How Many Girls (And Boys) Mom Is Destined To Have Based On Her Zodiac

Like I have mentioned in my previous work that I am an astrologer and have been practicing since 2006, which is when I received my certification. I have also said that your sun sign only makes up one fraction of who you are as far as your personal horoscope goes. You also have your Moon sign, which is your emotional response to stimuli, as well as your rising sign which is the mask you wear influencing you

However, that said, your sun sign is still a significant part of your horoscope so there is some truth to how you are as far as displaying traits that are known to the sun sign you have. In other words, those who have a sun in Aries are known to be passionate, confident and even impatient. However, some people with that sun sign may display those traits more than someone else with the same sign because of having other components in the chart supporting the Arian influence.

That also means that someone who has a sun in Aries will be a lot more introverted and less confident who has a Moon in Pisces than someone who has a sun in Aries with a Moon sign in Gemini or Leo. That said, when you have met one person with a sun in Aries, you really have met one person with a sun in Aries.

And, personally, I don't really believe that your sun sign can really dictate how many kids you will have, and whether or not they will be boys or girls, or both! But you know what? Why not have a little bit of fun here. Let's find out how your sign would have an impact on the number of kids that you will have, and whether they will be boys, girls or both!

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12 Aries Mom - A Fierce Mom To At Least 4 Boys and 1 Girl


Those who have a sun in Aries are known to be passionate, fierce, and incredibly independent. However, they can be quite impatient. But Arians are most definitely warriors and are amazing advocates. Aries is a masculine fire sign, and because Arians are full of energy, moms who have this sun sign will at least have 5 kids!

Because of the masculine nature of the sign, these moms will have at least 4 boys, and 1 girl. The girl will learn how to stand up for herself, and she will have her brothers there to help her do that. They will look out for her, but she will find out quickly on just how to be strong and not take anyone’s crap! The one thing about the Arian mom is that she will stress how important independence is to her kids, and will not be a helicopter mom. There will be no shortage of energy there!

11 Taurus Mom - Devoted Mom To A Boy And A Girl


Those who have a sun in Taurus are known to be patient, steady, have a need to stick to a routine, and have a love for materialistic things as well as for food! Because the Taurus is so patient and nurturing, any child from a Taurus will have no doubts about feeling loved.

However, because the Taurus mom will easily become overwhelmed, she will do best to have 2 kids, 1 boy, and 1 girl. Having more will only overwhelm her and cause her a lot of stress from not being able to stay organized and not be able to keep up with a routine that she needs.

The boy will learn to become protective of his sister, and the girl will have a fun time shopping with mom, and both kids will learn how to cook and do chores around the home. A boy and a girl will be the right balance for the Taurus mom.

10 Gemini Mom - Complex Mom To Boy/Girl Twins

boy girl twins

Those who have a sun in Gemini are known to be unpredictable, conversational, don’t like to stay in one place, and are overly curious. They can also blow hot and cold. And for the Gemini mom, she is most definitely destined to have twins, a boy, and girl. That is because the Gemini is naturally dual-sided, and just has a love for multiples.

Because the Gemini mom is dual-sided, then that explains why she is meant to have a set of boy/ girl twins to compliment the masculine and feminine side to her- which everyone has. There are also two sets of opinions as well, which is very fitting for just anyone who has a sun in Gemini. Because the Gemini just loves to naturally learn, they will pass that passion onto their kids and they will be learning the alphabet and their numbers before the other kids in their preschool classes!

9 Cancer Mom - Nurturing Mom To 2 Girls


Those who have a sun in Cancer are the most nurturing and motherly of the zodiac. And the downside of being a Cancer is the fact that there are so many emotions that come with the sign. It is a feminine water sign, and the first water sign of the zodiac, which means heavy emotions can start right away with a Cancer.

Cancer moms are going to be incredibly protective and nurturing, and they are meant to have 2 girls. Who is to say that they won’t have boys, but if they do, they will have more feminine traits.

You would think that the Cancer mom is meant to have more kids, whether they are boys or girls, but the fact of the matter is, the Cancer mom cannot handle having more than 2 kids on an emotional level. And when she has her kids, she needs to increase the age-gap between the sisters due to the fact that she will need to decompress after having her first, and then her second. The Cancer mom is like a mother to others, but she also knows her limits.

8 Leo Mom - The Lioness Mom To At Least 1 Girl And 2 Boys


Those who have a sun in Leo are natural born leaders and are naturally confident. They also like to shine, can be playful, but can be egotistical and dramatic. However, Leo moms can be quite protective of their kids. They are meant to have anywhere between 2 to 4 kids, and they will have at least 1 girl, and if they have more than 2, they will have at least 2 boys.

The Leo mom is an excellent multi-tasker, and is passionate about being a mom, and making her kids shine! She will have a lot of fun playing dolls or house with her daughter. And she will enjoy playing sports with her son or sons. In fact, she may even coach the little league team for her boys, while she has to take her daughter to dance lessons after the game.

The one thing the Leo mom wants more than anything is for her kids to become independent and to live their own lives.

