How He Will Respond To Being A Dad Based On His Zodiac Sign

How interesting that we are all so similar that most of us would identify with some elements of any horoscope, for any astrological sign. An experiment in my first university psychology course proved as much.

Although I do promise to have a great deal of fun with pondering how the different “signs” might react to being parents – and I think readers out there might be able to have a pretty awesome time thinking and dreaming about it all, too -- my experience with astrology is quite limited.

My girlfriends and I would check out that back section of our teen fashion mags, sometimes reading aloud to each other what emotions, upsets, successes, and (emphasis on this next one) romances the next month might supposedly bring. It was fun! And although I know astrology is important on a deeper level to some people out there, I think perhaps it’s best confined to that category: entertainment.

People must be guided by their own thoughts and desires, not by any blurb.

Still, anything that makes you carefully ponder your actions, relationships, and emotions might not be all bad, right? This is just my opinion, but when we take time to reflect on the events of our lives – particularly how we have the power to influence and control them – it can mean big things like growth, progress, and even increased happiness and contentment.

Thinking about what type of parents our partners might become is a fun and maybe even smart thing to do, and approaching this through the various astrological signs is sort of a nifty way to do it, so here are some interpretations of how he might respond to being a dad based on his zodiac sign.

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24 It’s A Girl For Aries (March 21 – April 19)

What really stands out to me about the personality traits commonly assigned to Aries is one very important word, especially, perhaps, for parents to little girls: confidence.

An Aries is described as energetic and optimistic, so a dad under this sign might even be good at staying happy and positive, even when the nights are long and rather sleepless or the toddler tantrums make things tough.

If a dad’s job is to help make sure his daughter has the confidence and go-getter attitude to do whatever it is she wants to do in this life, an Aries dad might just be a great one for the job.

On the other hand, and Aries is said to be sometimes short-tempered or even aggressive – having a short temper with kids can lead a family down a very bad road. Here’s hoping that a dad may be less likely to be too hard on a daughter than a son (though let’s try not to subscribe to too many stereotypes and generalizations).

23 It’s A Boy For Aries (March 21 – April 19)


Hey, sports fans, things that are physically challenging (and more in the solo rather than team-sport vein, such as running, cycling, or snowboarding) may be a lot of fun for an Aries.

For better or worse, dads, moms, nannies, and caretakers of all types may be more likely to encourage boys to engage in play that is physical. It’s that tired old cliché that means boys are nudged (subtly or not so subtly) toward things like baseball and physics while girls are nudged to value taking care of others and the arts.

The point of all of this is to say that an Aries dad may like the challenge of getting his little boy to flourish as an athlete, as well. But the emphasis may always be on challenging the self, rather than, say, working together and bonding as a team.

Aries are leaders, so Dad may provide a strong role model – and hopefully not be too overbearing.

22 It’s A Girl For Taurus (April 19 – May 20)


The sign associated with the bull is also commonly connected to things such as cooking, music, and all things romantic.

And yes, in the society we live in – and have for a long, long time – these endeavors have quite often been considered wonderful and appropriate things for girls to spend time doing and dreaming of. We know now (and have for years) that gender is a broad and beautiful spectrum, and that girls and boys and transgender individuals and more might wish to do any number of things with their lives, too.

Still, it might be a nice thought for future mothers out there to consider that Taurus dad might enjoy and maybe even pass along to his daughter a love of such sensitive pursuits.

A stubborn and possessive Taurus might be seen to be overprotective of his little girl (and that’s sometimes not a bad thing).

A Taurus is also said to favor working with his hands – hey, perfect for things like tickle fights, building sand castles, and changing diapers!

21 It’s A Boy For Taurus (April 19 – May 20)


A Taurus is not a fan of insecurity, so there may be some discord if he senses it in any way, shape, or form. Hopefully he’s not too hard on his own little boy, who needs to know that it’s okay to doubt yourself, it’s okay to fail, and life will always (always) go on.

But it is good to be confident, and a Taurus may also be quite patient, practical, and responsible.

He might be that rock that junior can always turn to. A Taurus will be a stable source of providing through thick and thin.

They don’t like sudden changes, and they’re in this for the long run.

Therefore the unpredictable quality of parenthood and children may throw them for a loop every now and then.

But hopefully, this devoted and reliable dad will be a source of strength always for his son.

20 It’s A Girl For Gemini (May 20 – June 20)


A Gemini father may be social, communicative, and fun – what a lovely thought to imagine this personality raising a little girl!

From short trips around town, chatting with those he meets, to curiously exploring his surroundings, this papa may be in touch enough with his own “inner child” to really enjoy parenting a little girl. (I know that’s part of why I really enjoy raising little girls myself, but no, this is not my own astrological sign – there’s a lesson for ya.)

