency situations. Midwives also carry suction devices so they can remove mucus from a baby when he or she is born.

8 It Is Safe

Home births were not always safe, but they have come along way over the last few decades, and that means they are much safer now than they used to be. Home births are actually beneficial in a number of ways.


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When a qualified healthcare provider is present during a home birth, the mother is much less likely to have to deal with complications. Sometimes moms do end up needing an emergency c-section when they have a baby, but there are studies that show those who have home births are at a lower risk of needing one. Giving birth at home is not as risky as some people believe it is.

7 Giving Birth At Home Is More Comfortable

Nearly everyone finds their home to be a more comfortable place than any hospital, and that is especially true when it comes to giving birth. During one of life’s most precious moments, moms want to be able to be as comfortable as they can, and sometimes that is not always possible in a hospital room.

Giving birth is already very special, but doing it at home makes it even better. Mothers who do it can be surrounded by their loved ones, and their family members can even participate in the birth if they want to. All of this can help make the birthing experience easier.

6 Babies Born At Home Are Less Likely To Get Infections

Little ones who are born at home instead of in a hospital are at a lower risk of getting certain infections. Those who are born in hospitals are at a much higher risk of having respiratory problems because hospitals are typically filled with a lot of bad bacteria that babies do not need to come into contact with since they do not yet have strong immune systems.

Babies can also get infections if they are accidentally hurt during c-sections. Women who want to have home births should know that the risk of their babies getting an infection is very minimal.

5 They Are Not For Every Mother

Home births are generally safe, but some moms should avoid them. Those who are over 35 years of age or overweight are probably still able to have a healthy delivery in the comfort of their homes.

But those who have had breech babies, or ladies who previously had a c-section, should not go for a home birth. Women in cases like that should choose to give birth in a hospital since they could potentially be putting their child’s health at risk otherwise. There is no doubt that giving birth at home is awesome, but moms need to do some research and speak with their healthcare provider to see what works best for them.

4 Mom & Baby Get To Bond Immediately

Mothers who give birth at home usually get to hold their baby right after birth, whereas those that do it in hospitals typically do not. Little ones who are born in hospitals are usually taken away right after they come out so that tests can be performed on them, but when moms have their babies at home, they can hold them almost immediately, and they can also begin nursing them as well.

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There is actually proof that women who plan on having a baby at home are more likely to nurse their offspring than those who do it in a hospital.

3 It’s Not As Hard On The Bank Account

Hospital births are very expensive, but home births are cheaper, which makes them seem even better. Raising children is not an inexpensive thing to do, so moms and dads usually want to save money whenever they can.

There is some research that suggests that having a baby at home can save men and women a few thousand dollars, at least. Home births already sound pretty great, and this just makes them appear to be even better. Moms will probably not have any unexpected expenses popping up, since ladies who have them are at a lower risk of having complications during the delivery.

2 It Is Not As Messy As Some People Think It Is

A lot of people think that their furniture will get ruined if they have a home birth, but that is simply a myth. Midwives actually do a lot to make sure that the birthing area is as clean as it possibly can be.

In most cases, midwives make sure that their clients have disposable absorbent pads on hand. These are meant to protect floors and beds from the fluids that come out during labor and delivery. Moms can also use towels and protective plastic for this as well. After the baby comes out, midwives do various things to clean up the mess while their clients spend time bonding with their newborns.

1 Water Births Are Not The Only Way To Do It

Many women who give birth at home choose to do it while sitting in a pool of water, but not all home births are done like that. Water births are great, but some people choose to deliver their new babies while they lay on their bed, which is probably quite comfortable.

There are plenty of ways to give birth at home, which is part of what makes the whole thing so awesome. Moms who choose to do this have a lot more control over their bodies than those who have conventional births at hospitals do.

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