How You Hold Your Baby Is A Reflection Of Your Personality

Whether you cradle your baby on the right or the left could be down to the interpersonal relationships you built up as a child.

Have you ever given much thought to the way in which you hold your baby, or any baby for that matter? Chances are you pick them up and cradle them over your left shoulder. Are we right? Probably. The assumed reason for doing this is a simple one, reports Psychology Today. Since 90% of people are right-handed, it makes sense that they would instinctively want to keep that hand free while holding a baby.

However, a recent study by psychologists at the University G. D'Annunzio of Chieti–Pescara in Italy reveals it isn't that simple. They believe that a woman's choice as to whether she cradles her baby on the right or left side has something to do with her attachment style.

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Attachment styles are either secure or insecure. Those with secure attachments have an easier time establishing close relationships. Those with insecure attachments aren't so good at developing interpersonal relationships. To put their hypothesis to the test, researchers studied the way in which 288 women picked up and cradled a doll. They were asked to do so for 10 seconds on six occasions, and the doll was in a different position each time.

Afterward, the participants were asked to take two surveys to determine their attachment style. As expected, the majority of the women preferred cradling on the left. The research also determined that those who cradled on the left also tended to have more positive attachment styles with their own mothers and their romantic partners. So perhaps there is more to this cradling mystery than just which hand you use day-to-day.

The results from the study confirm that "left cradling can be considered a typical behavior in humans and right cradling an atypical behavior." While we don't have a baby to hand as we type this, our instincts tell us that we would cradle a baby on our left side. Judging by the results of this study, we guess that is a very good thing.

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