Whether Or Not He'll Be A Good Dad Based On His Zodiac

When in doubt look to the stars. Or at least that's what some humans have been doing for the past 4,000 years. Astrology dates back to about the 2nd millennium BC, with everyone from the Babylonians to the ancient Greeks and even the Egyptians taking meaning from the sky.

It's true there is something cosmic about having similar personality traits to someone else because of the time and date of their birth. But one thing's for sure, whether or not most parents in the 21st century believe in astrology, most still wonder about the sort of relationship they might have with their kids.

And because dads get a bit of a late start to the whole parenting thing (since moms have that tiny 9-month head start) reading up on what kind of personality traits might make a good father may not be such a bad idea. Are you curious about what sort of father-child dynamic will there be in your house?

Here's a peek into the astrological future. We broke down the key elements of a great dad, compiled character traits based on his zodiac sign, and looked at the best and worst child-father zodiac combinations, added them up and created this list. Read on Astro lover.

15 Aries - The Quarterback Of The Zodiac

Robert Downey Jr. born April 4

By definition, Aries are leaders who lack patience and are very driven people. They're also the sign of war, so look out. Mom can expect some pretty explosive fights between an Aries dad and their child. This could make for some less than awesome teenage years.

But not to worry, Aries has some really awesome qualities too. To be a great Aries dad, the secret is not to impose their vision of how their kids should be and accept them for who they are.

On the other hand, as leaders, Aries is the natural born ‘quarterback’ of the zodiac and they often make for an amazing head of household. They can also be a great role model for their children because of their natural leadership skills.

Because an Aries is quick to anger, and is not always the most patient, they have to take special care to rein in frustration when they can't meet their child's needs. Overall the passion that Aries has for their kids will make them a great father figure, they just have to be careful not to be too overbearing with their ram-like nature.

After all, one can only get so far by butting heads.

14 Taurus - A Pillar Of Strength

David Beckham, born May 2

Taurus probably gets the father of the year award, every year. Taurus is a very affectionate, very reliable parent, who will do anything for their kids. They are known for their stability and patience. They love family time and enjoy creating as much security and happiness in the home as possible.

This is not to say a Taurus dad is without his faults. Like their zodiac symbol, Taurus is the bull; they're stubborn and prone to fights, which could lead to some disagreements within the home.

And though they may argue frequently, their kids will always know how faithful a Taurus parent is to them.

For many children and young adults, a Taurus parent is the perfect pillar of strength. In fact, due to their deliberating, grounded nature, their kids may always think of them when they think of "home." Taurus is also a fiercely loyal parent and may wind up having a child who views them as their best friend.

But be careful: Taurus fathers should avoid spending too much time and money indulging their child's every wish—they must be careful not to spoil their child, which is possible to do when looking to create the ideal environment for comfort and security.

13 Gemini - Twofold Energy Dad

Johnny Depp, born June 9

Gemini fathers will be almost as much of a handful as their child. As a father, this impulsive twin can be a bit hard to read. One moment they are calm and compassionate, playing on the floor, and the next they are running out to the garage to begin a project that takes them away for hours. It is important that they utilize both energies by always using their creativity as an opportunity to teach their child.

Geminis are fun, verbose, and curious individuals who love to learn. They are social butterflies who may encourage their children to spend time with their close relatives and schoolmates to learn and grow.

When the children of a Gemini dad ask the tough questions, they answer with logic. They want to teach their kids all that you know and be a great listener to boot. But because a Gemini is so taken with instructing their child, they have to be aware of how they communicate.

One pitfall may be that Gemini parents could tend to talk at the child and not to the child.

As intellectuals, a Gemini's home will probably be spent engrossed in discussion, but because they are known to switch moods rather unexpectedly, just remember that emotional mood swings can be difficult for children to cope with.

12 Cancer - The Most Nurturing

Josh Hartnett July 21

Make sure to have a box of tissues on hand for this Cancer dad. Ruled by emotion, this cancer father would most likely cry at the sight of their child in pain. They are incredibly nurturing and are known to be the most soothing and caring sign of the zodiac.

