How Many Kids Mom And Dad Will Have Based On Their Zodiac

Moms may be surprised to know that despite their best intentions and planning, the stars above already have a number of kids planned for them.

Destiny doesn’t mean it's fixed and final. You do have the power to change your destiny. If a woman destined to have 4 kids, gets her tubes tied after having just 2, she has foiled destiny’s plans for her. But if you let destiny have her way, just take a look at what she has planned for you based on your zodiac sign.

The 12 zodiac signs belong to 4 different elements which are the core energy within us that contributes to our personality traits and influences our life pattern of thinking and emotions. Makes sense why some couples fare excellently on the compatibility chart and some just manage to accommodate each other!

Astrology suggests that zodiac signs belonging to the same element are most compatible. Their likes and emotions run parallel and therefore they understand each other better. However, the magic created due to the attraction between two opposite elements cannot be underestimated. Thus, the permutations and combinations of zodiac signs make each couple unique. The roller coaster ride of each couple varies and this can be solely attributed to their individual zodiac pairing.

If you are looking forward to starting family at the earliest and create the destined number of kids, let us unravel some of the exiting zodiac combos that destiny loves bringing together to fulfill plans for procreation.

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12 Aries - A Small Army of 4

Aries has a love and desire for motherhood. Due to their warrior personality, the stars have 3-4 kids planned for them. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. With their confidence, strength, and determination, Aries are born leaders. Since they are ambitious and have big plans for the future, having children is far down on their list. As an Aries man or woman grows older and more mature, having and raising children become a more desirable goal.

Aries is a warrior, a vigilant protector and a fire sign with a quick temper. Her own kids know better than to mess with her. The Aries mom may get impatient if the kids are not fast enough in their actions, so her dislike of delays can cause friction. But, over time, the kids will grow more efficient and take on her can-do attitude.

If an Aries woman is looking to become a mother at the earliest and create her brood of four kids, then a sagittarius partner is her best bet. As per astrology-zodiac-signs.com, the sensuous Sagittarian and the bold Arian are a happy and fun loving zodiac pair that is sincere about everything they do.

According to babycentre.co.uk, Aries and Sagittarius come across as one of the most sincere and honest people. They are truthful and loyal to their partners.

11 Taurus - More Than 2 Is Too Much

Taurus is known for being calm and composed. They aim to have two kids, since having any more might cause his/her to get overwhelmed. Taurus makes a great mom/dad as people under this sign are patient and have the tenderness needed to raise children. They are able to handle one to two kids maximum, but not more.

Taurus insists on maintaining high standards and are resistant to change, so having more than two can become a nightmare for them. They have strong family values and instil this in their kids. They always put their children first, even before their own health, which can end up being a problem later on. Taurus moms and dads need to be aware of this tendency and pay attention to their own health.

According to sexualastrology.com, Scorpio is a great partner for Taurus. Taurus the Earth sign, Grounded, and dependable they are most logical and practical in their approach. They have an inborn eye for beauty and are sensuous to the core. Scorpio comes across as a fierce and fun loving honest people. This combination of Earth and Water is hard to miss as they fuse and compound into each other to become one. Water simply seeps into the earth with no effort. Likewise, a Taurus and Scorpio are one of the most compatible zodiac combos.

10 Gemini - Twin Buns Cooking In The Oven

I am sure no one will be surprised to hear that having twins is a huge possibility for Geminis. The dual personalities of a Gemini mom will never leave her kids bored, but she can be quite short on patience.

If not twins, Gemini can expect at least two children or even three as it may be the second pregnancy that surprises them with twins.

They dislike being alone, so having children is a must for them. The more the merrier, but the stars plan on just two as more than two are bound to overwhelm them. But, Gemini is an unpredictable sign, they are known to be whimsical in their decision making, so we shouldn't get too surprised if we come across Gemini moms with more kids. Did you know that Angelina Jolie is a Gemini too?!

Gemini is a fun parent to grow up with. She is a party lover and a spontaneous chatterbox. Her kids will never have a dull moment with such a lively personality. But her dual personality means that she switches to being moody and pensive at the drop of a hat. She hates being confined and thrives in open or team environments. She may be able to handle motherhood better if she plans on playdates with other compatible moms or she can take them out to the zoo or adventure parks for herself as much as for the kids. Being confined to the home with the kids for too long can drive her crazy and impatient, so a breath of fresh air will do wonders for all involved.

