How Easy (And How Hard) Breastfeeding Will Be Based On The Baby's Horoscope

Throughout human history, astrology has been used to influence many different aspects of life. Some including world views, language, and even many different elements of social culture. For the Indo-Europeans, astrology can be dated all the way back to the 3rd Millennium BC. They first started using it to predict seasonal shifts, then in the 17th century, their use shifted, and they began using it to drive the development of astronomy.

As time went on, it began being used in many other different methods. By the 20th century, astrology became a regular influence on different platforms of social media as ways to predict one's horoscope. Nowadays, horoscopes are used to predict one’s personality, their future selves, careers, even what type of baby they will have. Will a woman’s baby be an easy baby? Or will it be difficult, and will she have a hard time caring for it? Some people even use their horoscope to find out when they should stop breastfeeding their child.

There are some people who believe in their horoscopes so much that if their daily prediction tells them to stay inside to avoid risks, they will. Then there are others who find it a load of crock. Some of the predictions or descriptions of personalities can be spot on, some are just ridiculous, but either way, it is still a fun concept. Here are 12 personality predictions of the 12 different stars, and 12 predictions of how a babies born under those stars will be when it comes to breastfeeding.

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24 Capricorn: Responsible and Disciplined

Those born under the Capricorn sign are known to of a traditional and serious nature. This is due from the planet Saturn that they were born under. Saturn has a strong influence on Capricorns and is known to make them practical and responsible, but also a bit cold, distant towards others and sometimes even unforgiving.

Capricorns are one sign that are known to make it through the ranks when it comes to their careers. Some could say it's from their inner state of independence, others would say it is their amazing self-control, in the end, it's due to their ability to learn from the mistakes they have made throughout life.

23 Breastfeeding A Capricorn: All Work, No Fuss


When it comes to breastfeeding a baby born under the Capricorn sign, moms do not have much to worry about. In fact, they will be relieved to know that it will be a breeze.

Like adult Capricorns, baby Capricorns are known to be disciplined and reliable.

According to romper.com, Capricorn babies are known to be most of the time, all work and no fuss. One thing they love to do is to eat at the same time every day. So be prepared to have a tight schedule when it comes to their feeding times. It is like clockwork with them.

22 Aquarius: Eccentric and Energetic

Those born under the Aquarius star have a tendency to be shy and quiet most of the time, but do not think that they can’t cut loose now and again and be eccentric and energetic when they need to.

Uranus is the planet they were born under and why they are so timid, abrupt and sometimes can even have aggressive nature to them. It is not all bad though. Thanks to the planet Uranus, Aquarius have a great visionary quality to them. They are great a predicting the future and are able to set out a detailed plan of everything they want to do in the next five to ten years.

21 Breastfeeding An Aquarius: Do Not Like To Be Hidden Away

According to romper.com, the biggest problem a mother might have with a baby born under the Aquarius star is that they do not like being limited or constrained.

This means, mothers be prepared that when it comes to being out in public and its feeding time, there is no covering. They will scream their heads off if put under a nursing cover. Unfortunately for moms of Aquarius babies, there are only two options when it comes to nursing them: stay home all the time until he or she is weened or get use to nursing in public uncovered or in a private area.

20 Pisces: Compassionate And Gentle

Those born under the Pisces star are the best kind of people to get to know. Not only are they super friendly, but also compassionate towards others, generous, extremely faithful in their friendships and relationships, and caring of all those that are in their lives.

Pisces is born under the water sign, which is characterized by empathy and an expressed emotional capacity, which defiantly plays a part in their caring and friendly nature.

Neptune also seems to play a part in Pisces lives. Pisces are born under the planet Neptune, and because of Neptune’s influences, are more intuitive than other signs and have artistic talent.

19 Breastfeeding A Pisces: Gentle And Calm

As an adult, Pisces are known to be super friendly, intuitive to others, generous, compassionate and just all-around good people. As a baby, nothing really is different.

Pieces are all around the friendliest and even-tempered people out of all the other signs and they are like this at any stage of their life. From babies, to toddlers, to teenagers, to adulthood, they are known to be surrounded by all different kinds of people and to want to help out others when ever they can.

According to romper.com, babies born under the Pisces star are known to be super gentle at feeding times. So, don’t worry moms, when it comes to feeding that perfect little tiny human, they are going to be sweet calm angels.

18 Aries: Determined And Aggressive

Aries is actually the first sign of the horoscopes, which might be the reason why they are so dynamic, love competition, and have to be first at everything. Work, home life, or at a social gathering, it does not matter to them. They always want to be on top.

Aries is the most active of the signs. Thanks to the Sun that Aries is born under, they have great organizational skills which help them to be able to finish several things at once.

