Homemade Father's Day Card Pulled From Supermarket Display For "Disturbing" Images & Message

A supermarket took down a horrifying and disturbing card that was drawn by a 5-year-old child.

For Father's Day, a supermarket allowed kids to put up "cute" pictures that they drew of their dads. Most of the kids shared sweet and adorable things for their fathers telling them everything that they love about them. The supermarket was expecting this to be a fun way for customers to read some of the things that the children loved about their fathers. However, a cute little project turned really creepy when some of the customers started complaining about one of the pictures in particular.

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The picture showed an extremely creepy picture of a man that was colored in both red, and black. In the background of the picture was a picture of a person hanging themselves and with a chair being tipped over underneath the hanging man. The writing underneath has been translated to say, " Dear father, thank you for all of your hard work. Mother, please come hurry." The supermarket started receiving tons of complaints about the creepy picture.

This is disturbing. A Father’s day greeting from their 5 year old child. posted at supermarket. “Dear Father, thank you...

Posted by Riki Ishiyama on Friday, June 14, 2019

Many people were completely freaked out by the picture. The supermarket finally took it down and they said that they contacted City Hall for investigating. They are not sure what the circumstances of the picture are. They have not figured out if this child is in danger, or if there is something that the little child was trying to say. The weird part about the situation is that the child was brought in by an adult to place the picture up in the supermarket.

One person who witnessed the scary picture posted it on her Twitter and many people had to respond. Some people thought that possibly the adult was the one to draw the picture, but then people were wondering, "why would an adult draw this?" We are hoping that it was just an elaborate and horrible prank. No updates yet as to what exactly this family is going through, or if the child was trying to ask for help through his drawing. We are all interested to see what the exact story was behind this picture and we are hoping that the little 5-year old that drew this is safe and that he is not in any danger among his family.

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