9 Cancer - 2 Kids Spaced Apart

Parenting comes easily to the Cancer personality as naturally as breathing, after all Cancer represents the archetypal “mother” characteristics of the zodiac. The stars predict that a Cancer mom will have 2 babies, but they will probably be born several years apart.

The sympathetic nature of the Cancer mom ensures a warm and loving environment in which her children can thrive. Her imaginative characteristics helps her create a wonderful and nurturing home where both happiness and harmony can be found. Cancer personalities do not trust others easily, so they have a tendency to be way too overprotective with their children.

Cancers are best advised to take some time or recover physically, emotionally and mentally from childbirth before even planning a second child. They are extremely soft and sensitive personalities who are more prone to mood swing and may need more time to recover from baby blues. Some need just a couple of years while others may need several years to recover and adjust after having their first child and finally be ready for another round. There are also Cancers who decide to stick to just one child.

Many Cancers usually enjoy staying at home with their family. They are dedicated to creating a warm, caring and connected family.

8 Leo - A Pack Of Cubs

The stars have 2-4 kids planned for A Leo since they are the lion of the signs. Leos love having a little pack of cubs to love and raise. So many kids may seem like a lot for most people, but a Leo's multitasking skills will help.

The Leo is a Lioness who commands dignity and respect. But surprisingly they are quite fun to be with. Their children will find that they have plenty to keep them occupied and entertained as the Leo plans out loads of fun activities throughout the day. After all, multitasking is a skill they are famous for.

If a Leo decides to be a parent, then nothing will stand in the way of becoming a mom and dad and being a great one. But the first thing is whether he/she is willing to become a parent. Leos love to bask in the limelight. Being a parent means moving over to bring their own limelight over to their kids

With their dominant leadership skills and warm-hearted generosity, a Leo can handle most parenting situations easily enough where others fail miserably. Their passion for life and quirky sense of humor makes them irresistible.

7 Virgo - The Perfect, Only Child

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Having too many kids could get stressful for Virgos, so having one kid may be perfect for them! A brood of mischievous children are known for royally messing up every plan their parents make, so Virgos prefer to have just one.

From strict homework time to scheduling everything play dates and soccer practice, Virgos thrive on being exceedingly organized.

Having more children will mess up their career plans and life goals. There are some Virgos who are brave enough to go in for a second child, but that's the line.

The child of a Virgo parent can be expected to behave politely and well-mannered, as Virgos never tolerate rudeness. Having more than one child or two can get a Virgo extremely frazzled and stresses as they have a strong sense of cleanliness, organization and order. Virgos are very hard working people who are dedicated to their family. They channel all their energy into giving the best to their child.

According to astroreveal.com, Virgo, the zodiac is aloof, introverted and irritatingly fastidious. But when you get closer to a Virgo, you will be drawn towards the easy simplicity and sincerity traits in this person.

6 Libra - Balancing 2, 4 0r 6

The stars have an even number of kids aligned for Libras as they look for balance, equality, and fairness. So they may have a minimum of two 2 kids, possibly 4 or even 6 children as they love being in a crowd or socializing.

Librans are calm mothers - gracious, peaceful and gentle - even in the midst of toddler tantrums or raging teenage rebellion. They have a real talent for keeping their cool when everyone else around them is screaming and stomping their feet. Cooperation and partnership is extremely important to Librans and they instill these values in their children too.

Librans love being outdoors. These nature lovers also love art and music. So they expose their children to art and culture early on in life, instilling a love for the same. Their children are less likely to be on the shy side as they are being raised and influenced by a lovable, social butterfly. Their strong sense of justice is something that helps a Libra stay on the right course in their parenting journey. Most children tend to consider many parental decisions as unfair while kids of the Libra know how committed their parent is to justice and harmony.

5 Scorpio - 19 Kids And Counting

Scorpios are gifted with the ability to handle an entire army of kids. They love being surrounded by their loved ones.