Watch out though, Aries are known to lead with their heads and will literally walk head first into stuff. They tend to be brave and are rarely afraid of any kind of trial or task. They are known to have youthful spirit and even have the energy of a young teenager, regardless of how old they really are.

17 Breastfeeding An Aries: Like To Clamp Down Hard

Like mentioned earlier, Aries are known to be one sign who can be a bit pushy, loves competition, and loves to be on top. As adults they are known to be enthusiastic and determined, while also being a bit impatient and aggressive at times.

According to romper.com, their personalities and influences stem all the way back to when they are babies and when it comes to breastfeeding, some might say they resemble a barracuda latching on. Aries babies tend to clamp down during feedings, and we are talking about hard too.

So, if a mother gives birth to her baby under the Aries sign, be prepared to stock up on different creams and ointments.

16 Taurus: Determined And Devoted

Taurus are people who have the need to always be surrounded by love and beauty. They are practical, well-grounded, stable and conservative, and tend to endure whatever comes their way and stick to any choice they make until they are satisfied with the results.

Taurus make great employees, long-term friends, and even partners. They are always there for the people they love. The Earth sign they are born under makes them be overprotective though at times, conservative and sometimes even materialistic. They view the world as being founded by their love of money and wealth.

Taurus are born under the planet Venus, which is the planet of love, attraction, beauty, satisfaction, creativity and gratitude. All these qualities help to make Taurus excel in different careers such as a cook, gardener, an artist and even a perfect spouse.

15 Breastfeeding A Taurus: Love Skin-To-Skin Contact

As adults, Taurus are known to be great lovers. This trait can stem back all the way from the day they are born. As babies, they are known to be patient, but also stubborn at times.

According to romper.com, once they learn how to feed properly, breastfeeding will become a breeze. It is best to keep them on a set routine though. Once they have a routine and learn the best methods that word for them, feeding times will go down without a hitch.

Taurus babies are sensitive, tactile babies who love to snuggle and crave skin-to-skin contact while nursing.

14 Gemini: Inconsistent And Gentle

Geminis are hard to read. They have a habit of being able to show different personalities, and one is never sure of what one to expect when they come face to face. Typically, they are sociable, communicative and always ready for a new adventure, but they also can be serious when needed, thoughtful and even a bit restless at times. The whole world fascinates them. They are known to be extremely curious people with the constant feeling of never being able to do all they want in one day because there just isn’t enough time in one day to do it all.

Geminis are ruled by the planet Mercury, who represents communication, writing and movement. Their ever-changing minds and personalities make them perfect artists or writers and journalists.

13 Breastfeeding A Gemini: Hard To Know What To Expect

Geminis are known to be curious and affectionate, but at times they can have dual personalities and their second personality can make them become indecisive and anxious.

According to romper.com, when it comes to babies, the same goes for when they are adults. A mother never knows what they are going to get when their child wakes up. One day they could love breastfeeding, or other days she could hate it and it will become a fight to feed her.

Good note is that because of their dual personalities, Geminis are quite adaptable. It is easy to transition them from breastfeeding to bottle.

12 Cancer: Moody And Emotional

Cancers are one group of people who are probable the hardest out of all the other signs to get to know, but once they get close to someone, they are known to get very attached to them. Their home lives matter a lot to them. They are very emotional and sensitive people who care deeply about their family and home life.

Cancers are born under the water element. The water element is what makes them so emotional, so much so that they have a hard time blending into the world around them.

They are a very loyal group of people who have an easy time empathizing with people’s pain.

11 Breastfeeding A Cancer: Known To Be Crabby

As babies, Cancers are completely different than when they are adults. They are being ruled over by the Moon, and the lunar cycles can play with their emotions, causing them to lose control. As children though, they do not know how to deal with these changes.

When it comes to breastfeeding a Cancer baby, they are known to be a bit crabby, according to romper.com. When they are hungry, they will let you know. Some babies are known to want to nurse not because they are hungry, but because they want to snuggle.

Just be prepared that sleep will be rare at night.

10 Leo: King Of The Jungle

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Leos are natural born leaders. Whatever they commit to, they can achieve nothing but greatness. They’re self-confidence is what makes them the “King of the Jungle.”

There are also great traits about them though.

Leos are known to have lots of friends, all who they are generous and loyal to the end for. They are a Sun sign and love to unite different groups of people with the goals of leading them through different shared causes.

Due to the fire element they were born under, they are warm hearted, love life, love to make others laugh and just have a good time whenever and wherever they go.

9 Breastfeeding A Leo: Expects Mom’s Full Attention

Leos as babies hate to be ignored and require a lot of mom’s attention. They are very good at making it known when they are mad, tired or hungry or are just in a situation they don’t like or approve of.

