10 Questions You Need To Ask During Your Hospital Tour While You Are Expecting

It can feel at times during pregnancy that you are juggling multiple tasks, trying to get everything done before you go into labor. One of the most important things you need to do before you have a baby is to choose the hospital that you are going to be at during your labor.

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However, before you can select your hospital, you and your partner need to go on different hospital tours to see which one is going to be right for you. So keep reading to discover ten questions you need to make sure you ask during your hospital tour while you are expecting.

10 What Do You Do If There Is An Overflow Of Patients?

When you go into labor the only thing that your mind goes to is getting through this process to see your baby. And this means your mind is not going to go to any bad situations, but there can be times when a hospital is full and cannot accept any more patients into the labor ward.

Asking, “What do you do if there is an overflow of patients and all of the birthing rooms are taken?” is going to tell you how they handle a situation where there are too many patients. You want to know that no matter what happens, you and your baby are going to be taken care of.

9 Can I Bring More Than Just My Partner Into The Delivery Room?

Each hospital has different policies when it comes to the delivery room. You might be dreaming about having a midwife or your mother with you in the delivery room, but when the time comes you find out that they only allow one person in there with you.

You need to ask during your hospital tours if you can bring more than just one person into the delivery room with you if you are planning on having multiple people there. Knowing hospital policies will help you see if their hospital is right for you.

8 Are There Any Students Or Residents That Will Be At My Labor?

Many people do not know that before a nurse or doctor can be off on their own in the hospital they have to follow other nurses or do a residency as they get on the job training. You need to ask “are there any students or residents that will be at my labor?”

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This question will help you understand what type of experience the people in the delivery room will have. And if they have student learners then you can ask ahead of time to not have them at your delivery if you wish.

7 What Is Your Policy On Baby Care Immediately After Birth?

Many mothers dream that after birth they can do skin-to-skin contact right after their baby is born. Though there is baby care that the nurses and doctors must perform after the baby is born it is good to ask to see if they take your baby out of the room or if you can watch as they do they after birth care for your baby.

Make sure you ask about their baby care to see if your baby is going to leave the room after you give birth or if you can do skin-to-skin after birth.

6 Will I Labor And Deliver In The Same Room?

Giving birth can be a long process due to the labor and your body getting ready to deliver the baby.  Some hospitals will leave you in the same room for labor and delivery while others will move you for each stage of the process.

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Sometimes leaving the labor room you were in to go to a different delivery room can make you feel stressed or unsteady if you were comfortable in the first setting. Ask about their labor and delivery rooms to make sure you understand how the hospital handles the birthing process.

5 What Is Your NICU Like?

As a parent, you are hoping that your baby is going to be healthy after the delivery, but unfortunately, that is not always the case. Right now during your pregnancy you are not even thinking that something could go wrong. But you need to make sure that if something does go wrong the hospital can handle it.

You need to make sure to ask a few questions about their NICU just in case you ever have to go there. It is better to be prepared then be nervous wondering how good their NICU program is.

4 Are The Other Rooms The Same As This One You Are Showing Me?

When you are going on a hospital tour the person guiding you are going to show you all of the bells and whistles that come along with their hospital. This can mean them showing you the biggest and newly refurbished birthing rooms.

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You want to know that when you come here to have your baby that you're going to get a kind of room that they showed you. And not one that is much smaller and not as nice, and renovated like the one you saw.

3 Is There A Waiting Area For Family & Friends?

Having a baby is a big deal and being in labor is allowing you to bring your little one into this world. While you are heading to the hospital you will be calling family and friends to keep them updated about the situation. Your loved ones are going to be excited and they might even start heading to the hospital.

You want to know that they will have a place where they can sit and relax as they wait for you to finish your delivery. Add to your list of questions: is there a waiting area for family and friends?” so they know where to be during your labor.

2 Will I Have The Same Room Postpartum That I Had For The Birth?

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Not only is the room you are going to be in during your labor and delivery important, but your postpartum care room is also important to know about too.

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Some hospitals will move a patient after they delivery to a different room for postpartum care. Sometimes this change can make a woman feel weird since they are in a whole new room and getting moved around the hospital a lot.

You want to know ahead of time where you and your newborn are going to be and if you are going to get shuffled around because that type of hospital might not be for you.

1 What Makes Your Hospital Unique?

Overall, hospitals all have the same goal, to help people through the birthing process. But each hospital has its own personality that you want to know about. Make sure you ask “what makes your hospital unique?” This will help you understand what they have that most other hospitals do not have.

These features can make birthing easier for you. And if they don’t have a response, that tells you that they only have the basic care and features and they don’t have anything special or high-tech for you and your baby.

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