How Easy The Baby Will Be To Take Care Of Based On Astrology

For years, people have been using astrology to predict their lives, the lives of their children, their personalities, the seasons, and even world events.

There are many different versions of astrology. The Chinese have assigned different animals like the rooster, the dog, or a dragon, but other cultures have linked the 12 signs to either a moon, a planet, or even to one of the four elements.

According to reference.com, it was the ancient Egyptians that created astrology, which later was passed down to the Babylonians who used them to predict the changing of the seasons and even certain events that might happen. By the 4th century B.C. the Romans, the Greeks, and the Arabs, all embraced astrology as a science.

As time went on, the signs went from being used to predict seasons and events, to being able to be used to predict personalities and even life paths based on what planets were where at the time of birth.

Nowadays, people even use the signs to predict an unborn child’s life. Their personality, their looks, even their height. Depending on when he or she is born, a parent could even know how easy to handle he or she will be at certain stages of his or her life.

Some believe that the predictions one could get from their horoscopes are real, but there are also many who do not believe in them, and instead think the whole thing is just a superstition. Either way, they are still very interesting. Here is a list of each sign’s personality, what having a baby with the sign will be like, and even what a parent can expect when he or she becomes a toddler.

36 Aries: Quick-Witted, Dynamic

Those born under the Aries star, are known to be quick witted, dynamic and typically are the type of people who like to get their own way. One could say they are natural born leaders.

According to pregnancybirthandparenting.com, while Aries are known to be quick tempered, they are also easily calmed down when needed and are always there to be supportive towards others when they feel its necessary.

People born under the Aries sign are also known to have a strong sense of justice, lots of enthusiasm and self-will, the motivation to only progress, have a strong determination to succeed, and typically know how to get their own way and will become frustrated easily if things don’t go the way they want them too.

35 Aries Baby: Curious And Loves To Be The Boss

For the first few weeks after being born, an Aries baby may have trouble settling in to his or her new life. Aries babies have strong personalities, which a parent will see normally right from birth. Be prepared for many wakeful nights, according to pregnancybirthandparenting.com.

The best option a parent can do if their child is born under the Aries star, is to establish a good routine right away. By doing this, the parent should be able to achieve a happy, content baby, but that doesn’t mean they won’t display their Aries temper now and again.

Aries babies are known to be have dynamic personalities making sure they are the boss and in charge. When they are in a good mood, things should go smoothly, but be prepared that if anything doesn’t go their way, they will let you know.

These types of babies love the outdoors. They love going on walks and being where the action is. Their minds are constantly on overdrive and curious to learn.

34 Aries Toddler: Active and Destructive


Babies born under the Aries star are always on the go and curious to learn. It only gets worst the older they get. As toddlers, they never like to stay in one place very long and can tend to take up a lot of their parent’s time.

According to pregnancybirthandparenting.com, it is best to keep them busy as much as possible. Providing a constant stream of stimulation can help with their destructive qualities, just make sure to not do it so close to bed time. Taking them outside is a good outlet for them.

33 Taurus: Artistic, Kind

According to pregnancybirthandparenting.com, Taurus are known to be kind, loving, patient, determined and all around quite stubborn. If they don’t agree or co-operate with something, then nothing is going to make them.

Taurus have a great artistic and creative side to them. Most of the time, they have the need to have their life planned out. Routine is key to them, and they hate when there is a mess or things aren’t in order.

Being patient benefits them when it comes to achievements. They are willing to wait to achieve their goals and objectives and are very hard workers.

32 Taurus Baby: Determined, Stubborn, And Greedy


Babies born under the Taurus star tend to be very stubborn. If they decide not to co-operate, then there is no use trying to persuade them to continue doing the task at hand. This typically starts off at an early age. While also very determined at a young age, they also tend to be very quiet and can be settled down very easily, according to pregnancybirthandparenting.com.