Unfortunately, the nervousness and inconsistency of some Geminis may present problems throughout the entirety of their parenting journey. During times when little girls need strong leaders, strong discipline, and confidence, Gemini parents may have only companionship and adaptability to offer and encourage in others. (As a bonus, adaptability may just be one of the most important things to possess as a parent.)

19 It’s A Boy For Gemini (May 20 – June 20)


Whether welcoming a little boy or a little girl, a Gemini father might be expected to adapt, roll with the huge life change of becoming a parent, and marvel at every little milestone along the way.

Being a bit indecisive may present some challenges, though, both for the father himself and for the children and therefore the whole family.

They’re said to thrive in activities such as team sports and driving, so if it’s your thing to make sure your own sons are into these types of things, too, you may just have a good role model in dear old Gemini dad.

When they’re not out racing around the track or making friends with everyone on the team, though, Geminis may have sort of a nervous energy about them. Boys may pick up on this and determine it to be weakness, or test it by acting out with negative behaviors.

18 It’s A Girl For Cancer (June 20 – July 22)


Ah, yes, the Cancer personality traits. A Cancer may be imaginative, emotional, and persuasive – sound like any little girls you know?

Imagine, for a moment, yourself, the benefits these traits may bestow as a father encouraged and raised his own daughter. Now that could be something really sweet!

Hopefully, though, a Cancer dad can put his own emotions on hold when dealing with the rather extreme ones of his own child, particularly during periods such as toddlerhood and the teenage years.

They may care very intensely about things like their family and their home, and this may make them loving and welcoming fathers, indeed.

Caring so much can be, as we all know, both good and bad, funnily enough.

Hopefully, a Cancer’s moody and even manipulative qualities won’t get in the way of the artistic, brave, and committed approach he may take to all things in life, particularly raising his little girl.

17 It’s A Boy For Cancer (June 20 – July 22)


Due to a Cancer’s intuitive and sentimental qualities, he may really cherish reliving his own childhood throughout the process of raising a little boy.

Cancers like helping, and their sons will surely love them for it. When a little boy feels loved and valued because his father spends time with him and helps with all things, he’s probably more likely to grow up to be someone who can do the same for others – and understand the importance of helping others.

At times insecure and suspicious, a Cancer dad may need reassurance that he’s actually on the right course when it comes to his parenting.

The good news is that Cancers are said to be good at empathizing with others, so while they may not freely share about their own inner life, they may be better at understanding the ups and downs that junior will inevitably go through than you might think.

16 It’s A Girl For Leo (July 22 – August 22)


The generous and warm-hearted lion that is the Leo dad may be quite a comfort to a daughter growing up in a weird, wild, and at times uncertain world.

The problem, of course, may be qualities of arrogance, inflexibility, and even laziness.

(The place I immediately go with this in my mind is that a mother may hope that her daughter won’t seek out a mate with similar qualities later in life, in order to replicate what she values in her own father. It’s just that moms can tend to want only hard-working men for to be paired with their own offspring.)

In any case, the good news is that arrogance can sometimes breed (or even be mistaken for confidence) – and girls surely need a confident role model in their lives.

Leos like being admired, so watch out for (or get ready for the fun of) having a daddy’s girl.

15 It’s A Boy For Leo (July 22 – August 22)


Will this lion of a father feel threatened that he, the king of the jungle, will be dethroned by a son?

Eh, maybe not. He’ll be too busy living it up with great joy and great humor as he watches a young version of himself navigate this world.

A Leo likes things like bright colors and fun, so those early years might just be his time to really shine as he encourages junior in playful (and therefore educational) activities. It may even make it easier for him to bond with his young child.

In the end, though, it will all be about him – it’s just that Leos can be sort of self-centered.

Hopefully, he’ll be able to care enough and put in the work that parenting requires.

But at least he’ll love being the leader and being greatly admired by his son.

14 It’s A Girl For Virgo (August 22 – September 22)


This kind and hardworking father may have just the right traits to raise a sweet little girl.

The thing is, he may have some issues with shyness and being a bit of a worrier – no matter who you are, these things can be a struggle, particularly the worrying part and particularly when you’re a man raising a little girl.

But who knows? Maybe his little social butterfly will encourage him, too, to come out of his shell. Having a beautiful little girl is definitely a conversation starter, whether you’re at the park, the grocery store, or the office.

Yep, having a little girl may be good for dear old dad himself! What a great way to learn and grow.

Virgos like healthy food and cleanliness. For raising a sweet and healthy little princess, these traits certainly can’t be bad.

They don’t particularly like asking for help, so moms may want to make sure they’re not becoming silently overwhelmed by this whole “dad” thing.

13 It’s A Boy For Virgo (August 22 – September 22)


Virgos may tend to do something that we all do at times. They can be overly critical of both themselves and of others – so this may be a pitfall, particularly for Virgo fathers of little boys.

