How Dad Will Handle Mom And Baby Bonding Based On His Zodiac

From selfish Aries men to Libra guys with roving eyes to wishy-washy, super-emotional Pisces men and beyond...the pitfalls of men's zodiac signs sometimes make it harder for their partners to cope with new mommyhood!

Every sign has its pros and cons. Do you know the drawbacks of your baby daddy's zodiac sign? If not, you're about to learn!

Some men take to fatherhood and don't make things harder for the mothers of their children. Others tend to make life rough for their ladies now and then, or all of the time. A lot of pitfalls come into play when men become fathers, from immaturity to fear to restlessness.

Understanding his zodiac sign will help you to make things better. You'll learn what to do to ensure that you have a happy relationship with him. When you do have a happy relationship with him, it'll be way easier to bond with your baby. You don't need the stress of relationship problems right now!

I'll also throw in some celebrity examples to make it more fun.

Let's start with Aries guys. They are first up on the zodiac wheel...

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15 Aries Guys Want Too Much Attention

Hollywood Life

Is your baby daddy an Aries, like Ewan McGregor, Robert Downey Jr., and Chance the Rapper? If he is, you probably like the way that he never grows up. These eternal children are often fun to be around. They are active and dynamic go-getters! However, like children, they think that it's all about them!

If you have a newborn and you're trying to bond with your baby son or daughter, you may find that your Aries tries to grab too much of your attention.

He wants to be number one at all times.

The strain of catering to your Aries man and taking care of your new baby may tax your resources.

It's important to set boundaries.

Let your Aries know that you need quiet time with the baby during the first weeks and months. Reassure him that he's still the greatest man alive. That's really what he wants to hear.

Underneath all of the ego and bluster, Aries guys desperately want to be liked. Your Aries will respond to praise about how good he is with the baby and how much you appreciate him. When you let him know that time with the baby is your top priority right now, but that the baby will soon be bigger and stronger (which will mean more time for your man), he may be less demanding. Maybe.

14 Taurus Men Are Too Possessive Of The Baby


Taurus guys consider the things that they love to be their personal property. If the father of your baby is a Taurus, like George Clooney, he feels like he owns you and the new baby.

To mark his territory with the baby, he may try to establish an even closer bond with the newborn than the bond that you share with your baby. This is because he wants to make sure that he's the most important person in the baby's life. His actions are rooted in insecurity.

Taurus men hate it when people that they care about leave and they do their utmost to make them stay. While a baby isn't going to leave his daddy, the insecurity that a Taurus man has about his relationships may seep into his parenting style, even if it's happening on a subconscious level.

Taurus people of both genders often confuse love with ownership. If you find that your Taurus dude is a bit too focused on getting close to the baby, and leaving you out of the bonding process, you should gently remind him that the two of you are in this together.

13 Gemini Men Want Moms To Go Out And Party

Daily Mirror

Gemini men are restless creatures. They are gossips, social butterflies and, usually, good at so many things that they scatter their energy. They flit from one activity to the next and never really settle down. This air sign lives for mental stimulation.

When the baby comes, you may want some chill time to just cuddle your infant and show your baby how much you love him or her. Your Gemini may be itching to take you out on the town, but be held back because you want to be at home, where your baby is.

If he's pressuring you to get back out there and be on his arm at social events, you need to balance your desire to please him with your top priority, which is creating a close bond with your baby.

To appease your "bored at home" Gemini, try to get a sitter once a week, or ask a family member to watch the baby.

If this isn't good enough for your Gemini, lay down the law.

Some Geminis, like Scott Disick, prefer to remain in perpetual adolescence. Let's hope that your baby daddy isn't one of those Geminis!

12 Cancer Guys May Try To Take Over


Nothing is sweeter than the look a Cancer man has on his face while he's bonding with his baby. These men, no matter how traditionally masculine they are, like nothing better than to...breed.

