How Did You Know You Were Pregnant?

I've been pregnant three times in my life. Of course, I have only two kids - that's because my very first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. But with all three pregnancies, I've had a different combination of symptoms. When that first pregnancy test popped up with an immediate blue plus sign, I laughed. Well, I laughed and I cried, but part of that laughter was just laughing at myself. Earlier in the evening, I had complained that my husband was taking corners too fast, because every time her turned I felt like I was going to hurl. Looking back, I see that my body had been telling me for weeks that something was different. I can even pinpoint the day our baby decided to burrow into the wall of my uterus. It was, poetically, the same day I got laid off.

It was painful just to brush them with my arm! via Medical News Today

But like I said, every time I've been pregnant, the symptoms have varied. The first time, I felt like I would puke. My boobs hurt a little. I was grumpy....well, grumpy might be an understatement. A few months later, after I had miscarried, I got pregnant again. This time, with Shep. I remember when I felt a small suspicion. I had walked up to our secretary's desk and leaned against the chest-height countertop. I winced, because my boobs were tender. And then the lightbulb clicked on. I put two and two together, remembering how my boobs had felt the last time. That night, I got home from work and peed on a stick. Two pink lines instead of one meant that there were two humans inhabiting my body.

This looks familiar.

While I felt nauseous all the time, I only threw up once. Thank goodness! A few of my friends have had bad morning sickness - some even had hyperemesis gravidarum - and I feel lucky to have dodged that bullet.

Shep turned a year old, and a week after his birthday party, I took another pregnancy test. This time, I didn't notice any symptoms. I felt a little moody, but when you're expecting to get your period, moodiness is nothing out of the ordinary. By this point, I had gotten into a habit of taking a pregnancy test a few days before my period was due. I'd lost track of time with a lot of busy-ness for our family: Shep's birthday, we were moving the next day. It didn't occur to me that I was already a week late. Without much thought, I took a pregnancy test. While I was washing my hands, I glanced over - not even thirty second had passed, and the darn thing was clearly positive. And I said, "Oh crap."

With Shep, I had terrible acne - and with Rory, almost none! via Parents

A few days later, my boobs started to hurt - and I felt nauseous. Later on in both pregnancies, I had SPD (fancy words for my pelvis was tearing apart from the inside). While my nausea subsided for the second trimester, it returned in the third. If I ever get pregnant again, I wonder if I'll figure it out before I take a test? Probably not, if I'm being honest. I'll probably be too tired to even realize I skipped a period!


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