How Long Does It Take For Your Period To Return After Giving Birth?

After you give birth, it takes a lot of time for your body to get back to some sense of normalcy. That includes your breasts, your stomach, and even your reproductive system. Sometimes, it may feel like your body isn't even your own to begin with! Moreover, there are several different things that you'll experience either shortly after, or long after you've had your baby.

One such thing that concerns your body is when your period returning after you've given birth. You might believe that the bleeding occurring shortly after birth is your period. But you'd actually be wrong about that. That bleeding comes from the healing of the open wound that was caused when the placenta detached from you after giving birth. It can last between two to six weeks, but again: it's not to be confused with your period.

The main answer to the aforementioned question is that it mainly boils down to how long you end up breastfeeding your new baby. That's because when a baby is nursing, it stimulates your brain to release a hormone known as prolactin. This, in turn, stimulates your breast tissue you produce more breast milk for your baby. But prolactin prevents your ovaries from ovulating, and that helps to keep your period at bay. One doctor, Dr. Heather Rupe, even revealed that if you breastfeed every three or four hours, your cycle won't be returning anytime soon.

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If you're trying to conceive while breastfeeding, you'll most likely not be ovulating. If you're not getting your period, then you're not going to be ovulating at all. That can be an issue if you're currently trying to get pregnant. Having said that, you may be ovulating and not even know it. It's best to speak with your doctor to best gauge your situation, regardless of whether or not you're currently trying to get pregnant again.

While all of this is definitely interesting, it still doesn't fully answer the question of when your period will return after birth. As mentioned before, breastfeeding frequently and regularly will keep your period at bay. The frustrating truth is that it's hard to predict when your period will decide to return. Aside from breastfeeding, your genetics will also play a role in the matter. Stopping breastfeeding in favour of formula and/or real food is seen as the surefire way to get your period back. Even then, it may take months before that happens.

While you may not really want your period to come back, it's important to have it return on a regular basis. It means that your reproductive system is relatively healthy. So enjoy not having your period while you're able to, and brace yourself when it returns. That's all you can really do.

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