Moms Are Severely Overworked, According To New Report

Moms have some wicked crazy hours whether they are staying at home with the kids or trying to juggle a career and a baby at the same time. Every mother works her tail off to provide in whatever way she can for her children. A new study commissioned by Welch's was able to quantify what many of us already knew, we work way too much.

Welch’s (yes, the people who make jams, jellies and juices) studied 2,000 American mothers who had children ages 5 to 12 in order to find out how many hours a week working mothers log. The answer? The Working Mother reports the average working mother in America logs a whopping 98 hours a week! Think about that for a minute, the average full-time job consists of 40 hours. Working moms have more than twice the amount of work in their typical week. Perhaps this explains why there is always one co-worker commenting about how tired we look.

Via workingmother.com

Data analysts found a working mom’s day starts bright and early around 6:23 am and by the time she wraps up work and finishes chores around the home, her day ends at 8:31pm. When you do that math that’s 14 hours per day!

Four in 10 moms agreed that their lives were a never-ending series of tasks. The questionnaire also looked at the tools and resources mothers use to make their days a little easier. The average mom estimates she gets about an hour and seven minutes to herself each day. Goodbye “me time”.

Here’s what they found; the top must-have items working mom used on the daily were baby wipes. Kids TV channels and shows, iPads or tablets, drive-thru meals, and Netflix for the win! Not surprising consider these items offer convenience for moms-on-the-go.

A couple of other key items made the day easier for working mothers, this included grandparents, a reliable babysitter and wine. Sometimes you just need to get away from the kiddos and take a break for yourself, and that’s okay! Remember, you just worked non-stop all week! So let the kids have some of that screen time, pour yourself a glass of wine and marvel at how productive you’ve been all week mama!


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