How Easy The First Month With The Newborn Will Be Based On Mom's Horoscope

Whenever people read their daily, weekly, or monthly horoscopes in the paper or online, they never take it seriously and know it is just for entertainment purposes. And, the truth is, those types of horoscopes are only meant for fun. That is because the horoscopes that are drawn up by astrologers who write them out in papers or on websites base it only on the sun sign.

Even though the sun sign is an important part of who we are, there are other factors that come into play when it comes to your own personal horoscope. That is why someone who is a Leo may be more like a Pisces based on their overall personality. Other planets such as the moon which represents the emotional response to outside stimuli is a huge factor in anyone's horoscope as well.

And, when it comes to parenting, the way we parent depends on our entire personal horoscope in addition to how our parents were as well- sometimes anyway. Many of us tend to want to avoid making the same mistakes as our parents did while raising us. And let's take a look at how easy the newborn phase will be for moms based on their horoscopes- and let's see what traits are brought out the most in any new mom.

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24 Aries Sun Mom - Me Time Is A Must

Aries is the first sign of the star sign, and it is a fire sign which represents independence, passion, taking the first initiative, and can definitely be impatient. According to Momstrology, new moms that have an Aries sun will do anything they can to make sure they have enough me time with a newborn.

They are going to be the ones that will not hesitate to spend any money on getting a nanny to help with night feedings, and to watch the baby while mom does her own thing. She will not want the title of mom to be her identity, but at the same time, she will always be a fierce protector of her kids.

23 Aries Moon Mom - Needs To Stay Active

Aries is an active sign, and the fact that it is a fire sign means there is plenty of passion tied to this sign. An Aries Moon means that you are emotionally happy and content when you are active. According to Beliefnet, moms that have an Aries moon will welcome the fact that the baby will keep her on her feet all the time- despite being exhausted and hormonal.

When the baby is awake, mom will keep the baby stimulated, by taking the baby for a walk or interacting with the baby. Whatever keeps her busy is what will make her happy and she will not have a difficult time with the newborn phase as a result.

22 Taurus Sun Mom - Lack Of Consistency Will Be Upsetting

Taurus is the second sign, and it is an earth sign. Those who have a Taurus sun are known to be patient, consistent, have a need for routine and security, and have an appreciation for materials and good food. That said, according to Momstrology, the mom with a Taurus sun will have a hard time adjusting to the newborn due to the lack of structure and routine.

In fact, she may hire help in order to allow her to collect her own thoughts during this phase. However, once the newborn becomes older, and a routine is developed- she will have a much easier time. She is also naturally more patient which is important since kids will always test that.

21 Taurus Moon Mom - Will Become A WAHM

Taurus is all about security, as the sign represents that. And, for those who have a Moon in Taurus will also have a dislike towards change. However, those with the moon sign will likely look for material things to bring comfort and security. According to Beliefnet, moms with a Taurus moon will not only have a need to give into a sweet indulgence in order to look for comfort during the upheavals she is facing by caring for a newborn.

However, even more so, this mom will be afraid that the family's finances will drain quickly. Therefore, the first thing she will do once she is a little more used to having the newborn at home is to look for work at home jobs so she can help contribute financially. Financial security is important, especially for those who have a Taurus moon.

20 Gemini Sun Mom - Embracing The Chaos

Gemini is the third sign, and is an air sign. Those who have a sun in Gemini are known to be talkative, curious, and can change their moods at the drop of a hat. According to Momstrology, Gemini sun moms would do well during the newborn stage because there isn't a routine that can be set right away.

Therefore, mom will not have a hard time with the night feedings and managing everything else that needs to be managed when there is a newborn in the picture. However, once the baby is older and needs a routine, she won't like that, but she will do everything she can to keep her baby busy.

19 Gemini Moon Mom - Stimulation Is The Way To Go

Geminis are all about moving around and not staying still as well as communication. And those who have a Gemini moon will stay active and communicative. According to Beliefnet, new moms that have a moon in Gemini will also not have a problem with being up in the night for feedings.

However, instead of having the need to physically take the baby out often, she will start reading to her newborn because the sooner the baby is intellectually stimulated, the quicker the baby's speech will develop. Communication is extremely important to the mom that has a Gemini moon, and she will start help building the baby's communication skills right away.

18 Cancer Sun Mom - The Natural Nurturer

Cancer is the fourth sign, and is a water sign. In fact, Cancer is the sign that rules motherhood since it is naturally nurturing and emotional. According to Momstrology, new moms that have a Cancer sun will not have a difficult time adjusting to the newborn phase because they are natural nurturers.

In fact, these moms will get right into the groove of parenthood quite easily, and will also become overly emotional easily. Especially for whenever the baby seems to have a lot of discomfort and gas. These moms will want to fix any boo-boo as well.