Benedict Cumberbatch, who was so great in Sherlock, talked about wanting kids long before he became a father. It was a big goal for him!

When Cancer men have their infants in their arms, they are at peace. A Cancer man will be moody, to be sure, but he will also be a loving Dad. He has probably wanted to be a Dad forever.

All of this is great, but where does it leave you? Maybe you feel like you can't bond with the infant the way that he does? He has a natural talent for nurturing. You may feel bad if he's able to calm the baby down when you can't. This may cause you to doubt your own abilities as a new mother.

Be sure to carve out quality time with your baby. It may be hard to get your baby son or daughter out of your Cancer man's arms, but you can do it. Of course, your Cancer man will hate handing over the baby!

Reassure your Cancer guy that he's the best dad ever. He probably is, or close to it. Only Cancer men who have twisted relationships with their own mothers have trouble showing love to their own children.

If your Cancer man has a good relationship with his Mom and Dad, you're in luck. He will be very caring. Just remind him that he has to care about you, too. You need time to be with your newborn that is just about you and the baby.

11 Leo Men May Get Jealous Of The Baby


You've decided to breed with the king of the jungle! Your Leo man is bold, charismatic and as cute as a button, just like Leo, Chris Hemsworth.

Since your Leo guy has always had star quality, he has a sense of entitlement. Being a Leo is sort of like growing up as a royal. Leos get used to special treatment because they have some magic that draws people to them. Then, they expect nothing else. When they don't get that type of treatment, they take it hard.

It crushes them to be dissed, ignored or "neglected".

Since these charming men have fragile egos under all of their brashness, they may get jealous of their babies sometimes. It's not that they don't love the infants. It's just that they are used to being spoiled by their partners.

When you're home with a new baby, you may not have the time or energy to baby your Leo man. You may find his desire for constant attention childish. Try to remember how much fun your Leo is and why you chose him.

Flatter him while you hold the baby. When he knows he's handsome, super-smart and uber-masculine, he'll calm down.

Encourage him to play whimsical games with the baby. Get him to perform for the infant. He'll be great with plush puppets and will probably do a great job at singing lullabies too.

This king does want a queen to rule with. If he gets jealous of your bond with the baby, get a sitter, get dressed up and take your Leo out somewhere for a fancy dinner. Choose a place that's hip, so he can show off. This will help a lot.

10 Virgo Men May Nitpick And Complain


If your man is a Virgo, he's into organization. He probably detests clutter. He likes things clean and perfect at home. He's into healthy food and taking care of his body. Ryan Phillipe is a Virgo and he's definitely fit and well-groomed!

Your Virgo man may not like some of the changes that happen at home when you bring the new baby into your house or apartment. You may get sloppy about housework because you're overwhelmed.

A typical, non-Virgo guy would understand, but the lack of order in the household will drive your Virgo batty. He may try to do all of the cleaning himself and then get crabby as heck. Or, he may guilt-trip you because you spend your time trying to bond with your new son or daughter, rather than getting his tighty-whities whiter than ever!

Don't let him make you feel bad. Just do your best. You are not a robot. Tell him to hire a maid or do it himself until things calm down around the home. What's important is being with the baby. It's not an appropriate time for him to expect domestic perfection.

9 Libra Men May Flirt With Other Women

Pop Sugar

Hugh Jackman is a gorgeous Libra man and he seems very taken with his wife, even though they've been together for a while. However, some Libra men aren't as committed...especially when a new baby comes and home life turns into chaos.

For example, Libra guys want their ladies to look fresh and feminine 24/7.

When a new Mom dons sweats, gives makeup a pass and scrapes her hair back into a scrunchie, the Libra may wrinkle his nose in distaste. He may start checking out other ladies at Wal-Mart while he's grabbing diapers. He may do so right in front of you and really make you mad.

These men are natural flirts and plenty of them stray. They are always looking for the ideal partner...even when they have one already!

