How Babies Will React To The Nanny Based On Their Zodiac Signs

In a town where many parents must return to work shortly after having a baby, to manage those mortgages and rents, there are plenty of young children who spend around 40 hours each week (or more) with nannies.

That is the way it is, surely, in towns and cities from here to there and there to here. That’s just the way life works for many families! And hey, whatever works, well, works.

I often notice a particularly lucky set of families that benefit from very, very dedicated grandmothers.

I see them at story time at the library, out at the park, and all around town, with one or even two young charges in tow, energetically singing along, bending, lifting, and doing all the quite athletic and busy activities that caring for young children requires.

What a task it must be to find a nanny who meets all of your family’s necessary criteria. There are databases of childcare professionals with certain qualifications online these days, so surely that helps to some degree – but that’s all just on paper. Well, onscreen, anyway.

There has to be the right chemistry and that good feeling when you meet a potential caregiver face to face. You will be trusting this person to look after your own child, after all!

Just for fun, as a way to consider the potential ways various personalities might react to being in the hands of a hired caregiver, let’s imagine how babies will react to the nanny based on their zodiac signs.

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15 Aries (March 21 – April 19)


Here’s the thing that seems prominent to me when reviewing the personality traits commonly assigned to Aries, as found at astrology-zodiac-signs.com. It is one rather important word, especially, perhaps, for parents considering what their little ones might be like and how they can be caring and considerate in raising them: confidence.

An Aries might do best with a nanny who can really help a tiny tot believe in him- or herself and is okay with supporting the child’s tendency to be bold, take a chance, and do a great job in the process.

Will it be too hard to have mom and dad leave each day and be left in the hands of someone else entirely?

Hopefully, the adjustment won’t be too hard, especially if the little one gets used to this idea from a young age. Maybe the child will be even more comfortable and confident around various adults, having gotten used to trusting others than just his own parents from the get-go.

The Aries sign is also described as energetic and optimistic. Maybe a nanny who can keep this energy going will help a little one born under this sign to really shine (as with, like, any small child!).

14 Another Side Of Aries (March 21 – April 19)


On the other hand, and Aries is described on the same site as in the blurb above, astrology-zodiac-signs.com, to have some tendencies to be short-tempered or even aggressive. (By the way, don’t you love how the qualities listed under these various zodiac descriptions can quite obviously apply to ALL people at one time or another?)

Does the nanny you have selected deal well with children with very strong personalities? That is, perhaps, a nice way of asking if this childcare professional will be able to deal calmly and lovingly with outbursts and tantrums.

Here’s something to ask in the interview, for example: “If your child hit another child in the library because he wanted to use that toy train instead, what would you do / say?”

In a similar vein, how would the caregiver react if the child had many intense outbursts throughout the day, say, during the time of something like 18 months old to nearing her 3rd birthday?

Caring for any small child can require a GREAT deal of patience, and the wrong reaction might even encourage the problem behavior instead of dissuading it or teaching that it is not acceptable.

Aries can tend to be individual competitors and leaders, so hopefully, a nanny won’t have too much trouble getting the tiny tot under this sign to follow someone else’s lead as necessary, too.

13 Taurus (April 19 – May 20)


Are you able to find a caregiver with somewhat of a creative background, or even experience in teaching?

Has he or she maybe worked in a daycare or preschool setting? Is the nanny familiar with the Montessori method?

The reason I think of all these important factors is that Aries, the sign associated with the bull, is also commonly associated with a love of activities such as cooking, music, and all things romantic (according to astrology-zodiac-signs.com).

For creative pursuits, how about someone to lead the way in exploring these lovely interests?

If the nanny takes a more hands-off approach, a little Taurus (or, um, ANY child…) might be bored. (See, you might see this list as a detailed collection of ideas for what you might care to look for in a great potential nanny for your baby – no matter what the sign!)

We’re talking finger painting, pressing out pizza dough, banging on an upside-down pot with a wooden spoon, and singing plenty of simple songs, maybe in multiple languages.

Why not encourage a young child’s creativity, right?

Of course a Taurus (or, um, a toddler of any sign…) might tend to be stubborn and possessive, too.

A great nanny might be good at teaching the little one about the joys of sharing, and also of trying out someone else’s ideas once in a while.

