15Aries - The Quarterback Of The Zodiac

Robert Downey Jr. born April 4

On the other hand, as leaders, Aries is the natural born ‘quarterback’ of the zodiac and they often make for an amazing head of household. They can also be a great role model for their children because of their natural leadership skills.

By definition, Aries are leaders who lack patience and are very driven people. They're also the sign of war, so look out. Mom can expect some pretty explosive fights between an Aries dad and their child. This could make for some less than awesome teenage years.

But not to worry, Aries

has some really awesome qualities too. To be a great Aries dad, the secret is not to impose their vision of how their kids should be and accept them for who they are.

Because an Aries is quick to anger, and is not always the most patient, they have to take special care to rein in frustration when they can't meet their child's needs. Overall the passion that Aries has for their kids will make them a great father figure, they just have to be careful not to be too overbearing with their ram-like nature.

After all, one can only get so far by butting heads.

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