There is nothing more important to a Cancer than family and home life, and they will take every measure to create a warm, loving, and supportive atmosphere. A Cancer parent may love to plan and prepare elaborate family meals as a way of sharing quality time with their children.

As water signs, Cancers are natural empaths, they feel their children's emotions much more deeply than the average parent. Don’t be surprised if all of these deep connections at times result in anxiety and worry, perhaps more so than most parents.

The only drawback is that a Cancer's natural ability to soothe and worry and spend time may suffocate their children. One should avoid becoming overly involved in their children's relationships and lives. Be wary that a Cancer's children aren't drowning in attention. Often, a Cancer parent will smother a child with their love, which could lead the child to rebel.

11 Leo - Endless Hours Of Fun

Barack Obama, born August 4

The fun-loving Leo dad surely loves to play but does not lack discipline. Leos can be childlike.

Being a parent and sharing time with their child is a means for the Leo to maintain his youth. Children can play for hours without stopping, and the Leo dad will be right there with them.

And just like the lion from which their namesake derives, Leos are fiercely loyal. However, also like the Lion, Leos like can sometimes be a little too aggressive and egotistical. It may be difficult for some Leo dads to separate their own need for gratification from the satisfaction they get from their kid's accomplishments. At times, a Leo dad may find himself in steep competition with his kids, like an alpha male looking to reassert his territory.

As the second fire sign in the zodiac, Leo's have a firey stubbornness to their nature. And that stubbornness, even though it can make them inflexible, also helps encourage them to discipline their kids. Leos will never have a problem saying, "No," even as fun as they may be, Leo's children will not have the issue of mistaking their father for their friend during their relationship.

10 Virgo - The Hard-Working Perfect Dad

Keanu Reeves, born Sept 2

Virgos are the pillar of perfection. They require order and demand discipline. Most of their children's home activities will be spent organizing or doing chores and one can count on this Virgo dad to instill great responsibility in their children.

Children of a Virgo will learn order and the value of hard work. Virgo dads tend to be curious, selfless parents, who respect their children's opinions. Ultimately the Virgo dad is out to be the "perfect parent."

But it's important for them to remember that kids mess up and they need to fail at some things in order to get really good at other things every once in a while. That may be the hardest reality for the Virgo.

The Virgo parent may want to micromanage the daily habits of the child. And even though children need a routine and structure, Virgo parents can be a bit much in surveying the daily activities of their kids. At their worst, Virgos are picky and critical.

Be mindful that if the Virgo dad isn't careful the kids could wind up leaving things out of place just to push Dad's buttons. It is important to just remember to let kids be kids, with all their flaws and mistakes. But at the end of the day, we know Virgos are only overly attentive because they care so dearly about their children and would do anything for them.

9 Libra - Always There To Listen

birthday Sept 25

Because the Libra is the best sign at managing relationships, they will be pretty awesome dads. The Libra father is well-balanced as he makes decisions based on fairness and just reasoning. This comes across even more in the home when resolving disputes among his children.

A Libra often prefers to use kind words to talk to the child rather than resort to anger or authority. Libras are also natural listeners, and it’s hard to think of a more important trait in a parent.

Libras are also highly intellectual; their home will be filled with games and witty banter. As a result, they also seek out the best education they can for their children. And because of their cool, balanced nature, their kids will love confiding everything in their Libra Dad.

It's highly unlikely you will have any secrets at home. Careful, though — that same desire to keep things balanced can also lead to indecision, which is not the best trait when hoping to plan a family vacation or decide on what gifts to get the kids for Christmas. Speaking of gifts, Libra fathers can also be sort of a pushover–they can be a bit too lax from time to time and let a child take advantage of them.

8 Scorpio - The Best Secret Keeper

Ryan Gosling, born Nov 12

In a word, Scorpio men can be intense. This dad is known to love fiercely and rule with tough love. Their curiosity will make them want to know every little minute detail there is possible to know about their children, which can be good, it can also be a bit overwhelming, though.

This curiosity typically transcends into involvement, which is also good as dads need be involved in their children's lives.

But again, there is a thin line between a Scorpio dads involvement and a pestering will to have control over their children's lives. Sometimes, his children might find his involvement stressful and feel obliged to work too hard in school to satisfy his high expectations.

