How Awful Mom's Bounce Back Will Be Based On Her Zodiac

Everyone has their theories and expectations on how life right after baby will go, but things may go a specific way depending on a mama’s zodiac sign. We all know that each zodiac is unique and special in their own ways. Each sign has their positive traits as well as their negative, and that will play a huge role in how a mama bounces back after baby. Will she loose the baby weight straight away? Will she be able to handle the stress of being a new mama? Some mama’s will look amazing after birth and will handle the hormonal issue like a boss while others will crumble and get kicked while they are down. Will the control-freak Capricorn be able to handle the random curve balls life post-partum will throw or will a Gemini’s determination help her shed the pounds immediately?

Read below to find out how awful mama will bounce back after the baby based on her Zodiac sign- some may be surprised while others will say “well that makes sense!” We know all signs have good traits, but post-partum issues can bring out the worst in all the signs. We know post-baby life is rough- the body does not look the same, emotions are not the same, and life is just forever different. Some mamas expect these changes while others are totally blindsided. Read below to see if your sign lines up with the post-partum experience you endured!

Some people are devoted to reading their zodiac while others are big skeptics- despite what some mama’s believe, the findings below are super interesting!

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12 Capricorn Moms - The Bar Is Set Too High

A Capricorn mama is organized and ready for the post-baby bounce back- or so she thinks. Capricorn mama’s have every detail of her bounce back written and probably laminated. They will have their new diet plan, exercise regimen, family routine, and meals all planned out. A Capricorn thinks she can handle the world- and sometimes she can, and sometimes she can’t. This problem here is that when something unexpected happens (for example, drop in milk supply or dad not helping out as much) she will not know how to act. A Capricorn mama needs to know what to expect and have it all planned out. Some may call a Capricorn a control freak while some will call her too organized for her own good. Her intentions are good, but the bounce back may be harder if she sets the bar too high.

11 Cancer Moms - Mommy Pooch On The Mind

Cancers are known to one of the overly emotional signs. During her bounce back, she will go through wicked mood swings. She cares too much about what others think of her and will hide her emotional struggles from her hubby and family/friends. She will feel insecure about her body, mind, and how she is handling the whole new parent thin in general. Cancers will have issues with the mommy pooch and may suffer postpartum hair loss. This can make it difficult for cancers to see the light at the end of the tunnel. The after-baby dads are tough, and her emotional, vulnerable and sensitive nature will make those days even tougher. She will worry about what others are thinking and saying about her when they comes to visit and may take things too much to heart.

10 Aquarius Moms - All Under Control

Aquarius mamas are known to be open minded and more peaceful than most other people. An Aquarius mama will bounce back on her terms and is not stressing out about the extra weight, stretch marks or body hair. The Aquarius mama is not concerned what others think of her and does not care about being insulted about the love handles or complimented on the glowing skin. They are very confident and independent and know they have it all under control. It takes a lot to stress an Aquarius woman out and this is great for all parts of the post-partum process. The partner of an Aquarius woman will breathe a sigh of relief to not be stuck with one of the other signs who have a harder time.

9 Virgo Moms - A Sweaty Situation

The Virgo mama bear is organized and analytical. She will have her bounce back plan and products pre-planned and ready to go. Being organized is a good thing for a mama to be especially with the chaos of bringing a new baby home. A Virgo is hardworking and also worry often. They may get frustrated when things do not go they way. A Virgo is more likely to experience the mommy pooch, shapely hips, and excess sweating post-partum. These things are more than likely not part of her bounce back plan which may throw her for a loop. Virgo’s also hate being the center of attention and will want family and friends to not fall all over her. She will claim she has the chores, the sleepless nights and the meals under control and not ask for much help.

8 Taurus Moms - No Problem Losing The Baby Pounds

A Taurus mama will take on post-partum like a boss. If its one sign that can handle this transition, it’s a Taurus. They will view the bounce back as a task that has to be completed. They are known for packing on the pounds in pregnancy, so she will need to focus on getting back into shape. She will take on this task and stay motivated and handle it well. She understands that her mind and body are different now and she must deal with one thing at a time and will not let these symptoms get to her. The Taurus woman is ambitious and practical and they know what needs to get done. They plan for the best but are prepared for the worst and know that getting up and trying again is just a part of life.