12 Special Considerations For Taurus (April 19 – May 20)


A Taurus is not exactly said to be a fan of insecurity (according to astrology-zodiac-signs.com), so there may be some discord if he senses it in any way, shape, or form.

In my experience as a mom to two children (and having provided childcare for other families for a while myself), children (of all signs, of course) can really seem to smell fear, as they say.

A good choice in nanny for a Taurus child may be a strong and confident person who can command adequate respect.

The two strong and confident parties involved, both the child and the nanny, will need to work out a way to spend their time together in balance, with each respecting the other’s strong will.

Hopefully, it won’t be too much of a challenge, for a Taurus may also be quite patient, practical, and responsible.

They are also described as not liking sudden changes. It might be important for a Taurus child, as for any child, to do your best to find a caregiver who can plan on being the one to work for your family long-term.

A college student home for summer break might not be the best choice, therefore, while an experienced caregiver looking for a standing commitment might be just the thing. (Plus, then you won’t have to start your search all over again in a few short months.)

11 Gemini (May 20 – June 20)


According to astrology-zodiac-signs.com, a Gemini baby may be social, communicative, and fun – what a lovely thought to imagine this personality developing into an older child!

Also, by the way, what fun for a nanny to get to spend time with a child with these tendencies!

You’ll want to pick a nanny who provides your little one with plenty of opportunities to interact with others, especially other peers of his or her own age range.

It needn’t necessarily be an expensive class or program.

For example, I see nannies, grandmas, moms, and dads all taking their tiny tots to local story hours and classes at the various public libraries in our region. It’s free! (You’re very likely already paying for it with your tax dollars, that is!)

I would also say it might be important to consider caregivers who are focused on teaching and encouraging verbal skills.

If a child longs to be social and communicate with others but doesn’t have the words yet, it can lead to frustration and even acting out.

Getting back to the main point, though, a good nanny for a little Gemini will provide plenty of opportunities to be part of a team.

Maybe he or she will get together with other parents or caregivers regularly for social play time, or frequent parks that are popular with babies and toddlers.

10 Cancer (June 20 – July 22)


A good nanny for a Cancer child – or again, ANY child – may be good at staying calm and steady, even if a there is one very emotional little person who needs things from them for most waking hours of the day.

A Cancer, in particular (as described at astrology-zodiac-signs.com) may be imaginative, emotional, and persuasive.

A good caregiver will encourage plenty of self-expression to ensure the happiness and well-being of the little one he or she is hired to take care of during the day (or, I suppose, around the clock if the caregiver is a live-in nanny, and depending on the specific arrangements).

So there are two aspects here, both encouraging this creative little soul to flourish as well as bringing him or her back to a place of calm as necessary.

Cancer’s intuitive and sentimental qualities may mean that the little one either has a good feeling about the caregiver from the start – or simply doesn’t.

If it seems like the nanny you’ve hired simply isn’t getting along with your tot, maybe try following your little one’s intuition and starting your search again. It could be well worth it.

At times insecure and suspicious, a Cancer child may, though, just need some reassurance that he’s actually in good hands when mom and dad are away.

9 Leo (July 22 – August 22)


The generous and warm-hearted lion that is the Leo child may be quite a delight to be around, even as a caregiver is first getting to know him or her.

The little one may quite quickly warm up to this new person entrusted with providing care, learning, and love for them throughout the day.

The problem, of course, may be qualities of arrogance, inflexibility, and even laziness, as listed alongside the qualities above at astrology-zodiac-signs.com.

Will the nanny brought on to help out your little one have enough get-up-and-go herself (even when no one else is there watching) to keep your child challenged, moving, and grooving?

Hey, maybe you could find someone with a love of fitness or even a background in sports!

A nanny may have a pretty easy job when it comes to getting the little Leo to interact with others, rather than hang shyly back beside her at a park or playdate.

Leo’s like being around people, especially if those people seem to admire them.

A little Leo will appreciate if their nanny gives them credit for being the great little human they are.

They may thrive, as all very young kids might, having childcare with a one-to-one ratio (so a nanny for hire is probably good for those early years, versus a group-care situation).

One-on-one attention during those younger years can really help kids thrive!

8 Special Considerations For Leo (July 22 – August 22)


Joy and humor may pervade in the life of a Leo child.

