How Far Is Too Far In Keeping Babies Safe?

Becoming a mother means prioritising the wellbeing of newborn baby above all else. This is a natural instinct from new moms and it is totally understandable to be concerned with how the baby is progressing and developing, especially in those first few months. Paying attention to the baby’s health and wellbeing is a big part of this.

In keeping a baby healthy and well, safety is a big factor. Of course, every new mom wants their baby to feel safe and secure in their new environment. One of the great things about babies is that they are born with survival skills, natural instincts, and plenty of brain receptors to process situations. They may look teeny tiny and hopelessly defenceless, but babies have got this whole living thing more down pat than you may think at first.

This is why, although safety is a major concern, sometimes new moms just need to take a moment to sit back and chill. One breath wrong doesn’t spell doom for baby. A snot bubble is a normal occurrence and baby can sort this out. And as for poop, well that’s a habit that baby has got to get used to on their own.

By all means, moms have the right to be concerned about the safety of their baby. But there is a line between being conscious and aware and taking baby safety to the next level. For new moms there’s a few things to be wary of and a few products to steer away from to ensure that line isn’t crossed to crazy helicopter mom!

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15 Monitoring Baby’s Breathing Habits

A baby monitor does become an important tool around the house, especially while baby is sleeping. This is a useful communication device so that new moms can wake to their baby’s cries after naps or in the morning.

The thing with babies is that they are somewhat unpredictable. Ok, you know that they’re generally going to wake up crying after a long sleep or nap because they’re hungry. That makes sense. Sometimes they might stir through the night with heavy breathing but self-settle. That’s normal.

For the most part, baby’s breathing habits are pretty self-explanatory. This is why having a monitor to analyse how they’re breathing and what these breaths might mean is a bit redundant. Every different breath isn’t going to reveal a new pattern. This is just an endless rabbit hole of unpredictability. By all means, listen to your baby’s breath, but don’t think too deeply about each and every one.

14 Not Heating Up Food In The Microwave

Many people are opposed to microwaves because they emit certain chemicals and waves that have effects that aren’t 100% understood. There are so many conspiracy theories around that microwaves cause cancer and various other health issues. They may not be ideal to use every single day for each meal, but they definitely have their conveniences.

As baby grows and starts weaning onto solid food, microwaves become pretty handy. Of course, if you can give your baby a meal of mashed veggies straight after they’re cooked, a round of applause to you. This is the ideal scenario, but for many busy moms it isn’t always an option. Rather, frozen meals that can be defrosted and zapped in the microwave are super handy. Many moms use this as a method to feed their growing baby, and amazingly enough not many cases of babies growing an extra head because of food heated up in the microwave aren’t reported on each year.

13 Diagnosing Everything

As a new mom, raising a child is like navigating a minefield of potential issues. From autism to dyslexia and ADHD to learning difficulties, there are plenty of things to be wary of. This is why there are so many child psychologists and pathologists of varying sorts doing so well in business.

There is a great need for these professions when babies and toddlers genuinely aren’t meeting development milestones, both physical and intellectual. But the thing about milestones is that they are guidelines and indicators. Babies actually have their own specific timeline to reach these that they aren’t going to tell you about. Sure, some need a helping hand along the way, but others are just taking their time. Maybe that website says your baby should have done exactly these things by 6 months. But hey, maybe baby just wants 7 months. Don’t rush off to the professionals after 6 months and 1 day.

12 Sterilizing Baby's Life

Bacteria are both good and bad in a baby’s life. This is why they are literally categorised into ‘good’ and ‘bad’ bacteria. Generally, babies need both of these types of bacteria to build a healthy and resilient immune system.

An imbalance of bacteria, such as overexposure to bad bacteria, is going to be, well, bad. But with only good bacteria around, then you’re looking at keeping your kid in a bubble for the rest of his or her life.

One of the most common ways babies get exposure to germs is through their toys. These toys are a hot bed of bacteria of all sorts. From whatever is floating around the air to being rolled on the ground, toys collect bacteria through their life. And when baby picks up a toy and plays with it, he is getting some exposure to these bacteria in a safe and controlled manner. These toys don’t need to be cleaned after every single play. Sure, don’t let them grow another entity on the side, but they don’t have to be spotless each time your baby wants to play with them.