They dislike rudeness and taking center stage, so if your rambunctious little boy gets on his nerves a little too easily, extra patience on your part may be required.

Virgos are sometimes said to have strong characters (which may of course lead to either being an excellent role model for a son or being a bit too much to compete with as the other male in the household).

They tend, though, to like it when things are organized, when things are practical, so becoming a dad to an energetic and somewhat unpredictable little guy may be tough at times.

Being forced to adjust to the chaos of family life may even be good for them!

12 It’s A Girl For Libra (September 22 – October 23)


What’s great about a Libra dad is how social he can be. This may make him the life of the party at the park and even help a little girl to learn by example how to love being with people and be good at making friends.

His gentle qualities and love of sharing with others certainly sound nice when you think of how this might translate to his skills in parenting a young and quickly growing daughter.

I can picture a Libra father outside enjoying a hike with his daughter, having careful conversations with her about life. Awwww.

So there is this peacefulness, and there is harmony, but hopefully a Libra can still somehow teach his daughter to deal with situations that aren’t all sunshine and roses, and to deal with confrontations (which they are NOT a fan of) successfully.

11 It’s A Boy For Libra (September 22 – October 23)


They are said to have strong intellects, and to enjoy beautiful places and things, including art. Libras are also said to appreciate gentleness and harmony.

So if your idea of what it means to be a “he” includes being loud and rambunctious, this father might not quite get in on the game.

Although they may not exactly favor such behavior, who knows? Perhaps they might be able to provide a lovely sort of counterbalance to it.

When the little tot is loud or aggressive, maybe Dad can take him to a calm, happy place, share a nice storybook with him, or help him see a way to work together to fix a problem or get things back in balance again.

Libras are said to hold onto grudges, so hopefully Libra dads can let go of the little things and enjoy the journey of parenthood. They value peace and partnership, so might be seen as being good at working together with mom toward the common goal of raising a little one.

10 It’s A Girl For Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)


With a strong personality in many ways, a Scorpio man just might make the kind of dad that many women have idealized throughout history. One of the common adjectives associated with this sign is something women value for anthropological reasons and probably always will: “resourceful.”

He makes use of the tools and resources he has in a smart way to achieve the best possible outcome. No matter where you’re at it in life, this can be helpful, especially when there is another person about to join your family.

Being brave and a true friend might make this father a valiant and admirable protector of his little girl – and of her mom.

On the other hand, Scorpios are said to tend toward being secretive and jealous. Hopefully he can open up and bond with his daughter in his own ways, and be happy with everything that he has.

9 It’s A Boy For Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)


Scorpios are said to enjoy things such as longtime friends and teasing. To me, this brings to mind the idea of being one of the gang, one of the boys.

Maybe a Scorpio dad will be able to use these tendencies to pass on to his own son the joys of being truly part of a group, enough so that you can playfully mock each other.

With a brave and passionate role model (as Scorpios have been described), a boy might grow up into quite the idealized notion of what it means to be a man.

In a similarly overly simplified and stereotypical vein, though, Scorpios don’t like to have secrets revealed – they like it when everything’s calm and cool, just like they are.

What’s great is that Scorpios are good at adapting to different human behaviors, so they might be able to pass on this adaptability to their own son, or to adapt as needed in the fact of the challenges of parenthood.

A strong and dedicated leader, a Scorpio dad just might be a perfect masculine role model.

8 It’s A Girl For Sagittarius (November 21 – December 21)


With a dad who is outgoing and enthusiastic, any girl might benefit and maybe even inherit a sense of adventure herself.

If Dad is a Sagittarius, he might be described as generous, so his little girl could even become his little princess. Or maybe he’ll teach her that generosity of spirit, so that she’ll learn to share what she has with others and that it’s not all about what she receives herself.

Unfortunately, the Sagittarius father may promise to deliver more than he actually can. So don’t get your hopes up too high about have a little princess who wants for nothing.

Dad may also be somewhat impatient – and little girls (and boys!) certainly need lots of patience.

Girls are sometimes said to mature a bit faster, though, so maybe Dad’s patience won’t be worn too thin.

7 It’s A Boy For Sagittarius (November 21 – December 21)


You know that old cliché about how men just want to be free and they’re hard to tie down? Well apparently this idea is associated strongly with being a Sagittarius – so if you’ve got a little boy on your hands, they may learn this masculine ideal even more strongly from their fathers.

And then, really, is it a bad thing to value freedom?

Perhaps these two, father and son, will have grand adventures together, learning about other cultures and the world.

Also, with a dad who is honest and will say anything that comes to his mind, a little boy might develop a sort of realistic world view, perhaps helping him to better navigate life (or he, too, might pick up the habit of saying everything that’s on his mind all the time, which of course can be either beneficial or detrimental depending on the social situation).

