How Dad Will React To The Newborn Based On His Zodiac

So many folks tell me that star signs need to be taken with a pinch of salt. And while I do nod and say that I agree, I am actually one of these people who is pretty darn invested in what the zodiac has to tell us about ourselves, those we surround ourselves with, and the little ones we decide to bring into the world.

I am one of those who will check my sign to see what the day, the week or the month has in store for me and now that baby is on the way - I am in week 32 now - I am doing a lot of reading into baby's sign (Aries) and what it can tell me about the little person I'm expecting, as well as the sign of my fiancé (Sagittarius) and how they will match up.

I have been especially interested to know what kind of father my fiancé will be when the little one arrives, and that is what we are going to explore in this article. Even if you haven't peeked at your horoscope in forever, I am quite sure you are going to find this article thought-provoking and, I hope, helpful.

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14 Aries - The Likes-To-Be-In-Charge Dad

Aries men are the manly men of the zodiac. Being in charge is uber important to them, which can be quite overwhelming, especially when you are a new mom. They also don't have a lot of patience, so you are going to need to access all your inner sources of personal strength and acceptance of their fiery sign.

When the baby arrives, it isn't likely that Aries dad is going to be the calm presence in the hospital room, but rather the excitable, fiery one who has no trouble at all shouting out to everyone who will listen that he's a dad now...and that he's going to be the best.

He will probably tell the nurses how to do their job and instruct you on how better to hold the baby or breastfeed. Breathe and be patient, yet firm with him.

13 Taurus - The Calm-And-Patient Dad

If you happen to have a Taurus baby daddy, good for you! They are well known for being a calm, patient and stable sign who make excellent fathers.

They are stable, grounded and extremely reliable. You don't have to worry about your Taurus baby daddy missing the birth of your little one. It's unlikely that he will leave your side from the moment you arrive at the hospital. When little one comes, he will be affectionate from the word go, and it will be his mission to create as much security and contentment as possible.

He will have figured out how to put in the car seat weeks in advance. You can expect this earth sign to be around as much as he can when the baby is newborn, as he tends to prioritizes family time over everything else.

12 But Taurus Dad Can Also Be Prone To Fights

But - like their symbol the bull - a Taurus dad is stubborn and prone to fights. While Taureans are known for making great parents, they're slow movers and don't like to be rushed.

If you try and tell him that he's wrong about anything, it's likely he'll stand his ground until you've altered your opinion. Once a Taurean has made up his mind, you'll have a very hard job changing it, and this can be especially frustrating when you have a newborn to take care of.

If anything at all happens with your newborn that is unexpected, the Taurean dad may well close himself off until the situation has been resolved, and everything has returned to normal. Good food and sex are two things a Taurean man needs to be happy, and with them both probably being in short supply when baby arrives, he might be bitter about it.

11 Gemini - The Anxious Dad

The Gemini dad is impulsive, fun and caring. Really, really caring. He will hold your hand throughout the birth and tell you just how amazing you're doing, while mopping your brow with his sleeve.

Gemini dad is hugely detailed orientated, so if the midwife has any questions, he'll probably be able to answer them before you've had a moment to think. He loves new experiences and changes in life, so you can expect him to be massively excited about the new baby. Transitioning into fatherhood won't be a problem for him.

But he can also be anxious. You can expect that he will be the one blurting out all the questions when the baby comes, wanting to know the ins and outs of everything before the baby has finished their very first cry.

10 Cancer - The Nurturing Dad

It has been said that Cancer dads actually make the best dads because nurturing is in their nature. You can expect him to be with you during every step of the labour, and once the baby is born, you can expect him to be 110% committed to making sure that you and the little one are happy and healthy.

Staying at home with the family is important to a Cancer dad, and he hates it when he needs to miss out on it. You will probably find that when the baby is newly born, he will want to be around all the time to protect, nurture and cherish.

Saying that they're excellent out in the business world, and are renowned for being able to support their families with everything they need - exactly what you want to hear when you have a new little one in the fold.

9 But Cancer Dads Can Be Suffocating

While Cancer dads are naturally nurturing, that nurturing can turn out to be quite suffocating. They need to learn not to become overly involved, especially when it comes to mom and baby time.

Although it seems crazy to think so after you have had a baby, you can actually drown in his attention. Let him know that it's ok for him to take some time out every once in a while - to give you and baby space to breathe. It will be hard for him, especially at first, because he doesn't want to miss a moment.

Cancer dad can get moody though, so try and be careful with how you go about telling him that you and little one need some time. The love of a Cancer parent flows freely, so hopefully, he will be able to understand.

8 Leo - The Proud Dad

Leos are big kids themselves. They love kids and kids love them. So you can rest easy in the knowledge that he's going to be great with the baby and forever playful.

While a Leo dad can be arrogant and try to satisfy his own needs, when it comes down to his kids, he adores being able to relive being a kid himself.