If your Libra starts acting up by flirting, it may be passive aggression. It may be his way of dealing with all of the changes in his life. Maybe he's blaming you for the fatigue and financial pressures of new parenthood, if only subconsciously? Maybe he's reassuring himself that he's still a hot guy, rather than Mr. Dad Bod?

Try to be patient, but don't let him go too far. You deserve respect and his flirting may distract you from what's vital, which is bonding with your baby.

8 Good Scorpio Guys Will Be Helpful


The good Scorpio guys, such as Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds, appear to be solid partners. Ryan Gosling has a very private relationship with Eva Mendes and they have kids who are also kept out of the spotlight. Ryan Reynolds is more open about his adoration for Blake Lively and they have kids, too.

Scorpio men who are evolved will be stand-up partners. They have lots of energy and they don't falter when the going gets rough. However, all Scorpio men are not the same. The bad ones, like Charles Manson, who recently passed away, are simply vile.

If you have a good Scorpio guy, try to value him, rather than taking his good points for granted. If he's doing a lot to help you while you bond with the baby, let him know how much it matters.

A good Scorpio isn't likely to sabotage you while you bond. Now, click on the next list item. We're going to talk about the "bad" Scorpios. You probably already know if your baby daddy is one of those!

7 Bad Scorpio Guys Will Disappear

Us Weekly

Bad Scorpio men are out for themselves. They feel like it's a dog-eat-dog world and they want to grab as much from life as they can, even if they hurt others along the way. Ancient astrologers said that there were three "levels" of Scorpios...the Scorpion, the Eagle, and the Dove.

The Scorpion is the "bad" Scorpio. He's down in the dirt because he hasn't evolved.

The Eagle has good and bad traits and the Dove is an amazing human being!

If you are partnered with one of the bad ones, you may expect him not to be there when things get tough. He may fade away, even though he promised he never would. The promises of these types are often written on the wind. They don't mean much.

If you are trying to bond with your baby and your relationship with the "bad" Scorpio is causing you stress and pain, you may want to create Plan B. Think about what will happen if he's not there. How will you pick up the pieces?

Try to make things work, but have a plan, just in case.

Tyga is a Scorpio, he had a baby with Blac Chyna and they are no longer together. He moved on. Blac Chyna is strong enough to survive. You are, too.

6 Sagittarius Men Will Get Restless And Cause Problems


Sagittarius men have big goals. They see the big picture. This is why they are often great film directors (Steven Spielberg) and great entrepreneurs (Jay Z). They don't let the petty and mundane aspects of life affect them too much. They have a vision for what their lives should be and they keep moving towards it.

This sign is into freedom. If your Sag guy is getting restless at home while you try to bond with your baby, he may sabotage you by trying to drag you out of the house. If you won't go out with him because you want quality time with the baby at home, he may lash out or just go and do things on his own.

Jay Z is technically a family man with Beyonce and the kids. However, judging by the whole Lemonade scandal, his commitment to family life wavers sometimes. He wants to live large and this desire leads him to go his own way.

The best way to keep your Sag man from stopping you from bonding with the baby is to remind him that you can't turn the baby into a great person without supplying tons of love and care at the start.

Let your partner know that what you do now will affect your baby's future success in life.

5 Capricorn Men Will Spend Too Much Time At Work

Just Jared

Capricorn men are generally a little bit reserved. Also, they are obsessed with their careers. Nothing is sadder than a Capricorn man who isn't making progress in his career. When a Capricorn guy doesn't achieve in this important area of his life, he may get very depressed.

So, Capricorn guys should be humored when they spend too much time at work. It's their destiny to move up the corporate ladder, or to excel in whatever field they choose, even if it's creative.

Jason Bateman is an actor who keeps his career hot through steady, hard work. He is always doing something new. Also, like most Capricorn men, he's aging really, really well.

If your Cap man is spending too much time at the office while you're home with the baby, you need to talk to him.