Taurus babies are very loving. They love to snuggle up and cuddle. Temper tantrums are rare and seem to only emerge when the baby decides they do not like something that is happening.

They also love routine. They thrive on consistency.

Parents should not be afraid if their baby is a late bloomer. It is common for Taurus babies to be late when it comes to the crawling stage. They tend to reach milestones on their own time.

31 Taurus Toddler: Shy, High Curiosity, Insecure

When a baby born under the Taurus star becomes a toddler, it is common for them to be clingy and shy until they discover their courage and over come these fears.

Like the crawling stage, Taurus toddlers seem to be late walkers. Some would say this has to due with their laziness though, according to pregnancybirthandpareting.com.

There is a lot to do in this new land for them. Their curiosity will peak early, and they will grow to have a fascination with the world. This will help them to develop good co-ordination.

At the start of life, Taurus toddlers are quite insecure. They may need a lot of encouragement due to their lack of confidence. A clear routine can help them in their insecurities. Building relationships with other children their own age may also take some time.

Do not panic though, they will become physically fearless eventually.

30 Gemini: Charming, On the move

As most know, Gemini is the sign that is represented by the twins or two faces, which is why they call Geminis two faced.

Though not very deep, Geminis’ are known to be complex, have a charming personality and an optimistic outlook. They are motivated mentally and love to keep busy and constantly moving. They love to multitask and just want to understand every aspect of life.

According to pregnancybirthandparenting.com, they are known to be the investigators and experimenters of life.

Sometimes it may be hard to understand a Gemini, but that doesn’t stop them from talking and getting a long with other people.

29 Gemini Baby: Lively, Active, Easily Bored

For all those parents who are due to have Gemini babies, be prepared to have an active and lively baby from day one. It is going to be very hard to set a routine. Be prepared to be super tired for the first few weeks after birth.

Right off the bat, Gemini babies love to learn. It is common for them to love to surround themselves with lots of different things that provide stimuli, and their minds are just like sponges. They absorb everything, according to pregnancybirthandparenting.com.

Gemini babies can become bored very easily. Parents should be ready to constantly keep them occupied with different things. Though they can be quite nervous, they love to be around other people and constantly want attention.

28 Gemini Toddler: Requires Lots Of Attention, Inquisitive, Free Spirits

According to pregnancybirthandparenting.com, Gemini toddlers are known to be naturally inquisitive. It is very important that for the first two years of a child’s life, they collect as much information as they can to help them later in their adult life.

Gemini toddlers love to get into everything. They love to find new objects to study and once that object has their attention, they must get to it. It is essential to keep them occupied, otherwise they can get cranky. Being confined in a playpen with no stimuli is a no, no.

It is best to allow them to communicate with other children their own age. By doing this, a parent is helping them to build early relationship skills.

27 Cancer: Quick Thinking

Those born under the sign of Cancer are known to be quite quiet in nature and reserved, but at the same time friendly. They love to travel, especially by water, and love all types of adventure.

According to pregnancybirthandparenting.com, Cancer people tend to be intuitive and quick thinkers. It is common to find them away from the commotion and standing in the background away from things.

Cancer people are known to be artistic, creative, have a love of music, love to read, and have a deep retentive memory with above average intelligence.

26 Cancer Baby: Sleep More, Eat More, Get Bigger Faster


Parents of Cancer babies will have it easy. For the first few days after birth, it is common for a baby born under the Cancer sign to have difficulties adjusting to life outside their mother’s womb. For the first few days, parents will find it a bit difficult to settle them into a good routine, but soon as they are comfortable, a routine will come quickly, and they will begin sleeping long extended hours, according to pregnancybirthandparenting.com.

If a parent finds this to be false, then it may have to due with other influences in the astrology chart that is messing with those of the crab.

Typically, the Cancer horoscope creates babies that crave attention, thrive on snuggles and close contact that makes them feel secure, and as long as they are in the company of those they love, will not be so demanding.

It is common for a Cancer baby to eat more often than other babies, which can also result in rapid weight gain.