A Leo likes things such as bright colors and fun, according to astrology-zodiac-signs.com (and hey, who doesn’t from time to time!), so those early years might just be his time to really shine as he experiences the world for the very first time.

A good caregiver is often one who can provide plenty of variety and stimulation.

Not to be ageist in any way, because I’ve met plenty of energetic grandparents in my day, but would a younger nanny maybe be a good choice for the Leo child?

It’s just that someone who is ready to run around, get dirty, and explore can really help the youngster they are taking care of to do so, as well.

Basically, this can’t be someone who sits down on the couch and looks up every now and then to make sure the little one isn’t in any sort of trouble.

A Leo (and a child in general, in my experience) wants someone who is ready to play! And play means learning for little ones, too.

The bonding process will only be easier if a nanny has these tendencies.

Leos can be sort of self-centered, the same site as above says, so a nanny who provides adequate respect and yet also opportunities for the child to learn that he is one of many people in this world may really be a good fit.

7 Virgo (August 22 – September 22)


If the caretaker is someone who can be super comforting, supportive, and reassuring, the child might really thrive!

The thing is, a Virgo may have some issues with shyness and being a bit of a worrier (according to astrology-zodiac-signs.com) – no matter who you are, these things can be a struggle in at least some situations, right?

For babies and young kids, the world is a brand-new and unfamiliar place. When their caretakers provide something steadfast and sure for them no matter what, they have a solid foundation of roots from which to branch out and really bloom.

What else might we consider for little ones under this sign? Virgos like healthy food and cleanliness, according to that same astrology site, too.

Does the nanny keep a tidy appearance, and present meals in a pleasantly appearing way?

If she seems sloppy or doesn’t value some of the same types of clean things, a child may not be quite so comfortable, especially around mealtime, right?

Virgos don’t particularly like asking for help, reportedly, so a childcare professional who reaches out in subtle ways to offer assistance may be a good fit.

Basically, a nanny who likes things shipshape and is hands-on when it comes to offering support can be a good, good thing.

6 Libra (September 22 – October 23)


A Libra may just be a people person – big time, so how about aiming to hire a nanny who isn’t at all reserved?

Maybe he or she comes from a big family or simply enjoys beings surrounded by friends.

These two might be quite the dynamic duo! They’ll be the life of the party at the local library’s story time and the ones laughing together as they chat with strangers at the park.

That’s what I picture, anyway.

What a great age to already love other people and be good at making new friends! In my experience, these qualities can have a way of leading to happiness and generally a more comfortable and easier experience as you navigate the various stages of life.

And they won’t be all in your face about it, either. A more gentle personality may shine through, as well as a love of sharing with others.

Perhaps a nanny caring for two or more children would even be a good fit for this little Libra tyke!

They don’t really like confrontation, though, so might need some guidance in learning how to deal with it – and don’t all kids?

Heck, I know plenty of adults who could use a reeducation in such matters…

5 Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)


If you are at all familiar with astrology or zodiac signs, see if you know the answer to these questions:

Who has a strong personality in many ways? Who can tend to be really quite resourceful? Who is a brave and true friend through thick and thin?

That’s right: the Scorpio, if you believe what astrology-zodiac-signs.com has to say about it, anyway.

The strong personality of a Scorpio may, of course, be seen to either mesh very well with another strong personality in the form of his or her nanny – or to clash with it. It might need to end up being one of those exercises in trial and error.

With a Scorpio child being so resourceful, it could go (again) two ways, as I imagine it, for the nanny hired to watch over him or her.Will this ability to make efficient use of the materials and supplies at hand make for an easier time for the caregiver – or for a harder time, as the nanny tries to keep up with all the mischief the child is able to get into all on her own?

Scorpios can be good people to have around, in any case, if you believe what the descriptions of the sign say.

Being brave and a true friend might make it possible for this little tot to have a true and beautiful bond with his or her hired caretaker, and even to carry it with him- or herself for the rest of life to come.

Also, though, if a nanny is good at coping with some outbursts and unexpected behavior, it can only help, especially since Scorpios are said to tend toward being secretive and jealous.