Scorpio dads want their children to be the best, even though they are a bit tyrannical at times. Their serious overly stern nature will teach their children about strength and self-appreciation. Scorpios can also be highly secretive, which means their kids may actually trust him with some of their deepest issues – something very rare and special in a parent/child relationship.

In the same breath, Scorpios are also the kind of parent who probably wouldn’t hesitate to look through his kid's personal journal to find out what's up. But because Scorpios are water signs, they are also very intuitive, which allows them to sense their children’s moods. It all adds up to his kids feeling extremely loved and extremely cared for.

7 Sagittarius - Ruled By Spontaneity

Brad Pitt, born Dec 18

Sagittariuses are known for having a good time. Once they become fathers, that personality trait remains the same.

Their adventuresome spirit will translate directly into a bright, happy, cheerful father figure. They love to travel and experience new things and they will pass that sense of wanderlust and zest for life onto their child. 

They will encourage their offspring to explore their own desires. And for many Sagittariuses learning outside of the box is just as important as any standard curriculum.

But that fun-loving rainbow spirit can also have a downside, Sagittarius dads can also be exceptionally flighty. And with too much routine this sign can start to become restless and agitated.

This means picking up and moving at the drop of a hat, spontaneous family vacations, and taking a new job in a different country or state are all possibilities for this dad.

Unfortunately, it is likely that their behavior will poorly affect their children. Since traditional stability is not really their thing, children of a Sagittarius may often feel they have no permanent grounding. This is where dad needs to be careful since it is important that children do not disrespect formal education or begin to crave a more traditional parent-child relationship.

6 Capricorn - The Strict But Loving Parent

John Legend, born Dec 28

Capricorn fathers love teaching their children how to do things. As a teaching father, Capricorns are determined to plan and sign their children up for numerous activities. Capricorns appreciate trustworthiness and will encourage their children to be the same.

They are loving and sincere parents but can have a strict approach to parenting. They crave success and achievement and want their children to strive for excellence. As a result, they offer a highly structured lifestyle in the home. 

As an Earth sign, Capricorns are not one to get caught up in daydreaming and fantasy, making them extremely practical parents with a strong focus on family finances. Capricorn dads are traditionally very reliable and punctual, meaning they won't be the ones to show up late for their kid's recital. They'll also love giving their kids anything educational -- books, movies, instructive toys. Like any parent, they will want the best for their children, but parenting is serious business and they view it as such.

But there are a few things that can affect Capricorns much more deeply than other zodiac signs, with financial strain and chaos being some of those things. And although it may seem great to always be on schedule, there is a downside to such regulated parenting.

A child who is not ready or strong enough to meet their Capricorn parent's expectations could crack under the pressure, and that may result in a child developing self-destructive habits such as an addiction. Capricorn dads just need to remember not to be too serious.

5 Aquarius - Better With Age

Ashton Kutcher, born Feb 7

Oh Aquarians, the most individual of all the signs of the zodiac. Aquarius fathers are highly individualistic. They often tend to be better fathers to older children since they strive for independence and want their child to illustrate that kind of independent behavior.

They willfully teach their children the importance of following their own path, regardless of what anyone thinks since they, themselves, do not usually care about public perception.

Aquarius is also humanitarians by nature, with a strong focus on helping others, and a major value on communication, those traits help root the children of an Aquarian in the community. They will be known as the day who tells their children crazy stories about their past and rule family outings and field trips with tales of camping in the rain at music festivals and doing volunteer work overseas.

But Aquarians are far from the perfect parent even though they may love to communicate, they can often be insensitive to what other people are feeling. The Aquarius sometimes lacks empathy, which can be damaging to a parent-child relationship. Their individualism also makes it truly difficult for them to find common ground with others—even their own child.

For Aquarius, the prime of their parenting life comes much later, when the child grows up and is able to express themselves on a more adult level. At this stage, the Aquarian father will re-engage with their offspring since it is important to the Aquarian parent that the child use their logic, brilliance, and mental capacity to make their mark on the world.

