How Dad Will Change After The Baby Comes Based On His Horoscope

Astrology is so much fun. There is a lot more to astrology than reading your daily, weekly, or monthly horoscope in the newspaper or elsewhere online. That also means, our astrology forecast depends on a lot more than just your sun sign alone. That is because your sun sign only makes up a fraction of who you are as a whole.

You also have to consider your moon sign, which is the sign that represents your emotional response to stimuli. You also have your rising sign to consider as well. That represents how you view life and how others view you. Consider your rising sign the same thing as your own mask.

However, both the sun and moon sign are significant parts of your horoscope. Your sun sign does represent yourself as a whole, but your moon sign depends on how you respond to anything emotionally. Have you thought about how being a parent has changed you based on your own sign? You probably have but likely did not take your moon sign’s nature into consideration.

Are you expecting, and are you worried about how your partner will be after the baby is born? Or are you the dad-to-be and are you wondering how parenthood will change you? Let's see how dads end up changing after the baby is born based on their sun and moon signs!

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24 Aries Sun Dad - Only The Best For His Baby

Aries is the first sign, and it is a fire sign. Those who have a sun in Aries are known to be the ultimate go-getters, and they go after what they want. However, they are lacking in the patience department. According to Popsugar, dads that have an Aries sun will be very committed to making sure that his baby will get the very best.

However, even though he would want his baby to be breastfed because it is really the best- he can't force mom to do it if she chooses not to or can't. Therefore, he would make an effort to find the best formula for the baby. The one thing that could get him into trouble is the fact that his patience may be thin. And that is the nature of the sign.

23 Aries Moon Dad - Makes Rash Decisions, Especially About Money

We already know that the characteristics of Aries are impulsivity and going after what is important. And, if dad has an Aries Moon, then he will definitely be prone to making rash decisions. According to Astrology Club, anyone with an Aries Moon will definitely act without thinking things through.

Therefore, if dad sees a toy or a product that he thinks will be good for the baby, he will without any hesitation buy it because it's there. He won't get the mom's opinion, he will just spend the money at the drop of a hat. These dads that have an Aries moon will need to learn how to control their money-spending urges because before they know it- not only will their bank accounts take a hit but there will be too many items cluttering up the home which won't end up getting used at the end.

22 Taurus Sun Dad - The Patient One

Taurus is the second sign, and is an earth sign. The main characteristics of Taurus are stability, patience, and a love for material things and food- but can be incredibly stubborn. According to Popsugar, Taurean dads will end up finding themselves incredibly patient with their babies and will be the ones to stay up all night to soothe them if necessary.

These dads may not even realize that they had it in themselves to be patient, but once their babies arrive, they end up making that discovery along the way of his parenting journey.

21 Taurus Moon Dad - Set In His Ways But Values Everything

Taurus, as it has already been discussed, is a sign that represents stability, the appreciation of value as well as stubbornness. And, according to Astrology Club, dad with a Taurus moon will most definitely not be spending his money for an item that he thinks could be good for the baby. He will evaluate the need for it first, and he will have an urge to save his money, especially after seeing how costly caring for a baby really can be.

However, the Taurus moon dad will also be set in his ways, even more, once the baby is born. There is no schedule that can be set with a newborn, so he will end up setting his own routine in order to give him comfort such as having a chicken dinner every Monday, a steak dinner every Tuesday, and so on. And, once the baby is old enough where a schedule and a routine can be set, he will definitely stick to it like glue.

20 Gemini Sun Dad - Unpredictable Moods

Gemini is the third sign, and it is an air sign. Those who have a sun in Gemini are known to be quite communicative, like to stay busy, are very curious but can blow hot and cold within the same moment. According to Popsugar, Gemini sun dads can find themselves warm and caring one moment and will end up switching personalities and can get into a bad mood and won't want to be bothered with anything the next.