4 Sagittarius (November 21 – December 21)


Again, as always, a caregiver who is energetic and puts in the effort to get a little one out and about and experiencing the world may be a very good match for a little tot (under this sign, or any!). I know that my own two small kids are always happiest when we spend plenty of time out of the house and experiencing the sites, sound, people, and places in it.

The nanny may even find that the little one is quite nice to watch over because of a certain personality aspect, as described at astrology-zodiac-signs.com, in any case.

The child may tend to be rather generous. I am always, personally, amazed at how generous my first child – still just a toddler – is with my second almost ALL of the time. To please me, the authority figure, and for the sheer love of each other, my kids share and play nicely together more than I would have ever imagined. It’s a beautiful thing!

Still, a nanny who has realistic expectations of a child’s capabilities and behaviors will be a successful one.

The Sagittarius personality may promise to deliver more than he or she actually can. Basically, don’t be too hard on ’em! We’re all only humans, after all. And where they lack in patience, a caregiver will need to provide plenty of it. (Um, hello, life with any small child…)

3 Capricorn (December 21 – January 19)


I am just using my imagination here, of course, to think about what might make various personality types feel happy and comfortable in a situation in which a non-family member is hired to take care of him or her.

And that’s just what I would imagine a Capricorn child might need in a caregiver, based on the common personality traits as described at astrology-zodiac-signs.com: someone with plenty of imagination, and a love of helping others discover their more carefree and imaginative sides.

You only get one chance to be a child, and even at very young ages, Capricorns may tend to be very, well, down-to-earth.

A Capricorn may be especially responsible and have great self-control (yes, even as a toddler or preschooler), and also be good at managing people.

Can the caregiver provide enough structure and control to make a Capricorn feel at ease and yet also nudge them in the direction of some silly and creative play?

Lovers of family and tradition, Capricorns will enjoy a basic and predictable routine, as well as having one familiar person as a nanny for a long period of time.

A good Cap nanny may also be used to speaking to children as if they are on the same intellectual and emotional level as adults – as even young Capricorns may think they are (or really already be).

Capricorns can even come across as know-it-alls or condescending, and a good nanny for them won’t mistake this perceived air as a constant truth, continuing to provide lots of opportunities for growth and learning.

2 Aquarius (January 19 – February 18)


Well, what child’s infancy and toddlerhood doesn’t include some rough waters now and then?

It’s said (at astrology-zodiac-signs.com) that an Aquarius may tend to be a bit temperamental, so let’s think about how crucial it may be for a nanny to be so, so good at staying calm and consistent in the face of a potential storm of emotional change.

A nanny will need to be able to really care enough to see what is valuable about a person with a personality that includes being quite independent and original.

Basically, don’t even try to fit this child into your neat little box. Help them to be a beautiful butterfly, gliding more gently than they might necessarily tend to on their own as they evolve with the passing seasons.

Also, although it might be hard to get an Aquarius child to open up and express what he or she is feeling, they also might really dislike feeling lonely, and therefore may really treasure the company of having another person with them all the time whose only job is to make sure they are healthy, safe, and happy.

They are said to need their alone time (don’t we all…), too, though. Give space and quiet time as necessary!

Basically, be a good reader of people and their moods, and you’ll be a good Aquarius child’s nanny, in my book.

1 Pisces (February 18 – March 20)


Well, a Pisces is said to be intuitive and gentle, according to astrology-zodiac-signs.com, and isn’t that nice, to think of such a sweet little child.

How nice it would be, too, if their nanny was similarly sensitive or gentle.

Also, though, a more boisterous personality may help a child with these tendencies to branch out and see a different side of the world.

As with so many of these signs, I could personally imagine it either being really good to have a nanny with similar personality traits or super beneficial to have a caregiver with some opposite personality traits, the better to provide what the child may need and to help him or her to learn and grow.

With Pisces, my imagination takes me to a place of believing that having someone a bit different, to sort of spice things up, might be a good idea.

Pieces aren’t always associated with being strong leaders or all that grounded in reality, so they might be seen to need someone who very much is.

A Pisces child may thrive under the care of an upbeat and happy-go-lucky soul, as Pisces are described as being fearful or sad, or even having the desire to escape reality.

Pisces are said to value their alone time, so a good nanny will keep in mind the psychological importance of quiet time and independent play, as well.

References: Google.com, Astrology-zodiac-signs.com

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