He may not understand how hard it is to take care of a baby every day and night. You need little breaks from the pressure. Otherwise, you may be too tired to bond!

Encourage him to take paternity leave if he can. Tell him that you need him at this time. Let him know that you'll be ready to support his career one hundred percent once the baby is a little bigger and stronger.

4 Aquarius Men Will Be Too Detached

OK! Magazine

Aquarius men march to the beat of their own drums. They don't think like others or act like others. They are detached, rather than mushy. While this detachment makes them great friends and interesting partners, it may put all of the burden of bonding with the baby on you.

While your Aquarian man is lying on the couch, watching football or dreaming up some vision for a business or a better world, you may be wishing that he was more emotionally invested in you and the baby.

Luckily, Aquarius guys are usually reasonable and kind. Your best strategy is to leave him alone with the baby sometimes. Go and have a nice bath and let the baby and your Aquarian man have some good times together. When your Aquarius guy is forced to do the baby care that you do all of the time, he'll quickly realize that it's hard work, although it's fulfilling work.

He may not enjoy the earthiest aspects of baby care, though, such as changing diapers. Make him change them anyway. Bring him down to earth any way that you can. When he helps more with the basics, you can spend more time relaxing with the baby.

Ashton Kutcher is an Aquarius and he says that his wife, Mila Kunis, helps him to build his character. She shows him that baby care is hard work that never stops. She's up in the morning with the kids, while he usually isn't up as early. Ashton has learned that moms need support. Mila Kunis is the opposite sign of Ashton (Leo), so she balances him out.

3 Pisces Men Will Make Moms Worried And Paranoid


A Pisces guy will be emotional. He may be even more emotional than you are. Some troubled guys are born under this sign, including Rob Kardashian and the late musician (whose music I adore), Kurt Cobain. Pisces guys who have it together are also out there. For example, Adam Levine is Pisces and he's got a great career. He seems balanced and positive about life.

If your Pisces guy has it together, he'll probably make your life way easier while you take care of the baby, rather than sabotaging you.

However, he may worry a lot about the baby. Every sniffle or sneeze from the baby may freak him out and leave him expecting the worst. He may transfer his fears and anxieties onto you. This may make it harder for you to bond with the baby.

2 What About Cusp Guys?


If you know your guy's birth time, you can figure out which sign he really is. The truth is that there isn't a cusp. It's a myth. A guy is always one sign or the other. However, if you don't know his birth time, you won't be able to generate a natal chart online which tells you his sign. This means that you'll need to read up on two signs, instead of one, to see how he's likely to sabotage you while you try to bond with the baby.

For example, if your man is on the Leo/Virgo cusp, read both signs. One of them may sound more like him than the other. He may have some traits of both signs. Leos and Virgos do have things in common. All signs do.

The whole cusp thing, it's just about confusion. Check your man's baby book (ask his Mom for it if you can) and look for his birthtime. Then, find out which sign he actually is. It will be illuminating. If you can't get a birthtime, listen to your female intuition. If you think he's more like one sign than the other, you're probably right.

1 Astrology Voodoo For New Mommies

Early Mama

You know more about your guy now, based on his zodiac sign. If you want to make your man happy, so it's easier to have a peaceful household and bond with your baby, there is one trick that you can try. Look up your man's Venus sign online. There are calculators for this stuff. Just add his birth information and then find out the Venus sign.

Once you know his Venus sign, you'll unlock some secrets. For example, if he's Venus in Libra, he wants a woman with great manners, a feminine look, and social skills. If he's Venus in Aries, he wants a partner that he can dominate. He'll like seeing you dressed in black, white or red!

When you find out the Venus sign of your guy, you'll have astrology voodoo at your fingertips. Just try to be what he wants, based on his Venus sign. You'll find that this works like magic! Play to his Venus sign and then watch the romantic fireworks begin! A happy love life is worth working for and it will give you a strong foundation for bonding with your baby!

Sources: Astrology.com, Astrodienst.com, People.com

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