That is likely because the new responsibilities with a newborn will certainly have that kind of effect on him. He will be wanting to cuddle with the newborn one moment, but the next he will hand the baby to mom and end up needing to do his own thing like working in the garage- and he won't be welcoming interruptions either unless it is an emergency.

19 Gemini Moon Dad - Wants The Baby To Talk Right Now!

As it was already said, Gemini is the sign that rules communication. Therefore, according to Astrology Club, those who have a Gemini Moon will have a need for communication and to be kept stimulated. That is why you will expect to see the dad with a Gemini moon be excited about the day that his baby ends up talking.

A Gemini moon dad will always jump at the chance to read a bedtime story to his baby, and will even teach his baby basic things that kids would learn in kindergarten as well. He does that to encourage communication since that is so important to him.

18 Cancer Sun Dad - He’ll Cry When The Baby Cries

Cancer is the fourth sign, and it is the first water sign as well. Those who have a Cancer sun are known to be nurturers, and that is the most maternal sign of the horoscopes. According to Popsugar, Cancer dads will find themselves so emotional that they will cry at the drop of a hat.

Therefore, the cry it out method will not work with this dad in the picture. He won't be able to handle the sound of his baby's sobs. If he did not display so much emotion before having his baby, it's surely displaying all of it now.

17 Cancer Moon Dad - The Family’s Needs Must Be Met

Cancer is a family-oriented sign, and this is why those who have either a sun or moon in Cancer will be very involved with anything that is family-related. According to Astrology Club, those who have a Cancer moon will be doing everything possible to make sure that the needs of their families are met.

That means, Cancer moon dads will be sure that they are providing enough for not just his baby, but for the entire family. He will look for ways to grow money by looking for great ways to invest. He may even look for a better paying job if possible. He will want his family to have more than enough to live on especially once the baby is born.

16 Leo Sun Dad - Stubborn But Childlike

Leo is the fifth sign, and the second fire sign. Those who have a sun in Leo are known to be playful and childlike, but can be very stubborn and can demand attention. According to Popsugar, dads with a Leo sun will get back in touch with their childlike and playful side with the baby. He will be the one pretending an airplane is flying while feeding his little one baby food.

However, he will also be quite set in his ways and show the same type of stubbornness that a Taurean dad may show, and after all, Leo is a fixed sign so it is not a surprise.

15 Leo Moon Dads - Craves Luxury

Leo is the king or queen of all, and it would definitely not be a surprise that anyone with a sun or moon in Leo would be attracted to anything regal. According to Astrology Club, those who have a Leo moon will crave luxury. That means dads with a Leo moon will want to get the top-notch qualities for his baby. He will want to get the most prestigious brands of clothing for the baby, as well as a baby swing and highchair with all of the bells and whistles.

You can only imagine the type of saucer dad would want to get for his baby as well. And, once the kids become older and less prone to spilling stuff, he will be looking forward to the day when he can buy that luxurious rug that would look fantastic in the living room.

14 Virgo Sun Dad - Stress Levels Will Go Up

Parents and baby girl (9-12 months) in bedroom, man holding head

Virgo is the sixth sign, and is an earth sign. Those who have a sun in Virgo are known to have a good work ethic and are also known to be health conscious. They also are incredibly analytical, have an obsessive nature, and can be quite neurotic. According to Popsugar, Virgo dads are extremely devoted to their kids but the issue is, they are too devoted. So devoted to the point that he will stress out over minor things.

He will make a big deal of the possibility of the baby being overfed, and he'll also nitpick over a minor diaper rash, and will harp on it for hours. He will end up stressing himself out more than necessary over things that are not overly serious. That will only end up creating more stress among the family as well.

13 Virgo Moon Dad - Extremely Thorough And Organized

One characteristic of Virgo is the desire for excellence, or even, dare I say- perfection. And, according to Astrology Club, those who have Virgo moons are extremely thorough and methodical.

That means dad will not jump into giving the baby a certain type of food or clothing unless he knows it is beneficial to the baby. He will want to make sure that his baby eats organic baby food, and will want to make sure that any clothing purchased for the baby is made of high-quality fabric so that the clothing lasts and is comfortable.

