How Adults Who Lost A Parent As Children Dealt With The Loss

Almost all of us will have to deal with the loss of our parents at some point in our lives, we just hope that loss comes as late as it possibly can.

The first people we see, know, and depend on in our lives are our parents. They're the first people we love and if we're lucky, they will be around for a large chunk of our lives. However, for almost everybody, there comes a point when we have to deal with the loss of our parents. No matter how old you are, if you were close with your mom and dad, it is an incredibly difficult stage of your life.

As much as the death of a parent hurts at any point in your life, there's no avoiding the fact that the grief is magnified if you are still a child when one or both of them pass. It hurts so much more for a number of reasons. You'll likely still be living at home so still seeing them every day, and you'll likely feel as if you have had time spent with them stolen from you as you see others' parents grow old with their children.

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A number of readers recently wrote to the New York Times about their own personal experiences when it came to losing a parent at a young age. Perhaps the most surprising thing about almost all of the letters was the age of those writing them. Many were in their 70s and older and discussing how the pain of losing a parent so young never really goes away.

Many also discussed how that was largely in part to not being able to discuss and process their feelings and their grief when the death happened. That many of them, even at that young age, felt as if they needed to protect their last surviving parent. That even though they were the child, they couldn't cry or let on how upset they were as that would make their mom and dad even more upset than they already were.

When you lose a parent, you often look for a way to cope with it. You'll probably also question when the hurt and the grief will go away. Chances are it won't ever disappear for good, but it will become easier to handle with the passing of time. If the loss of a parent happens to you at a young age, it will likely mold the person you become. Just remember not to throw something away or let it impact your life so negatively that you lose out on chances and opportunities. That will be the last thing your mom or dad would have wanted.

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