6 It’s A Girl For Capricorn (December 21 – January 19)


A down-to-earth dad such as a Capricorn might be just what a young lady needs to get her started in life.

A Capricorn dad may be especially responsible and have great self-control, and also be good at managing people. Children often benefit from having structure, so a Capricorn papa might really be able to provide that for his little girl. Structure and order create security and happiness for children, who can then go on to do, well, whatever it is they want to do! She might have a very bright future ahead!

And if dad is so good about controlling himself, there may then be ample resources to provide abundantly for a doted upon daughter – within reason.

Lovers of family and tradition, Capricorns may also pass those values onto their little girls, and (for better or worse), it’s often seen as desirable for females to be maternal and value these things, too.

Just watch out for Capricorns to be know-it-alls or condescending – a daughter needs to know that not even fathers know everything and that we all have unique strengths and the ability to grow and learn.

5 It’s A Boy For Capricorn (December 21 – January 19)


Capricorns can be serious and overly focused on the past – and it also may be difficult for them to accept personalities very different from their own. Hopefully, these limitations can be overcome so that no matter the tendencies of his son, Dad can be supportive and loving in his own way (Capricorns can sometimes come across as cold and unforgiving, as well).

The struggle may be for a Capricorn parent to allow the lightness and joy of life to come in. Practical and serious, they may be able to provide beneficial order and a great strategic plan but lack a bit in the whole having-fun department.

The good news is that children have a way of reminding even the most serious adults that life isn’t just about advancement and success and seriousness – a father may truly treasure his son for reminding him of this important lesson. And a son may truly benefit from a masterful and disciplined father.

4 It’s A Girl For Aquarius (January 19 – February 18)


With a fun and helpful father who’s a good listener, a daughter to an Aquarius might really be going somewhere great.

What might fascinate many moms is that the Aquarius sign is known for being a progressive thinker – and imagine the beautiful possibilities for a daughter raised by an intellectual and progressive dad!

He might like helping others and fighting for causes. He might enjoy having smart conversations (which might make for one smart-sounding daughter, as well).

However, an Aquarius may also fail to be the most emotionally expressive person. Hopefully he can still find ways to truly connect with his daughter.

Also, they like it when other people agree with them, so watch out for discord if his daughter develops a strong mind of her own – but hey, not all conflict is necessarily bad… It can help us to become better thinkers, more compassionate, and to grow!

3 It’s A Boy For Aquarius (January 19 – February 18)


It’s said that an Aquarius may tend to be a bit temperamental, and fathers are often valued for their consistency – being strong and dependable rocks which the whole family (including sons) can rely on through thick and thin.

Though this as well as the potential for seeming somewhat aloof may be seen as setback, a son might benefit from certain Aquarius traits in his dear old dad, such as being quite independent and original.

Also, although it might be hard to get an Aquarius to open up and express what he’s feeling, he also might really dislike feeling lonely, and he therefore may really treasure the company of having another male in the household with which to spend quality time.

They are said to need their alone time (don’t we all…), so as long as his little monkey boy isn’t crawling all over him and being demanding all the time, an Aquarius dad may just be able to help his son see that the world is full of possibilities and that any problem can be solved.

2 It’s A Girl For Pisces (February 18 – March 20)


Well, a Pisces is said to be intuitive and gentle, and isn’t that nice, to think of a gentle soul bringing up a beautiful young daughter…

But daughters also sometimes need strong leaders grounded in reality, and unfortunately, these traits are not exactly associated with the Pisces astrological sign. They may even be fearful or sad, or have the desire to escape reality.

But you know what? A beautiful little girl may just help a dad to see just how magical and sweet real life is, right here, right now.

Pisces are said to value their alone time, and that can be hard with little kids of any gender around.

However, Pisces are also said to be quite selfless and helpful, so when his daughter needs him, hopefully he’ll be able to overcome any personal obstacles and be the father that she needs.

1 It’s A Boy For Pisces (February 18 – March 20)


If it’s a brave leader that you idealize for a dad to a son, the traditionally defined Pisces may not exactly be what you’ve had in mind.

Maybe, though, it’s time to start valuing other traits as part of fatherhood, traits that Pisces are said to have, such as being gentle, wise, and compassionate.

If a father passed on these values to his son, think what a delightful man that son could grow up to be!

If a boy ever feels like he’s being bullied, or like it’s him against the world, he’ll be able to turn to his father for someone who understands, who is ready to help, and who is unwaveringly caring.

Plus, no matter the sign or personality of his son, a Pisces may be prone to being understanding and tolerant – Pisces are sometimes said to be the least judgmental and most tolerant of any zodiac sign.

And he might even impart his wisdom or share a love of music!

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