17 Cancer Moon Mom - Will Be Afraid She's Not Doing Enough

Cancer is a motherly sign, and those who have a Cancer moon will be just as nurturing as those who have the sun in that sign. According to Beliefnet, moms with a Cancer moon that have a newborn will be afraid that she is not doing enough. She would have no problem with being woken up in the night several times by the baby because her instinct is so to make sure the baby receives everything needed.

If the baby is uncomfortable for whatever reason, the Cancer moon mom will do everything she can to find out how she can fix the problem. This will be the biggest thing throughout her parenting journey regardless of the age of the baby.

16 Leo Sun Mom - Will Need To Stay In The Spotlight 

Leo is the fifth sign, and it is a fire sign. Those who have a sun in Leo are known to be playful, energetic, but can be dramatic and definitely wants to be in the spotlight. According to Momstrology, moms that have a sun in Leo will have a much easier time raising their kids as they are older. However, during the newborn and infant stage, she will have a hard time.

She will hate the fact that her baby is taking up the spotlight, and will not like the middle of the night feedings and all of the other responsibilities. But that does not mean that this mom dislikes motherhood. In fact, she will really enjoy it once the babies are older and more mature- and can be playful because that is what mom likes a lot.

15 Leo Moon Mom - Wants The Best Of Everything For The Baby

leo moon
World most expensive baby bottle, Mining.com

Leo is a sign that represents youth and playfulness. And, those who have a moon in Leo will definitely show their playful side often. They will also do whatever they need to do to get the best. According to Beliefnet, moms that have a moon in Leo will want to make sure that their babies have the best of everything, which means the best sleepers, the best toys, and the best formula if she is bottle-feeding.

In fact, moms with a Leo moon will have no problem with spending that money in order to purchase that perfect dress set for her baby. She will also buy the highest-quality baby food. Because anything that is ranked lower than the best is no good.

14 Virgo Sun Mom - A Constant Worrier

Virgo is the sixth sign, and it is an earth sign. Those who have a sun in Virgo are known to be health conscious, organized, and can be neurotic since they need perfection. According to Momstrology, new moms that have their sun in Virgo will constantly worry about their babies. Every intense cry makes them jump and causes them to want to make an appointment with the baby's pediatrician to make sure that everything is okay.

The Virgo sun mom will find a way to multitask even while dealing with the chaos that comes with bringing a new baby home. They somehow stay organized, and would not want it any other way.

13 Virgo Moon Mom - All About Cleanliness And Order

Virgo is a sign that represents organization and health. And this means those who have a moon in Virgo will be emotionally inclined to keep a clean environment. According to Beliefnet, moms that have a moon in Virgo will not stand for an environment that is not clean. She will also not have a problem with hiring a maid to come in to clean the home while she is taking care of the baby.

Everything must be clean and organized, and in order or else this mom is going to have a rough time if there is a chance that there are germs around. She does not want to get sick and definitely does not want her baby to get sick. 

12 Libra Sun Mom - Will Need Help Making Decisions

Libra is the seventh sign, and is an air sign. Libra represents fairness, balance, beauty but also not wanting to be in a confrontation, and can be indecisive. According to Momstrology, the mom with the Libra sun will definitely have a difficult time knowing what to do with a newborn.

She will need plenty of guidance on how to take care of the baby, as she won't know what to do, and will allow her partner and others make decisions for her. At the same time, this mom will enjoy the baby and will not want to rush time. She will find beauty in everything, even during chaos.

11 Libra Moon Mom - A Need For Peace

Libra is a sign that represents fairness and tranquility. That means those who have a moon in Libra will need to have calming surroundings as they cannot handle anything too distracting. According to Beliefnet, moms that have a Libra moon that had just given birth will have a need to make the home a calm environment once the baby is home from the hospital.

She will panic if there are any arguing and fighting and will want to stay quiet for the sake of the baby and her own needs. She is overcome with emotion as it is an needs to be in a calm setting.

10 Scorpio Sun Mom - Intuition Spikes Up

We just talked about how Libra is a sign that is associated with indecisiveness, and now the next sign over, Scorpio is the opposite. Scorpio is the eighth sign, and is a water sign. Those who have a Scorpio sun are known to be passionate, and will either be your best friend or your worst enemy, depending on where you stand. Additionally, they are highly intuitive.

That said, according to Momstrology, a new mom that has a sun in Scorpio will not only be overly protective of her newborn, but she'll find that her intuitive skills become sharper. If something is not right with the baby, she will know that right away and take control by calling the pediatrician. Scorpio moms are like true mama bears.

9 Scorpio Moon Mom - The Need For Alone Time Intensifies

Scorpio is all about intensity, and those who have a Scorpio moon will most definitely respond to emotional stimuli in an intense way. According to Beliefnet, moms with Scorpio moons will just be as intuitive and protective as those with that sun sign. However, these moms will absolutely need their own time alone, away from the newborn, her partner, and away from anyone else.