4 Pisces - The Magical World Creator


When you think about a Pisces dad, artistic, emotional, compassionate and generous are just some of the words that may come to mind. The Pisces dad is a true empath as he is naturally attuned to their child's feelings. As a water sign, their love flows freely and their kids will never doubt that they are loved.

As an artistic dad, Pisces will encourage their kid's playroom to look like a magical land, from paint-covered walls and pieces of Play-Doh to musical instruments and colorful flooring. And even more important than creativity, the Pisces parent values kindness.

Pisces can also be serious, especially when it comes to protecting their children. They are also very devoted fathers who dote about their children. They are unrelenting and would do anything to ensure their children's safety and happiness.

The only thing that hurts them as a father is their ability to be a bit overemotional, on the drop of a hat Pisces dads can become sullen and overreact to everyday difficulties, this may lead to difficulties with their children learning how to cope with their own personal problems.

Pisces also have an inability to focus on one thing for a long period of time, which could cause problems for their kids developing the ability to focus on the future. Pisces is also lenient. But leniency isn't all good, though: Pisces parents need to make sure they're not being too easygoing. Regardless, children of Pisces dads will undoubtedly remember a childhood full of light and love, beauty and art than they could ever imagine.

3 Best Dad For Multiples

Whether you're expecting twins, triplets, octuplets, or just want a ton of children, a Libra dad is the best Zodiac match to take on the challenge. These dads have a deep-seated desire to keep things fair and just. Their ability to balance between extremes is exactly why they make such great fathers for multiple children. They are the complete opposite of the egotistical Leo, and it's the Libra fair-mindedness that keeps things in the house moving forward.

The Libra man’s charismatic, social and just nature transfers over to their style of parenting. As a father, the Libra male is always waiting for the day when he can become a friend to his children rather than just a father. He longs for that close friendship with his children and everyone else around him.

Libra fathers also possess great patience which allows him to treat all of his children with the utmost kindness and justice even in the most unpleasant scenarios. Rarely does he ever berate or punish his children before giving them many chances to rectify the situation and change their ways.

Libra fathers do have a really tough time expressing any sort of disappointment or anger towards his children, though. This may cause his children to take his discipline lightly.

2 Best Dad & Child Combination

Pharrell Williams, born April 5

The Aries father is probably the best father to have around, for they take their duties of fatherhood very seriously, and are prepared to sacrifice everything for their children. He wants his child to be the best in school and college, and be a high achiever in life all through.

They want their children to be hardy and love the outdoors from an early age, often taking them out for educational trips. An Arian father also loves to make a grand fuss over his daughter and indulges her from an early stage. They sometimes do get very angry over their children, but quickly calm down with a smile. They want their offspring to be fiercely competitive, and cannot accept failure at any stage.

Pisces children are daydreamers. They are very sensitive towards the feelings of others. Also, these kids are influenced a lot by what's happening around them. They also have an uncanny way of seeing things that others fail to notice. Pisces kids are little champions of art and could do well if they choose to write poetry or get involved in arts and crafts and other related creative stuff. However, as a lot of things occupy the minds of these little champs, their rooms are often in a mess, as they have no time to organize their own place.

1 Worst Dad & Child Zodiac Combination

Antonio Banderas, born Aug 10

Leo fathers are kind and good-natured provided they get the respect from their loved ones. Like lions, they are very protective of their kids and love to shield them from all the negatives of the outside world. They love giving company to their kids by taking up the role of their playmates. Their kids always remember Leo fathers affectionately once they grow up.

However, a sad truth is that Leos rarely raise large families. Many of them even remain childless. It's too bad as these people are wonderful fathers.

A Capricorn child is told to be born wise, and often thinks in a mature fashion, much ahead of his age. They are very practical as symbolized by their earth sign. They are also methodical and are usually likely to excel in class both in school as well as in college. Adults respect this well-behaved and hard-working child, and they are often a source of pride for their mothers.

They are usually loners and are unlikely to make friends. Capricorn children take a long time to open up and are very selective about their friends. But they would be extremely loyal to the few friends that they have. When in a group, Capricorn children make natural leaders and take up the rein quickly.

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