These babies do not like being left alone. They are very attentive and don’t like missing out on anything.

25 Cancer Toddler: Quiet, Inquisitive, Adventurous

According to pregnancybirthandparenting.com, Cancer toddlers are known for being quiet, while at the same time inquisitive and adventurous.

Most Cancer toddlers prefer to only be near their own family, making it hard to introduce them to children their own age. They are naturally protective and will even take on some responsibilities without being asked.

As babies, once comfortable with their surroundings, they fall into routine quickly. Same goes for their toddler years. They tend to love quiet activity, fresh air, and being outdoors. They do not seek stimulation, but they do require it. Visiting new places is one of their favorite activities.

24 Leo: Outspoken Free Spirit

Those born under the Leo sign are what one could say, amazing. Not only are they frank, outspoken and free of spirit, but they also have a noble nature to them, are fearless and what some may say powerful, according to pregnancybirthandparenting.com.

Most of the time, Leo’s are friendly, those around them tend to gravitate towards them. They are naturally intuitive, intelligent, and hard workers.

Just watch out. Leo’s can have one mean temper at times when they get angry, but they don’t hold grudges, which is a good thing.

23 Leo baby: Smart, Loving, A Big Temper

From day one, parents will be able to see a Leo babies’ personality. Smiling will come natural to them, but if things don’t go their way, they can have a real fierce temper, so be prepared. Sleeping will be a challenge thanks to how naturally alert they are and anxious, according to pregnancybirthandparenting.com, and feedings will be plentiful. Like Cancer babies, Leo babies are real good feeders that tend to increase in weight very easily.

Parents of Leo babies should be prepared to give their newborn lots of attention. Leo babies are very attached to their parents and need to be close by all the time. They thrive on love and attention and can be natural show offs to get it.

Developmental milestones are typically right on time and they display leadership qualities pretty early in life.

22 Leo Toddler: Smart, Energetic, Strong Personalities


Leo babies might be a handful, but toddlers can be worst. Leo toddlers hate to be restrained. They have constant heaps of energy and seem to never want to stop going, which also means they need lots of sleep, so parents can expect them to sleep through the night at least. Just be prepared that once they start walking, parents will need eyes everywhere to keep track of them.

According to pregnancybirthandparenting.com, the world is on big ball of fascination to them. They are natural leaders and want to be smarter than everyone else. If a parent is lucky enough to have them sit still and be quiet for a few minutes, it is probably because something has caught their eye and they are learning from it.

Just know that there will be times when their personalities will clash with others and they rarely back down in a situation where confrontation is involved.

21 Virgo: Modest, reserved

Virgo’s are very modest people who have a neatness to them and can be found to be extremely fastidious. It is in their nature to be naturally reserved, but when they break out of their shells they are great communicators. Some have even been found to be skillful writers and story tellers, according to pregnancybirthandparenting.com.

Those born under the Virgo sign tend to have a bit of a temper on them, but they will never go so far as to start a fight, instead they prefer to talk their way out of a bad situation. They have very good reasoning skills.

Order, art, literature, beauty and luxury are all things they are interested in and they tend to want to spoil themselves with it all. Some may look down on them as being cold or unapproachable, and sometimes even difficult to understand.

20 Virgo Baby: Attention Craving, Quiet, Stubborn

Parents be on the ready. Virgo babies are very needy and want lots of love and reassurance. They have healthy tempers and boy do they show it when they don’t get there way. They are also stubborn and tend to not want to sleep at night, but rather during the day.

They love to learn as much as possible though, according to pregnancybirthandparenting.com. The world is an exciting new place for them and they want to learn as much as possible as quickly as possible about it. Some may even go as far as to say they are little psychologists due to the fact it seems like they always know what to do to push those around them over the edge.

Virgos do tend to reach milestones later than other signs, but don’t worry, they will catchup soon enough.

