25-Year-Old Houston Nurse Adopts Baby She Helped Deliver

We have all heard stories of nurses helping out babies whose parents were unable to care for them at the time of their birth and Claire Mills is no exception to that trend. The 25-year-old nurse residing in Sugar Land, Texas, instantly connected with a baby who she helped deliver during an emergency c-section a few months back.

Mills, who was working her second week at the Houston Methodist Medical Center at the time of the birth, says that adoption was never a part of her life plans. She had just moved to Texas and was working two jobs just to make ends meet. She was also single and just starting to figure out her direction in life. What she didn't expect was that her job at the medical center was going to impact her life substantially.

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Being part of the team who helped deliver baby Jackson, Mills felt instantly bonded the moment she looked into his eyes. "He felt so familiar to me," she said in an interview with Good Morning America. When she heard that Jackson's biological mother was unable to care for him, Mills knew she had to do something to help even if it was only in a small way.

For the three weeks that Jackson was in the NICU, Mills was right by his side when she wasn't working. For reasons unknown, a Child Protective Services case was built surrounding the baby boy and Mills continued to work closely with the worker and the biological mother to ensure Jackson would be cared for.

When Mills heard that Jackson got discharged from the hospital, her heart was broken. "I was so hurt, I cried, but I called the social worker and asked if there was anything I could do to help support the mom," she said. To her surprise not long after, she got a call from Jackson's biological mother. The mother said she had heard about the connection she made with her baby and the pair decided adoption would be a great option.

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Jackson is now a happy four-month-old living with Mills. The adoption process is still underway but Mills is happy to report that it should be finalized this fall.

"He's the best baby ever. I got so lucky," she said.

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