7 Virgo Mom - The Anxious Mom To 1 Girl


Those who have a sun in Virgo are known to be health conscious, orderly, clean, and are about service. They can also be picky and can overanalyze things. Because they can be anxious due to the fact that they overanalyze things and can even be quite obsessive- they are really meant to have 1 child, and that child will likely be a girl because of the nature of the sign.

Virgo moms could not handle more than 1 child, especially since kids bring germs into the home considering the fact that they are exposed to their peers at school, they touch things and this drives the Virgo mom bananas.

Yet at the same time, the mom will be very devoted to her child and teach the child the value of working and doing chores in the home, as well as cooking. A child born to a Virgo mom will be fussed over and loved.

6 Libra Mom - Fair Mom To At Least 2 Girls And 2 Boys


Those who have a sun in Libra are known to be balanced, fair, and want peace. They also have a love for beauty, and they can be indecisive and non-confrontational. However, the Libra will not rest until there is a balance.

That said, Libra moms will have at least 4 kids, or 8, but more than 2. What they are meant to have are 2 girls and 2 boys. This way, there will be 2 sisters and 2 brothers to keep one another company so they have things in common and to help balance the family out.

Remember too that Libra is a social sign, so they not only are meant to have an even number of kids but at least 2 kids of the same gender so they can relate to one another. She will dress them all in beautiful clothing, and will most definitely keep up with the latest fashion trends since they value beauty as well.

5 Scorpio Mom - A Protective Mom To At Least 1 Girl and 1 Boy, But There Will Likely Be More


Those who have a sun in Scorpio are known to be passionate, extreme, protective, and will either be your best friend and have your back for life or if you are an enemy- watch out because a Scorpio can be your worst nightmare!

However, a Scorpio mom is naturally going to be protective and fierce when it comes to her kids, and she will likely have many. However, she will have at least 1 girl and 1 boy. She will teach both of them to protect themselves and to stand up to others, and make their rights known and a priority. She will make sure any daughter she has will take excellent care of herself and will have the common sense to keep herself protected. She will make sure her son will do the same, and to also look out for his sister, or sisters! Any child born to a Scorpio mom will be fiercely protected!

4 Sagittarius Mom - An Adventurous Mom Of 1 Boy


Those who have a sun in Sagittarius are adventurous, and have a love for travel and do not like to stay in one place. In fact, they hate sticking to any kind of routine! And for Sagittarius moms, it is in their best interest to have just one child since she will not want to stay put and will have a need to go traveling often.

A boy is in her cards because a boy is more likely to be adventurous than a girl, just like mom is! And in many cases, Sagittarian women chuck the idea of being moms because they cannot stand the idea of being tied down! However, some choose to go for it because they want to have their own companion to travel with even though they realize that even having one baby will tie them down.

Depending on what else is in their charts, some are willing to make that kind of sacrifice because they also know that eventually, the child will be traveling with mom!

3 Capricorn Mom - A Strict Mom To 2 Boys And 1 Girl


Those who have a sun in Capricorn are known to be strict, industrious and at the same time they don’t put up with anything that is not in line with being serious. In other words, they don’t believe in fun.

So that said, a Capricorn mom will be very strict and will expect her kids to be hard workers like she is. She is meant to have 2 boys, who will be industrious, as well as 1 daughter who will be taught that she can be successful no matter what. She will expect her sons to be supportive of their sister.

A Capricorn mom will be sure to be on top of her kids about them completing their homework and are staying within the routine. She may be a helicopter because their success is very important to her. However, since kids need to have fun too, she will have to allow them time to enjoy themselves! Life is not supposed to be all about work!

2 Aquarius Mom - Unique Mom To 1 Boy


Those who have a sun in Aquarius are known to be eccentric, unique, and are the type to certainly march to their own beat! They really hate being told what to do, and will not conform to society at all!

That being said, many Aquarian women do not even bother becoming moms because they simply want to do their own thing. Not to mention, society still expects women to get married and have children and many Aquarian women don’t want to even go there. However, there are some that have a maternal instinct.

Just like the Sagittarian mom, the Aquarian mom will likely have 1 child and a boy is more likely. A boy will have an easier time accepting mom’s quirkiness and will go with her flow much more willing than a girl would.

An Aquarian mom will be devoted but at the same time will give her child the distance he needs because she needs it too. She will most certainly steer him towards the sciences because Aquarians love that. However, she will also respect his decision to be something else if it is right for him because she knows that everyone is unique, including her child- unique just like herself.

1 Pisces Mom - Compassionate Mom To At Least 5 Girls, And Maybe 1 Boy


Those who have a sun in Pisces are known to be compassionate, emotional, psychic and intuitive, but can become lost in fantasy. However, one thing that any Pisces mom has in common with Scorpio and Cancer is that they are nurturing, protective of their kids and motherly- given that it is a water sign!

Pisces is the ultimate feminine sign, and a Pisces mom will have lots of kids, at least 5 girls and if she does end up having any boys, there will be probably 1. And if she has a boy, he will be intuitive like his mom and sisters.

The Pisces mom will be busy making sure her daughters and possible son go to ballet- and if a boy is in ballet then chances are his mom is a Pisces! She will give them music lessons, and really encourage them to use art to express themselves. She will encourage them to use their imaginations.

That home will be filled with so much creativity and love!

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