19 Virgo Toddler: May Learn Slower Than Others, Bad Moods, Great With Other Children

Like when they are babies, Virgo toddlers love to learn and soak up everything they can, but they still have issues reaching milestones that other children their age are reaching. This is not due to them being a bit delayed intellectually though, they are just lazy.

There will be a time where a parent will find that their child is in a bad mood all the time. Do not worry this will pass, but till it does, the parent will find their toddler grumpy, sulky and whiny.

Virgo toddlers do get along well with other children at a early age, according to pregnancybirthandparenting.com, but they do prefer to be by themselves and in solitary situations.

18 Libra: Friendly, Courteous

People born under the Libra sign are naturally balanced people who have a great sense of justice and do not like unfairness, which is why the scales are a perfect symbol for them.

All in all, Libra’s are amazing people. They are friendly, courteous, pleasant to be around, easy to get along with, and are very considerate of others.

They seek enjoyment from refined pleasures and art and try to whatever they can to keep the piece and avoid aggressive environments.

They do have their downsides though. Though they hate dirty surroundings, they are not the cleanest people to be around. They are actually quite untidy.

17 Libra baby: Attention Craving, Curious, Showy

Right from birth, Libra babies are known to be very active, thanks to the air sign they were born under. They require lots of love, love to be cuddled, and are naturally showy, but all in all, they are pretty easy babies to take care of.

Parents will have it easy with them. Most the time Libra babies love to just lay there and keep themselves occupied. They do have a curious side to them though and love to absorb information.

One thing to look forward to is lots of smiles. Libra babies are known to start smiling at an early age, and baby smiles are just the best.

16 Libra Toddler: Wants To Please, Always On The Go, Great With Other Children


Once a Libra toddler starts walking, there is no stopping them.

When a Libra baby becomes a toddler, their curiosity peaks even more, and they want to know about life as soon as possible, according to pregnancybirthandparenting.com. It is best to try and teach them rules and regulations right away, but don’t worry, Libra toddlers love to please and it is very rare that they will be naughty. Also, parents should make sure to introduce educational toys to them as soon as possible. These toys are important to the child’s development.

They love to be around other children, but like when they are babies, they will also find ways to occupy themselves when there is no one else around.

15 Scorpio: Tenacious, determined loners

Scorpios are known to be quite reserved in personality, but they make up for it by being tenacious and very determined for success. They are natural born loners, but that won’t stop them from having a special someone in their life.

Most of the time, Scorpios are very passionate people, but there are times where they can burst out in a fiery rage if they don’t like something. They are very blunt and are not afraid to tell people off or back down from a dispute when they find that they are right in the situation. Most of the time though, they get along with others and care for the environment and the wellbeing of others, according to pregnancybirthandparenting.com.

They do love to travel and will find themselves moving around a lot.

14 Scorpio baby: Loving, Laid Back, Loves To Cuddle

As an adult, Scorpio’s have a tendency to be hard to understand, something that has been going on since they were babies. From the early days of child birth, Scorpio babies find that they have a inner conflict and quirky nature. That doesn’t stop them from being sweet and loving though. They love to be cuddled, but that doesn’t meant a parent cant leave them alone for short periods of times. They are quite content on their own and don’t demand a lot of attention.

Some people have even said that Scorpio’s were born old. It is almost as if when they are babies, they can look at a person and their eyes show all the wisdom of the world. This doesn’t stop them from having temper tantrums though, but don’t panic, this only occurs when they are uncomfortable with something.

If they are not being treated right, they will let their caregiver know. Most the time they are people pleasers though.

13 Scorpio Toddler: Dependent, Willful, Adventurous

When a baby born under the Scorpio sign takes that leap from baby to toddler, they take the transition from needing mom and dad to basically being independent. They have a curiosity to find out what makes the world go around, according to pregnancybirthandparenting.com, and will become very nosey, which means lots of child locks for the no, no areas.

Parents may find quickly that their toddler does not like to play with other children and they are very suspicious of strangers, which can be a good thing.