The same will go for whenever mom wants to enroll her baby into a program. Dad will want to make sure if the baby will really benefit from it because these programs cost money. If he looks into every aspect of the program, and if he doesn't feel the baby will really grow from it, he won't want money spent on it which could cause him and mom to get into a fighting match.

12 Libra Sun Dad - Fairness Is Everything

Libra is the seventh sign, and is an air sign. Those who have a sun in Libra are all about balance, fairness, and have an appreciation for beauty. However, they are also notorious for not being able to make a decision. According to Popsugar, Libra sun dads will find themselves as being fair when it comes to raising their kids. He will not show any kind of favoritism and will make sure that his kids will always make up with one another after an argument.

However, the Libra sun dad that is a new dad will not think that far ahead yet. In fact, don't count on him to make any decisions in regards to the baby. That will be left for mom to make- and if she has a Libra sun, then both parents will be asking for advice everywhere about anything to do with the baby.

11 Libra Moon Dad - Will Treat His Baby Like An Equal

Libra is all about balance and fairness. And, according to Astrology Club, those who have a Libra moon will be inclined to treat everyone like they are equal to everyone else- regardless of their age. That means Libra moon dads will be more inclined to treat his baby like a peer, and that will most definitely alternate any of his parent-child interactions. He won't talk baby talk, he will talk to his baby, again; like a peer.

This will be awkward for the child at a young age, but eventually, it will be a moot point. However, will the child really see their dad like a parent or a peer in the end?

10 Scorpio Sun Dad - Curious But Rigid

Scorpio is the eighth sign, and is a water sign. Those who have a sun in Scorpio are known to be intense. They are also very passionate, and can either love you or hate you- there is no in between. According to Popsugar, Scorpio sun dads will be very stern even while the baby is very young. He will expect the baby to put into a routine, and to have a schedule followed.

At the same time, he will be incredibly curious about his baby's expected developmental milestones and will read up on each stage. If the baby is not reaching a milestone or has reached it sooner than expected, he will research on possibilities for why that could be an issue. Because Scorpios are secretive in nature, if he is concerned about his baby's development, he won't share his worries with his girlfriend or wife. He will call the pediatrician on his own and make an appointment without her knowing. That is just the nature of the sign.

9 Scorpio Moon Dad - Even More Secretive Than Before

Scorpio is all about a secretive nature, as well as intensity. That means that those with a Scorpio sun and moon will not be open to others about much of anything. According to Astrology Club, those with a Scorpio moon will bottle up their emotions quite a bit and will wait for the straw breaking the camel's back to let it all out- and that is when they become explosive.

That means Scorpio moon dads will be known to bottle up their frustrations and feelings. Especially once they end up losing out on sleep and are overly stressed due to the new baby. But once something angers him, he will explode and end up having major arguments with his wife, girlfriend or anyone else dear to him. He always had this nature, but it will intensify after the baby arrives.

8 Sagittarius Sun Dad - Hates Being Tied Down

Sagittarius is the ninth sign, and it is a fire sign. Those who have a sun in Sagittarius are known to be fun, optimistic, adventurous but don't like responsibility. And, according to Popsugar, the Sagittarian dad will definitely enjoy taking his baby out on different adventures around town. He may even be willing to travel on a plane or a long drive knowing that the baby could get fussy at any time.

However, Sagittarian dads are not good with sticking to a routine because that is the nature of the sign. And, if he is tied down at home for long periods of times, he will become antsy and agitated.

7 Sagittarius Moon Dad - Planning Ahead For The Baby’s Future

Sagittarius is all about broadening horizons and expansion, considering that jovial Jupiter is the ruler of the sign. That also means, according to Astrology Club, those who have a Sagittarius moon will be constantly thinking and thinking about the future. They don't think about the past either, but they are rarely in the moment.