7 Aries Moms - Will Struggle More Than Expected

An Aries mama may struggle more than she expects. An Aries mama may be too impatient and eager and that in itself can make the bounce back more difficult. They often forget that bouncing back takes time for some mamas and she most likely will not walk out of the hospital in immaculate shape. She will probably look as run down as she feels, and that’s expected and okay. Aries may have trouble with their skin during pregnancy and that may be an issue that takes some time to recover from post-partum. An Aries mama may expect the problem to go away the second the baby is born, and for many that just is not the case. An Aries needs to understand that it takes time for certain things to happen, and it does not all have to happen right now.

6 Scorpio Moms - Intimacy Won't Be Easy

Scorpio oh Scorpio, you are a lucky duck in the post-partum bod department. Scorpio's have super feisty personalities and tend to snap back to their normal bodies easily as they tend to have an athletic build. This can be wonderful for any new mama! Scorpio’s are known to be focused as well, and being determined is not always the best thing. Some things take time, and a focused and motivated mind may not want to wait. A Scorpio mama may have a difficult time bouncing back in the love making department. Scorpio’s are known to have libido which can make her more frustrated as she waits to heal. We know that for some waiting to do the deed can be terrible, but a Scorpio needs to understand that she needs to heal and give it some time down there.

5 Pisces Moms - Issues With Legs And Thighs

Oh Pisces, you are in for it. The Pisces mama will go through an emotional recovery. The Pisces mama will have major issues with weight gain in the curves, legs, and thighs as well as stretch marks. These issues alone are enough to send a Pisces into an emotional breakdown. If people point out this mama’s extra baby weight, she may take it far too personally. Pisces are sensitive souls who have a tough time handling criticism and handling their own fears and anxieties. We have sympathy to the person a Pisces is married too because this will be a rough journey for the whole family. If you are a Pisces mama, just know the weight does not have to come off right now, and your sister’s opinion of your baby’s sleep schedule are irrelevant.

4 Leo Moms - It'll Be A Smooth Ride

If you are a Leo, you may be in for a smooth ride. Leo’s just love the attention on the new baby on themselves. They love being praised for being a good mama, having an adorable baby and for having it all under control. She will love family members stopping by with crock pots of food, flowers and gifts as they shower her in love and attention. The issue here is if things do not go a Leo’s way in terms of attention she may become very angry and frustrated and end up taking it out on Dad, her other kiddo’s or even her mother-in-law. As long as the Leo is happy, everyone is happy. One symptom post-baby that is a normal complaint is extra hairiness for the mama. This can stress mama out big time or she can easy discard the hair and deal with the issue without a blink of an eye.

3 Gemini Moms - A Rollercoaster Of Emotions

Intelligence, charm, wit, and eloquence are four words to describe the Gemini woman overall. When it comes to her bouncing back from pregnancy- she is in for it. Gemini women are known to have a very hard time with skin issues and high blood pressure which are two issues that may be troublesome post labor. The Gemini mama will have a roller coaster of emotions going from happy to melting down before you can say “baby.” Mama’s will have a hard time sticking to the bounce back if things don’t go as planned right away (with the baby, with hubby, or with her body.) Gemini’s are extremely determined and intelligent and know what they want and want it now. Mama will become very discouraged when she does not see that baby bump going away as soon as she wanted.

2 Libra Moms - Will Make It Look Easy Peasy

If you are a Libra, things will not be too rough for you. She will work towards what she needs to do to recover but will not loose her marbles if the baby weight does not instantly fall off. The great thing about Libra’s are that they just go with the flow. A Libra’s curves and hips are known to become more emphasized during pregnancy, but a Libra will continue to embrace them after pregnancy. Libra’s are very matter-of-fact and know that patience is a virtue. It takes a lot to get a Libra overly stressed out, which is a great thing for the postpartum time period. Any issue that comes a Libra’s way will handle with patience and grace. It takes a lot to get a Libra to stress out and freak out.

1 Sagittarius Moms - You're In Luck

You are in for luck if you are a Sagittarius! The Sagittarius mama will go through the bounce back effortlessly. She will be prepared and conquer getting her body and mind back into shape- for the most part. The big issue is Sagittarius mama’s may have a tough time stopping the “eating for two” habit she picked up during pregnancy. A Sagittarius are the wild child of the zodiac and we think she will do just find bouncing back to her “live life to the fullest” attitude and fun loving and easy-going personality. They are also known for their enthusiasm and will conquer the post-partum months with grace. She may decide to hold off losing the baby weight and just focus on loving motherhood or she may decide that she loves her body just how it is.

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