11 Putting A Poo Alarm In The Diaper

Passing a bowel movement is something that babies are going to do a lot. Whatever passes through them is going to reflect what they’re currently eating, hence this will change as solids are introduced to their diet. Babies poo, and that is part of life.

There are many indicators to tell you that your baby needs a diaper change. From a squishy feeling as you lift them up for a cuddle to an odour wafting across the room. Sometimes, it will just be your natural instinct to check the diaper or it might be your baby crying out and letting you know.

All these things are natural and instinctive reactions. And these reasons, amongst many others, are the reason you definitely don’t need to attach a poo alarm to your baby’s diaper. Having a beeper going off every time the baby poops is not something you want to introduce to your life. Stick to the old fashioned methods – technology isn’t needed here.

10 Sucking Snot From Baby’s Nose

Whether the weather is warm or cold, babies are going to get some snot in their nose every so often. This can be from hay fever or from crying or from just living life as babies do. Snot bubbles are pretty typical and are pretty easy to wipe away, no dramas.

When babies are first born, they might need some help from a midwife to clear some mucus and snot from their airways. This is done with a sucking machine and it helps your baby get their breathing reflexes under control in those first few hours of life. From then on, baby has a good grip on their snot, they just need your fine motor skills to wipe it away.

What they don’t need is you literally sucking the snot from them. There is a machine for this which involves attaching a suction to your baby’s nose and you sucking from your mouth. The snot gets caught in the middle so you don’t end up eating it (at least). But you know, it’s still gross and unnecessary any way you look at it.

9 Using A ‘BabyKeeper’ For Public Bathrooms

One thing that new moms need to learn to juggle is going to a public restroom with their baby. This can be a fine balancing act of figuring out where to park the pram or what to do with baby while nature calls. Of course, public toilets aren’t an ideal place for a baby and they can be considered a little unsafe.

There is a solution out there called the BabyKeeper. This is literally a hanging device so that you can hang your baby on the door of a public toilet stall. They can just hang around there while you do what you have to do.

Sure, baby is completely safe and secure hanging on the door there, but really? It’s probably more effort to get baby into the BabyKeeper, hang them securely, and finally get to your business than to just hold baby on your knee while you take a pee. They came out of that region after all, they’re not going to judge for whatever else it does.

8 Getting Novelty Temperature Monitors For The Bath

Bathing a newborn baby is quite an experience for new moms. There are plenty of safety concerns to keep in mind and be wary of. Of course, getting the bath temperature just right is high on this list. No baby is going to love a bath that is too hot or too cold.

The ideal temperature is around 28 degrees Celsius. It doesn’t have to be spot on, but around this temperature is just nice. A great way to test the water is by dipping your elbow in or swirling your hand around the water. You can tell what feels comfortable for baby because it’ll be comfortable for you, too.

Sure, you could use a novelty temperature monitor, like a floating duck that tells you the degrees. The flaw with these are that you can spend just a bit too long waiting for it to read exactly 28 degrees Celsius, when you could have figured out if the water is right on your own. And sure, the duck thermometer could be a toy for your baby to play with. Or you could just get a floating plastic duck toy and trust your natural instincts on the water temperature.

7 Fanning Baby’s Rear End

We’ve already touched on how dealing with baby’s bowel movements is now part of a new mom’s life. It is quickly going to become a well rounded routine on how to change, wipe, and clean baby’s bottom in a systematic order.

A safety concern with changing baby’s bum is a nappy rash. This isn’t a comfortable sensation for anyone, let alone a baby who can’t do anything about it. Nappy rash can occur from excess moisture in the diaper and irritation around the rear end. It can be easily avoided by wiping and drying thoroughly using a cloth or towel.

Ok, it could be avoided even more by fanning your baby’s bottom. Literally fanning it using a battery powered fan that is designed specifically for this and is actually on the market. Or you could save your money and time...and dignity as a new mom. The safety concern in relation to the necessity of a bum fan just isn’t equal.

6 Wearing Handkerchief Bracelet To Always Wipe Baby’s Nose

The issue of baby's shot has been discussed already and generally accepted by mom's as a thing that they're going to have to deal with. Whether at home or our and about, baby's are going to blow snot bubbles. They don't deliberately choose the most inconvenient moment to do this, but sometimes it comes across that way.

