Exclusive Interview: 'Hooray Heroes' Lets Parents Personalize Childrens' Books To Incorporate Milestones

BabyGaga recently had the pleasure of chatting with Ryan Quinn, Communications Manager for Hooray Heroes, a company that allows parents, loved ones, family members, caregivers or friends to create super-personalized books that are sure to become prized family treasures. Hooray Heroes is dedicated to the business of customization down to the detail to ensure a Wow! factor results every time!

Please enjoy this exclusive interview and find out why everyday parents and celeb parents alike are touched to tears thanks to Hooray Heroes!

BabyGaga (BG): “Hooray Heroes” is an experience that lets kids and parents create a book by using their own name, gender, appearance (right down to freckles!) and more. Can you tell us more about the personalization options?

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Ryan Quinn (RQ): Indeed. Besides all the personalization options for the child, you can also personalize the appearance and names of parents, define the content of the book by choosing your favorite stories and write your very own personal dedication.

We are adding even more options of personalization in our new releases where you'll be able to choose a sidekick with its own personality that guides a child thorough the book, or personalize grandparents, aunts and uncles. And that’s not it. We are even releasing a book for all the pet lovers. You’ll be surprised!

BG: How did the unique idea for “Hooray Heroes” come about?

RQ: Very genuinely, to be honest. The founders, two young friends and entrepreneurs-to-be, wanted to create the most unique and heartfelt gift for their newborn nieces, something they would cherish for a lifetime. Creating a book for them in which they would star as main heroes seemed like a perfect idea. Now, 6 years later, almost a million children and more than 200 employees can confirm that it actually was a brilliant idea.


BG: Family members can choose to have books made to celebrate milestones such as birthdays, growing up and even something as special as honouring the relationship between twins. Can you explain more about this?

RQ: When creating our books, we always listen to our customers’ wishes. We see what is important to them or what content they most relate to, and that is the basis for our concept creation.

We add our limitless imagination and best in class authors and illustrators that work closely with our editing and creative team. That is our secret formula for creating books that bring tears of joy to parents’ eyes and smiles on children’s faces. Seeing that our books bring out the most genuine emotions is our proof that we are addressing the right topics.

BG: We’ve heard that parents can narrate the books! Wow! How did you get the idea for this feature?

RQ: Parents are usually the ones reading books to their children. Making either of the parents a narrator was a natural step to create the most personalized book for both of them - a parent and a child. One of our bestsellers "When Adam Grows Up – Daddy Edition" was sold in more than 500,000 copies and was one of the most desired gifts for Father’s Day this year


BG: To make the book, families get to choose 10 out of a huge variety (some had more than 40 options!) of fun and exciting stories. Can you tell us a little bit about the stories?

RQ: Every child is unique, right? Some like being outdoors, some like to bake cookies. Some are a bit naughty, some are not. So why not make a variety of stories that every parent and every child can resonate with. Our customer relations agents are gathering suggestions every day and we are very proud of the fact that we’re developing new stories based on these insights on a daily basis.


BG: Are the illustrations from the same artist and is the text from the same author? If not, did the author and artists work together so that if different artwork and text were selected, it would “flow” together?

RQ: Every book has its own team that includes an illustrator, author, creative director, editor, concept artist, marketing manager and a few more members of support team. They all work hand in hand from the first idea to the actual book release. The flow of the book is very important and to achieve the level that is good enough for us, we need a strong team that thinks and breathes together.

So, to answer your question: we have many authors and illustrators, but we assign one of each to a single book as the process of creating one book usually takes between 10 and 18 months.


BG: We’ve heard that celebrity parents are loving “Hooray Heroes” for their own kiddos! Do you mind sharing some of your celeb clientele who are shouting “hooray”?

RQ: Yes, they do! Most “booming” shout-out was from Khloé Kardashian when her daughter True received our Happy Birthday book for her 1st birthday. They obviously loved it! Christy Carlson Romano did a baby reveal with our book for siblings telling her daughter Isabella that she’ll become a big sister to little Sophia.

BG: What is the most important thing that parents should know about “Hooray Heroes”?

RQ: Our books are very likely to become their children’s favourite and their bedtime routine might become a bit longer, since they will request the book to be read over and over again.

BG: Where can we find “Hooray Heroes”?

RQ: Everywhere. Well, our online home is at Hooray Heroes but we deliver our books to every corner of United States.


BG: Does your company have any future plans for other exciting upcoming projects?

RQ: Plenty of them! As mentioned before, there are new book releases planned soon with many new personalization options. We are adding personalized grandparents, aunts, uncles, and even pets into our books. Our newest book, “Hooray Adam! You Did it!“, scheduled for release in October this year, is about child’s most important milestones in their first 3 years of life. What makes this book even more special is that you will be able to choose a sidekick with their own personality that will also be available as a plush toy.

How adorable! A plush toy bearing the likeness of your own little one!

Ryan, thank you so much for taking the time to share Hooray Heroes with our BabyGaga readers. Readers, don't forget to check out Hooray Heroes to see if there's a book with your little one's name on it!

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