How Busy Moms Can Find Time To Exercise

Let's face it: being a mom means having a lot on your plate on a regular plate. Whether you have just one child or have had multiple, there's always so much to do. If you're a stay-at-home mom, you have to juggle taking care of your kids, up-keeping the house, running errands, and maintaining a healthy relationship with your partner. If you're a working mom, then you have to throw your job into what's already a dizzying mix. Needless to say, you're incredibly busy as a mom.

With that being said, you may believe that you can't fit exercise into your already hectic schedule. You need to worry about your kids and partner more than you need to worry about yourself. Exercise is something that you can push aside and ignore in favour of playing with your kids, taking care of your kids, and helping your kids whenever needed.

But the reality is simple and unavoidable- you need to exercise in order to both start and maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you've recently given birth, exercise will assist you in your weight loss efforts. That's why it's so important to exercise on a regular basis- even if you're a busy mom. The only question now is, just how can you  exactly that?

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One way that busy moms can fit exercise in is by finding time however possible. This seems obvious, but it's not as clear cut as you may think. It just needs to work with your lifestyle and schedule. If you're known to be an early bird, get up earlier so you can squeeze in a workout. But if you despise really early mornings, schedule your work out later in the day. You heard that right- schedule a work out like you'd schedule a doctor's appointment or car repair. Putting it in your planner or calendar- whichever works for you- will ensure that you're more likely to exercise. But if scheduling a big block of time to work out doesn't mesh with your schedule, then just break it up. For example, get some exercise by going on a jog with your baby in their jogging stroller in the morning, playing with your kids in the afternoon, and then stretch in the evening.

Another thing a busy mom can do to find time to exercise is by creating a workout routine that you can stick to religiously. It will need to fit for both your schedule, and your kids' schedule in order to work. This could mean long work outs on the weekend in the morning, and some short workouts whenever you can spare some time during the work week. Whatever days you choose for however long doesn't necessarily matter. The point in doing this is create a work out schedule that you can actually work with. Don't focus so much on what the workouts are, but when and how long they are.

To get yourself moving while also encouraging the same, you can incorporate exercise into your kids' routine. This is something that's achievable if you're currently a stay-at-home mom. When they're kids, it's easier by joining them in their outdoor or indoor activities that will get your heart rate up. When they're toddlers or infants, it's not as easy, but it is doable. One way to do so is by taking a run, or even a power walk with your young toddler or baby in a jogging stroller. This is a great idea to pull off when they're asleep during nap time because that's usually when you can get stuff done anyways. A walk with a wide awake baby in their stroller is also alright, but getting more running in is definitely the more preferable option. While this is a great idea, don't allow yourself to get carried away- 45 minutes is the absolute max that you should spend pushing a jogging stroller during a run or power walk session.

The bottom line is that even if you're busy mom- be it a working mom or a stay-at-home mo- you can still incorporate exercise on a regular basis. It obviously won't be the same as it was before you had kids, but that doesn't mean that it's impossible. You just have to be strategic about it in order to be successful.

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