That means dads that have a moon in Sagittarius are going to be busy planning the baby's future, and he would have started since the day his baby was born. He will be busy setting up college funds and constantly looking at the big picture. Even though all of that is important since kids grow up, he will need to find a way to enjoy the here and now.

6 Capricorn Sun Dads - Nurtures The Baby’s Growth

Capricorn is the tenth sign and is an earth sign. Those who have a sun in Capricorn are known to be corporate-like and are really all about business. According to Popsugar, dads that have a Capricorn sun will do anything possible to nurture his baby's growth and development. He will be sure to remind mom (or do it himself) to sign up the baby for programs that will help encourage social development and other skills.

He will also instill a good work ethic in his child as soon as they are old and mature enough to grasp the seriousness of working. That means he will be encouraging his child or children to do chores as early as possible. The payoff, in the end, will be great.

5 Capricorn Moon Dad - Financial Security Is Everything

Hard work and making money is what Capricorn is all about. And, according to Astrology Club, those who have a Capricorn moon will be not only hard-workers but will be making sure that they are financially secure. That means dads that have a Capricorn moon will become a lot more concerned about financial security after the baby is born.

These dads will look for every opportunity to save money, and like those dads with a Capricorn sun, they will instill the value of hard work in their kids from an early age. His kids will realize quite early that in order to have money, you have to work for it!

4 Aquarius Sun Dads - Hate Schedules But Will Encourage Creativity

Aquarius is the 11th sign, and is an air sign. Those who have a sun in Aquarius are known to march to the beat of their own drum and will be unconventional in every way. According to Popsugar, dads that have an Aquarius sun will definitely teach his kids to embrace their unique side and will encourage them to explore their own creative side. However, he will absolutely hate keeping his kids on a schedule.

That also means the Aquarian sun dad won't enjoy the baby's early months but will enjoy the baby growing and maturing. Especially when the baby is old and mature enough to do arts and crafts. He won't be able to wait to teach his kids to express their feelings through art or through other creative ways.

3 Aquarius Moon Dad - Logical And Not Emotional

Aquarius is the sign that rules anything that is offbeat, and one nature of the sign is emotional detachment. According to Astrology Club, those who have an Aquarius moon will be able to look at any situation logically, no matter how much it may not make sense. that means this dad will be able to calm his wife or girlfriend down if she is worried that something could be wrong with the baby.

It doesn't mean that he wouldn't worry either. However, he can be able to look at any situation from a logical standpoint and take any appropriate action. Instead of thinking irrational thoughts about the possibility of the baby being sick or not developing at a typical level- he will immediately set up an appointment with the pediatrician and not worry about the what ifs.

2 Pisces Sun Dad - Generous But Moody

Pisces is the 12th sign, and is a water sign. Those who have a sun in Pisces are known to be intuitive, dreamy, emotional, kind, artistic but are also far from being grounded. According to Popsugar, Pisces sun dads will find himself incredibly compassionate and emotional even more than ever after the arrival of his baby. He will be always prepared to make sure his family's needs are met first before his own- especially his baby's needs.

However, dad will also have his mood swings as well. If he is upset, he will be distant and won't want to talk to anyone. And, it does not take much to set him off. But when he is in a good mood, he will be amazing.

1 Pisces Moon Dad - Patient But Reserved

Pisces is a highly emotional sign, and there are many similarities between those who have a Pisces moon and a Scorpio moon. After all, both are water signs, so that is not a shock. According to Astrology Club, those who have a Pisces moon may not be outwardly emotional. In fact, they seem more reserved and will keep their feelings bottled up. 

That said, Pisces moon dads are also prone to not opening up when they are upset and will just bottle in their feelings. He will be doing that a lot after the baby arrives. However, the difference between these dads and the Scorpio moon dads is that when these dads explode they end up having crying fits. Scorpio moon dads (or anyone) will end up getting into a huge argument and will get into a screaming match. Either way, having this trait is difficult to handle- for the individual and for those around him.

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