12 Sagittarius: Bright, easygoing

Those born to the Sagittarius star are known to be jolly, bright, and easygoing, according to pregnancybirthandparenting.com. They are also known to have a great sense of humor, heaps of energy, are sympathetic to other’s feelings and just have an all-around urge to want to help others whenever they can. Don’t get on their bad side though. They do have the tendency to anger quickly, even though it does subside, its not something someone wants to see.

Because of their fondness of traveling, Sagittarius make great salespeople. They understand new technology very easily, can find loopholes in the market system that others cannot, are generous, good hearted, cheerful, and full of great ideas.

11 Sagittarius baby: Energetic, Anxious, Restless

According to pregnancybirthandparenting.com, right from birth, Sagittarius babies are the type that take nothing from anyone. They are what some might call, a no-nonsense baby. They require their family around a lot of the time and tend to be very demanding babies. Don’t fret though. Most the time they are just happy babies that love to eat, are known to be in good health most the time and settle easily.

Parents should prepare though for their high energy levels. Thanks to all the energy Sagittarius babies tend to have, parents are prone to many sleepless nights. They love to learn, and they want to as much as possible, which is one reason they hate to sleep.

They also hate change. They become very restless when things start to change, and they are unsettled by the circumstances. It is best to try and make a Sagittarius baby feel secure as quickly as possible. The more secure he/she feels, the faster he/she will fall into a routine.

10 Sagittarius toddler: Always On The Move, Craves Educational Stimulation, Mischievous

Parents of babies who are Sagittarius, be ready, because when that baby finally hits his/her toddler stage and becomes mobile, there is nothing that is going to hold them back. They are going to want to be on the constant move. Into everything they can, and there is no keeping anything of value any where near their reach. Also, they can be very mischievous, meaning they are always planning and will do anything to get a family members attention, according to pregnancybirthandparenting.com.

Educational toys and books are what is best for a Sagittarius toddler. They want their senses stimulated at an early age. They know that they must learn as much as possible, as quickly as possible. They also love to talk, which parents will find is something they do to themselves a lot, way before the parent can even understand what they are saying.

Also, Sagittarius toddlers have a personality that is like an active volcano. Temper tantrums are something to be ready for, but they will blow over quickly so don’t be too nervous.

9 Capricorn: Intelligent, Cautious

Capricorn’s are the type of people that make great managers in the industry department due to their above average intelligence, and the love they tend to have for science, engineering and computer technology. They are cautious and prudent, which helps them to get ahead easily, have great concentration and can work long periods of time, are strong willed and are great to have as a partner or even just as an ally.

According to pregnancybirthandparenting.com, Capricorns do have issues making friends due to how serious, reserved, and tenacious they can be. But they are also thoughtful and once a friendship is formed, they will prove how supportive they really are.

8 Capricorn baby: Quiet, Loving, Smart

Newborn Capricorn’s are the best when it comes to bringing them home. They settle in right away, sleep long periods of times and are just an all-around quiet baby. It just all depends on their sense of security, according to pregnancybirthandparenting.com.

Capricorn babies tend to be very loving to their parents, but that doesn’t mean they love to cuddle all the time, especially by strangers. They hate to be picked up and passed around to people they do not know.

Parents can expect to achieve developmental milestones easily. Crawling, talking, walking, all will come easy to them. They do not require a lot of the parent’s time due to them not being so demanding of attention. They also are pretty good at advancing on their own, no matter what stimuli they are giving.

7 Smart, Careful, Does Not Play Well With Others

Like when they are babies, Capricorn toddlers will hit their milestones pretty quickly, according to pregnancybirthandparenting.com. They have an urge to learn, and most likely will keep this urge for the rest of their lives. Every object, sight and sound will be taken in one at a time, so they can think about it carefully before deciding what to do.

They can be mischievous at times, but it is rare. Most of the time they are careful and rarely like to be as boisterous as other signs.