These moms need to recharge in order for them to stay as calm as they can be, so they can be the best moms around and provide for their babies properly. They are the first ones to understand how you cannot give if you don't have the energy to do so.

8 Sagittarius Sun Mom - Gets Impatient Often

Sagittarius is the ninth sign and is a fire sign. Those who have a Sagittarius sun are known to be adventurous, optimistic and do not like responsibility. That said, according to Momstrology, moms that have a sun in Sagittarius will be the ones to pick up and take their babies on different adventures. They will not want to be tied down and their impatient nature can get the best of them.

However, despite that, these moms will want to make sure that their babies are exposed to different environments, and these moms will teach their babies everything that they know. They want their kids to turn out to be well-rounded people at the end of the day.

7 Sagittarius Moon Mom - Education On The Mind

Sagittarius moon
Via: Herfamily.ie

Sagittarius is about adventure and higher learning. That said, those who have a Sagittarius moon will not only have a love for travel but higher education is very important to them. According to Beliefnet, moms that have a moon in Sagittarius will be thinking about the baby's education even right after birth.

Even though she acknowledges the fact that she is exhausted, she needs to square away time to talk to the financial planner about setting up a mutual fund for the purpose of the child's future education. She will also count down the days until when the baby gets a little older and more mature so she can have a travel buddy!

6 Capricorn Sun Mom - Parenthood Is Serious Business

Capricorn is the 10th sign and it is an earth sign. Those who have a sun in Capricorn are known to have a strong work ethic and tend to take everything too seriously. According to Momstrology, new Capricorn moms are prone to taking every single minor thing seriously which can be a mood damper.

In fact, she will be already thinking about the homework-related rules to put in place when it comes to her child going to school. She will be thinking of the future and will not take the time to appreciate the here and now. The new mom will most definitely be all about business because that is her definition of parenting.

5 Capricorn Moon Mom - Will Have An Easy Time Delegating

Capricorn is all about business and seriousness. That means those who have a moon in Capricorn will also want to make sure that things get done properly, and they also have high expectations. According to Beliefnet, moms that have a Capricorn moon will realize that in order for the baby to get the best care- others will have to be involved. She knows she cannot do the parenting thing by herself.

That means, this mom will delegate tasks to others and will expect that things get done perfectly. That is why she will hire someone to help keep the home clean and to prepare meals so she can focus her time on her new baby.

4 Aquarius Sun Mom - Cranky And Unpredictable

Aquarius sun
Via: CNN.com

Aquarius is the 11th sign and it is an air sign. Those who have a sun in Aquarius are known to be detached but friendly, innovative, embrace uniqueness and refuse to conform. They also can be unpredictable. According to Momstrology, Aquarius sun moms will most definitely show their moody side once the newborn enters their lives.

She will also be determined to do what she wants and will care for her new baby the only way she sees fit. She will be a lot more cranky from being exhausted and will be very unpredictable. If she is in a good mood and someone tells her what to do with her baby, then her good mood will immediately be over.

3 Aquarius Moon Mom - Relies On Others For Help

Aquarius is a social sign that is distant, and those who have an Aquarius moon will not hesitate to rely on their community or extended family and friends in order to get what they need. According to Beliefnet, new moms with an Aquarius moon will be the first one to realize that they need all the help they can get.

Aquarian moon moms take their own needs seriously, and as a result, they go to their families, friends, and others in the community to pitch in and help. If she needs to have a nap while the baby is sleeping, and yet she needs to get groceries, she will either call someone to pick some up- or have the groceries delivered without worrying about the extra cost. She will know that her needs must be met in order for her to be a good mom.

2 Pisces Sun Mom - Worries Too Much

Pisces is the 12th sign and is a water sign. Those who have a Pisces sun are known to be empathetic, highly intuitive, creative, dreamy, and overly emotional. According to Momstrology, Pisces sun moms that just had given birth will constantly worry about their newborns- even over minor things like a tiny harmless rash. That will bring out any worst-case scenario in her head.

The sound of their babies' cries will be too much for them to bear, and they will worry nonstop if their newborns are crying for a long period of time. These moms will not only be exhausted from caring for a newborn but their own worries will tire them out too.

1 Pisces Moon Moms - Will Need Constant Reassurance 

Pisces moon

Pisces is one sign that is not in tune with reality but at the same time, it is the most intuitive and sensitive signs around. That is why those who have a Pisces moon will not only be deeply intuitive but will constantly worry if they are doing enough for others. According to Beliefnet, moms that have a Pisces moon will not only intuitively know if their newborn needs a change or a feeding even before the crying starts- however she will also worry constantly about doing enough.

She will need constant reassurance that she is doing a good job of caring for her newborn. Otherwise, she will stress over the uncertainty if she really is mother-material even though she truly is. These moms are extra hard on themselves, and they rely on others to tell them that they are doing a great job.

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