Being prepared for snot bubbles is important for your baby's health. Some tissues handy in your purse or pocket, or having a contingency plan of knowing where the nearest toilet is will come in handy. And sometimes, even just asking a total stranger if they've got a tissue will pay off more than you expect (anyone will do anything for a cute baby, snot bubble and all).

However, having a handkerchief 'bracelet' around your wrist is not charming, classy, or practical. Wiping snot from baby onto your wrist is gross, and probably more unhygienic than anything else. And no matter how much you try to say it's a bracelet, it's clearly a handkerchief.

5 Setting Up A Sunshade For Baby’s Carseat

While driving, baby safety is a major concern of new moms for many reasons. Ensuring the car seat is securely fastened and baby is tucked in nicely should be high on the list before turning the engine on. Other things, such as the climate, affect how you get baby in the car. A blanket in the cold and a sun hat in the warmth make sense.

However, investing in a full sunshade just for the car seat is a little over the top. Next step from there is a DIY air conditioner for the car. There are enough baby accessories to make this completely unnecessary and somewhat impractical to even attach.

A suction sticking window shield is just as safe and so much easier than affixing a sunshade over the car seat. Unless the temperature is really soaring, even that isn’t so necessary. And let’s be real, some vitamin D while driving isn’t going to harm baby at all.

4 Investing In Monitor That Analyses Crying

Similar to breathing, cries from babies indicate many things. Some cries can be because of hunger, others because of fatigue, others because of boredom or even craving reassurance. As a new mom, certain instincts are going to kick in and pick up on what baby wants from each cry.

While technology is great and can make parenting easier, having an app that analyses and ‘translates’ your baby’s cries is not going to make your life any more practical. A great as this sounds in theory, it’s going to drive you insane and won’t help you keep your baby any safer.

This app will become all consuming and something you want to rely on, as smart phones so often do in our lives. When your baby starts crying, it is a cue to listen to what your mom instincts are telling you. This is a natural analysis that technology simply can’t replicate.

3 Using A Medicine Dispensary Cup

A safety measure that many parents take for the sake of their baby is what essentially ends up becoming ‘sugar coating’. No one is ever too young to learn that in life, there are simply things that we need to do whether we like it or not. Taking medicine is one of these things.

The easiest way to take medicine in liquid form is just to gulp it down, follow it up with a glass of water, and be done with it. Putting medicine in a cute sippy cup for a toddler isn’t going to make it taste any better. This is just a sugar coated disguise and medicine shouldn’t be passed off as a yummy drink.

Steer away from investing in a medicine dispensary cup and teach your kids young to swallow down the gross stuff that is going to make them feel better quick enough. This life lesson will keep them safer in the long run!

2 Using Inflatable Neck Ring For Swimming

As adorable as a baby swimming with a floaty around their neck is, and as safe as this is promoted, has anyone stopped to think about comfort in this scenario? Also, there is nothing natural at all about having an inflatable ring for swimming.

In fact, this area needs the least amount of support in the water because it is one of the first gross motor reflexes to kick in. The neck needs to learn to support itself in the water, it is the arm strength we should be focusing on (hence those good old fashioned inflatable arm ring floaties).

Neck ring floatation devices aren’t going to do any harm to babies and if your pool or spa offers one, it’s surely fine for use every so often. But in the long run, teach your baby to strengthen their neck naturally in the water and get them splashing their arms about. Neck rings make for uncomfortable laziness in the end.

1 Setting Toddler Up With Tracker

So once baby becomes a toddler and starts moving around on his own accord, a whole new safety ball game is about to be played. Toddlers move and they move fast. They move without warning and they move without making sense. They are unpredictable, yes, but they are also exploring their surroundings. And this is ok.

A toddler tracker is next level safety paranoia, especially if you are out at a shopping centre or a park. The great thing about the human design is that we have eyes. These eyes are used as a natural tracker. They don’t rely on something beeping or following a dot on a screen. In fact, these things distract the eyes from doing their original job.

Use your eyes as a toddler tracker, rather than clipping something onto your kid. They’re not a recused dolphin being released into the wild, they’re just playing in the playground with some friends.

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