According to romper.com, Leos can be very passionate and loving as babies. There are times though that one can find them a bit self-centered. Meaning, when a mother is feeding her Leo baby, they require her undivided attention. No cell phones, no tablets, no television, nothing. Just all mom’s attention on them, otherwise she will feel the wrath of the “King of the Jungle.”

8 Virgo: Hardworking And Loyal

Virgos are known as the most careful of all the signs. They make sure to pay attention to every detail when it comes to life, work and everything else in their lives. They don’t like to leave anything to chance.

People born under the sign of the Virgo are a lot of the time misunderstood. Virgos can be tender to those they are close to, but to the outside world they have a heart of stone and are closed off.

Virgos are a strong group of people. They are conservative, well-organized, and practical when it comes to everyday life and decision making.

They are not all work and no play though. They do let loose now and again, but even when they do they like to make sure there are strictly defined borders around their goals and dreams, so nothing ruins them.

7 Breastfeeding A Virgos: All Eat, No Play

As adults, Virgos are all work and no play.

According to romper.com, they are the same even as babies. They like schedules and being well-organized throughout their day. When it comes to feeding time, they latch quickly, eat their fill and then go along with whatever they were doing beforehand as nothing ever happened.

They are known to be shy though and will not speak up if they aren’t getting enough milk or are hungry and want extra feedings. If this is the case, and the mom is worried, it is best to make a doctor’s appointment to get them weighed to find out if they are getting enough or not.

6 Libra: Diplomatic And Fair-Minded

Libras are a peaceful group of people. They will do anything to avoid conflict and would rather keep the peace when ever they can.

They are fair minded and hate to be alone. They prefer to be surrounded by family and loved ones. A long-lasting and meaningful partnership is what the crave the most. Someone who is like them.

Their element is the Air sign, a sign that gives them high mental stimuli, strong intellect and a keen mind. They enjoy a good book now and again, intellectual discussions with people like them and are never short on words.

5 Breastfeeding A Libra: Keen Problem Solvers

When it comes to Libras as babies, they are known to be a bit indecisive. So much so, that mom might find herself a bit irritated with how much they tend to change their minds. The thing with Libras as babies is that they like to change things up a lot when they eat. Either by changing sides mid feeding, changing positions, or even just the way the suckle to get the milk. This can occur all in on sitting if they are unsure of how they want to eat.

According to romper.com, the plus side of them being so indecisive is that they are keen problem-solvers, which can be helpful when breastfeeding problems do happen to arise.

4 Scorpio: Passionate And Expressive

Scorpios are known to be passionate, but assertive people with the determination of finding out the truth about everything. They are great leaders who are always are of what is going and have the resourcefulness to fix any problems that may arise.

Those born under the water element signs typically have a way of handling emotions, Scorpios are a bit different though. Emotions are very important to them, but they manifest them differently than other signs born under the water element. This will not stop them from keeping secrets though, no matter what happens.

Scorpios are born under the guidance of the planet Pluto. They are known to be calm, have a cool behavior, and like to keep their appearances mysterious. Some might even say they have a fierce nature, but this is only because they are pretty keen on understanding and following the rules.

3 Breastfeeding A Scorpio: Love To Twiddle

Scorpios are known to be passionate as both babies and adults. As adults they are known to be determined and calm in every type of situation they are put in, but as babies, they are known to be obsessive, compulsive and a bit jealous at times.

According to romper.com, Scorpio babies can be possessive when it comes to their mothers. Moms can see during feeding times by the way they like twiddle their bare arms, or stroke their hair, even play with their other side while feeding.

Twiddling is something that may take a bit to get over. There are some babies who are known to do it even after they stop breastfeeding. Always wanting to be right there with their mothers stroking their arms or playing with their hair.

2 Sagittarius: Curious And Energetic

Sagittarius are known to be very curious and energetic people. They love to travel and are the biggest travellers out of all the other signs. Due to their open minds and philosophical views, they tend to travel the world in search of answers to the meaning of life and all their questions.

Sagittarius are known to be optimistic, extrovert and enthusiastic. When it comes to change, they crave and want it.

Thanks to their ruling planet Jupiter, their enthusiasm has no bounds that makes them have an awesome sense of human and intense curiosity.

1 Breastfeeding A Sagittarius: Temperamental

As adults, Sagittarius are known to be energetic and curious. They love change and have an open mind about everything. As babies, they are known to be a bit temperamental and even impatient at times. They will let their moms know when they do not like something or if she is taking too long to do something.

According to romper.com, feeding times can be a bit of a headache with them. If mom is not producing enough milk, or the milk is not coming out fast enough, then they will start to get fussy and make moms life a little bit harder.

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