This Hospital's Staff Had A 5 Month Baby Boom

One hospital in Illinois is experiencing a baby boom, but not from its patients.

Anderson Hospital, located in Maryville, has seen eight employees—one technician and seven nurses from the Women's Pavillion— give birth within five months of one another starting in August with the last birth in December 2018. The world got its first glimpse at the group of moms when they snapped a photo showing off their baby bumps in front of the hospital, and more recently, they posed with their new bundles of joy.

The first to give birth was Suzan Lentz, who welcomed daughter Anna Grace to the world on July 25, 2018. The last was Michelle Embick who also had a baby girl, Charlotte Rose, on Dec. 19, 2018. In between those two was a birth in September, two in October, and three in November. Yet, despite the boom coming in quick succession, only three of the mothers are still on leave.


8 co-workers in Anderson Hospital’s Pavilion for Women are pregnant and due to give birth over the next 4 months. 7...

Posted by Anderson Hospital's Pavilion for Women on Saturday, July 21, 2018

According to the Independent, the group has been dubbed "the elite eight" and the new moms have already started scheduling play dates. They seem to be sticking together too as the hospital has revealed they've been sharing stories and having fun together.

It's pretty awesome that these moms had a ready-made group before their babies even arrived. We here at BabyGaga have reported on a lot of the difficulties new moms go through, so having a bit of support at the workplace could never hurt. These eight women went through some similar life experiences around the same time, and there's probably no doubt that they'll continue to learn and grow together too.

They'll probably need all the help they can get too. According to a study by the Journal of Reproductive and Infant Psychology, there's a pretty clear increase in anxiety among expecting and new moms, and there are a lot of-of resources that suggest joining support groups to help alleviate the stress. Considering they are all probably pretty close by this point, their shared experiences could prove to be useful.

Still, BabyGaga would like to congratulate the new moms from Anderson Hospital on their new bundles of joy!


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