When a newborn is on the scene, expect him to be always snapping photos and taking videos of the little one to share on social media because he is just so proud of every little thing that baby does and wants to celebrate every accomplishment. When the baby smiles, burps or opens his eyes, Leo dad will be there to capture every moment and share it with the world.

7 Virgo - The Control-Freak Dad

When the baby is born, you can expect a Virgo dad to be picky, fussy and control-freaky...but they will love having a newborn around. Virgo dad will fuss over you and baby so much that it might actually get a bit much, but that's just them showing how much they care.

Virgo dads are tight on discipline and organization, so you can expect that he will always be there to do all the jobs around the house that you won't have the time for. While it's easy for the house to turn into a bomb site when the baby comes home, it's unlikely that will happen with a Virgo dad around.

Virgo dads can get paranoid about the littlest of things - but it's just because they care for you and baby so much, and want to ensure that you're both okay all the time.

6 Libra - The Indecisive Dad

dad and baby

When the baby arrives on the scene, you can expect Libra dad to be overwhelmed by the gorgeousness of his offspring. Libras are all about the beauty of life, and you can expect for him to rave about everything, from baby's tiny beautiful toes, to baby's tiny beautiful nose. Once he has calmed down a little bit, he will be on social media, saying LOOK AT HOW BEAUTIFUL OUR BABY IS!

But Libras have their downsides...they can be very indecisive. However, they are fair-minded and are not in the slightest bit egotistical. All they want is to be able to give their child the very best in life. In time, your child will be able to tell their dad everything because they are so chilled out and don't believe in keeping secrets.

5 Scorpio - The High-Expectations Dad

Scorpio dad is intense and takes his role really seriously. Scorpio dad was probably reading up on labor right up until the moment you started pushing. They can be a bit paranoid, and always be hovering around to make sure that baby is safe and secure.

Balance is really important for the Scorpio dad, so you can expect to have healthy meals prepared and frozen for you in the freezer and a daily schedule to ensure that you both get some downtime and shut-eye.

However, their insistence on balance could get a little overwhelming, especially as a new mom, and you might find yourself getting stressed out with him. Tell him gently that he needs to back off a little bit. Scorpios can struggle with showing affection, so make sure that you put him and baby together often for cuddles, so he can get better used to it.

4 Sagittarius - The Fun Dad

If a Sagittarius man has made the decision to be a dad, then he sure as hell is going to be a FUN dad. You can expect him to be squishing baby's face to get a funny photo, and drawing on bushy eyebrows for a laugh. The Sagittarius dad absolutely loves life and loves it even more when there's a little one involved, even if he can forget his role as a dad sometimes.

A downside can be that the Sagittarius dad loves his independence, and can be scared of having it taken away from him. It can take him time to get properly used to the new situation, so you're going to have to be a bit patient with the situation. They also have a tendency to want their child to be a winner from the word go, which can be the cause of disputes in the family.

3 Capricorn - The Serious Dad

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Capricorn dads are very serious, very practical, very hard working people. Their sign is one of success, though the kind of success that you need to earn. From the day baby is out of the womb, Capricorn dad will be thinking about how they can provide their child with the skills that they will need to succeed in life.

The Capricorn dad will take his role as a dad seriously, and you might find yourself becoming frustrated, and begging him to take it down a notch and to just enjoy the experience of being with the baby without an ulterior motive of making them smarter, braver and more disciplined.

Practicality is everything to the Capricorn dad, and he will have no problem in giving baby exactly what they need. So no surplus toys...unless, of course, they are educational.

2 Aquarius - The Progressive Dad

While the Aquarius dad is offbeat and bohemian, he is reliable and you can guarantee he'll be there when the little one comes out into the world. He's progressive and open-minded and probably encouraged you to do something different when it came to giving birth, like giving birth in a running stream. It's likely he wanted to take the placenta home too, and cook it, or make a piece of art from it.

He will want to be the baby's best friend from day one and will be telling little one stories about his life and the world before he fully opens his eyes.

While communication is important to an Aquarius dad, they can also be quite insensitive when it comes to how other people are feeling. Emotional intelligence isn't always his strong point, and this can quite easily get to you when you have a little one to take care of.

1 Pisces - The Sensitive Dad

While you can't rely on Pisces dad to be on time - he will probably launch himself into the hospital room when the baby is crowning - he does have a lot of compassion and sensitivity.

When it's time to bring baby home, you can't guarantee that Pisces dad will be so good with the down-to-earth stuff that needs to be done, like changing diapers or making sure that the sick-covered onesies get put into the washing machine. Structure isn't their strong point, and you might need to let them know that there are times when the easygoingness just isn't going to cut it.

The Pisces dad puts a lot of value on kindness, but they can be serious and will do anything to protect their baby and the family.

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