It is common for a Capricorn toddler not to play well with other children. They are quite serious a lot of the time, making it hard to mix well with others.

They also have stubborn streak. They will typically not stop what they are doing until they reach the goal they want.

6 Aquarius: Determined planner

Those born under the Aquarius sign are typically not so easy to understand. Naturally they are very determined people. Full of good ideas, plans and notions, they tend to strive at work and school progression. Being patient, while also being able to alternate between being quiet and speaking their minds when needed helps them a lot at progression.

They are known to be generous though, according to pregnancybirthandparenting.com. They look out for the well being of others. They strive in settings with other witty and intelligent people that interest them.

5 Aquarius baby: Intuitive, Very Intelligent, Loners

Aquarius babies tend to be more of the loner type. Easy to settle into a routine, they are quite content at spending long periods of times amusing themselves, according to pregnancybirthandparenting.com. This does not mean a parent is off the hook though. No, there are times when he/she can explode like an active volcano due to their fierce temper and demanding nature. It is best to just keep checking on them now and again and make sure they are always comfortable.

Aquarius babies are very smart. No matter how young they are, they love to learn and are in the best moods when they are put in front of something they can learn from. Parents will find they are always wide eyes with wonder and curiosity.

4 Aquarius toddler: Curious, Plays Well With Others, Caring

Like when they are babies, Aquarius toddlers have a need to want to learn how everything works. Which also means that parents should make sure to keep everything of value away from their reach and to also child proof all plugs and switches. Once they are mobile, parents will find that they are into everything. Feeling, smelling, tasting, they don’t care what it is, they are just curious to see what it is and what it does. They need much more intellectual stimulation than other children, according to pregnancybirthandparenting.com.

Aquarius toddlers are extremely social. It is best to introduce them to children their own age as soon as possible. They are also very caring. They can feel one someone is not feeling well and will try and take care of them the best they can.

Be prepared though parents. Aquarius toddlers are like mini tornadoes. They need little sleep and are always on the go.

3 Pisces: Charming, charitable

The last sign is known as the Pisces. Those born under this sign tend to be misunderstood a lot. This does not stop them from having a charming personality and being charitable and wanting to lend a hand whenever possible.

Pisces are known to be quite timid and when it comes to life, they make sure to pay careful attention to every detail of a situation.

They are also very quiet in nature. Mainly always trying to keep peace and avoiding arguments at all costs.

2 Pisces baby: Well Behaved, Insecure, Quiet


Pisces babies are probably one of the best signs to deal with. They do tend to be insecure at birth, demanding a lot of their caregivers’ personal attention, but other than that they are well behaved and often quiet babies. As they get older, they like to entertain themselves and will spend hours quietly playing, according to pregnancybirthandparenting.com.

Some people will refer to them as ‘old souls.’ There seem to be knowledgeable beyond their years. Looking into their eyes is like looking into a pool of the past and future. It’s as if one is looking into infinity.

Pisces babies are known to have stomach issues. Parents shouldn’t be worried though. They may be uncomfortable, but it rarely bothers them and makes them fussy. In fact, parents of Pisces babies will probably get more restful nights of sleep than other parents with other babies.

1 Pisces toddler: Slow To Progress, Love To Learn, Social


Pisces toddlers tend to be a bit slower when it comes to progression. Some are content with just crawling and are not worried about learning to walk any time soon. But, once they do, they become very inquisitive and love to learn about everything they can, especially when sitting with the family.

Pisces toddlers crave attention, but they won’t be demanding when it comes to getting it. Security is very important to them, which means having them fly solo to socialize can be a problem. Do not worry though, eventually they do go off on their own and are known to mix well with other children. Just know that when it comes to taking the lead, they are known to back off. Most of the time they are just happy spending time on their own.

Routine is key to them. They love order, enjoy getting plenty of sleep, love snuggle times, and adore bath time, according to pregnancybirthandparenting.com.

References: pregnancybirthandparenting.com

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