Baby Delivered By Good Samaritan In Hospital Parking Lot

A woman was on her way to the hospital when she could not make it into the birthing center and gave birth in the hospital parking lot with the help of a complete stranger.


Tameka Cooper thought that she was in false labor. She didn't think she was quite ready to have a baby, but her body was preparing her for actual labor. Tameka decided to call her OBGYN to get a second opinion. Her doctor told her she was actually in early labor and she needed to go in and get checked at the hospital. Tameka causally drove to Forrest General Hospital in Hattiesburg, MS. However, as she drove toward the hospital, Tameka could feel her body go into full labor. By the time that she arrived at the hospital she was in active labor and was feeling very intense contractions.

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Tameka had driven to the hospital by herself, because she wasn't convinced she was even in labor until she got to the hospital. Once she arrived in the parking lot she was in too much pain that she couldn't even move. She took one step and her water broke. She began screaming for help. A Hattiesburg man, Ricky Brown, heard her screaming and he started sprinting over to her and he could tell that she was in labor. Brown could see the head of the baby and opened up Tameka's car and helped her lay down. Brown sent his son-in-law into the hospital to get a doctor. Right when the baby started coming out the doctors and nurses came sprinting around the corner to come and help with the rest of the delivery.


Tameka gave birth to a beautiful and healthy little girl that she named Jermia. Jermia was 7lbs 7 ounces. The nurses and the doctors who came running out to help Tameka said that they prepare for these types of situations every day. Every delivery, labor, and pregnancy is different and so they have to be prepared for every situations and they have protocols in place to best help every woman.

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Tameka and baby Jermia are both doing great and they were able to go and visit the Brown family. Tameka was so grateful that Brown was able to come to her rescue and to provide the help that she needed. Tameka is so grateful that both her daughter and her are doing great and are both healthy. Congratulation to the Cooper family!

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