If not 13, then at least 3 kids are a must for Scorpios as they are intense and emotional creatures who love parenting. They love challenges and they are determined to be the best at whatever they do. They are willing learners who research and test out different parenting methods to find out what works best with their children.

Scorpios are born leaders who work on raising their children to be as powerful and assertive as themselves. In return for this dedication, their children shower them with love and affection. But Scorpios do need to watch their hot and impulsive temper as this is one thing that can make their children fear them too much. But when Scorpios are at their best, no one can out-parent a Scorpio mom and dad. Scorpios are fiercely protective parents who raises confident kids who value her loyalty to them.

Scorpio is ruled by emotions and passion. According to Astrology-zodiac-signs.com, the author reveals that Scorpios gives one hundred percent in its relationships and expects the same in return.

4 Sagittarius - One Is More Than Enough

Sagittarius are energetic and adventurous with a curious nature that makes them a really fun and cool mom to hang out with. But don't be surprised if your Sagittarius friend decides to remain child-free as parenting doesn't come too easily. Settling down is not in their nature and they may find the demands of motherhood too demanding and rigid. So even if they end up with one kid, they rarely plan on a second child.

But they do give their best to the child they have and the child, in turn, adores their open mind and enthusiasm for life.

Sagittarius have a flair for drama and creativity. Your child will never feel lonely as friends love coming over for playdates and sleepovers at your place which are guaranteed to be creative and fun. Sagittarius allow their children more freedom than most as they are quite open minded and have a great sense of humor. Their children grow up to be quite confident and fun loving with a zest for life. They love your enthusiasm for life, though they might be wishing that you had a little more patience.

Ruled by Fire element, Sagittarius is full of energy. They also have a love for fun and adventure.

3 Capricorn - Raising 3 Will Be A Breeze

Handling 3 kids is not a problem for a Capricorn. They have taskmaster skills that make them experts in creating and maintaining the structure. Capricorns are such amazing taskmasters that, they make raising so many kids, managing a household and even a career along with it, look like a breeze.

Management is an inborn talent of Capricorns. As far as they are concerned, there is nothing that a well laid plan cannot solve. They are confident they can handle anything. They are pretty clear to their kids that they are the boss and they insist upon discipline first. They are not interested in being best friends with their kids, rather they cherish the respected position of being the guiding parent.

Capricorns have a strong sense of family and traditions. They have trouble accepting when children don't behave up to their expectations and become cold and distant from them rather than hot and angry. This is something a Capricorn mom will need to work on as little or big, kids will always misbehave at one point or the other, after all, they are just kids.

A Taurus is just what a Capricorn needs. Birthastro.com says that both Capricorn and Taurus are ruled by the same element, Earth. They are practical in their approach. They do not hype reality, nor do they live in an unrealistic world. Thus both these zodiacs believe in finding solace in the real practical world.

2 Aquarius - The One And Only

Aquarius crave adventure and freedom, so the stars have just 1 child planed for them. An Aquarius may seem like an introvert to strangers- shy and quiet. But her child knows that they are an energetic person who loves to have fun with her friends.

An Aquarius can be wacky in a good way. They are hands-on - literally- with no hesitation in getting her hands covered with mud, or hands down on the floor. They can be a wonderful playmate if they are in the mood. But with their contrasting personality, an Aquarius can become a moody overthinker who does not want any company at the moment.

Sooner or later the child gets a hang of when to leave their parent alone and when to hang out and have fun. One child is indeed a lot for an Aquarius to handle, but two can be considered so that at least the kids have each other for company. Though an Aquarius may need time off to recharge, the good thing is that these mood swings tend to be short.

They are great parents as they are great listeners who love to be helpful. Aquarius also likes to have the freedom and time to do their own thing- something which gets harder as the number of kids increase.

1 Pisces - A Whole School Of Kids

Being the fish sign, Pisces love to brood and feed a whole school of kids. The stars plan for 5 or more kids…if they are ready to have a go. This sign is full of emotions and love, and they are ready to begin their journey to nourish all those little minds and souls. Their empathetic nature makes this sign the perfect parent. They are flexible and adaptable just like the water that is their zodiac symbol. They can stay cool and calm through all those little stresses that kids put their parents through all the time.

Their easygoing parenting style looks so effortless that other parents often ask for parenting tips. But a Pisces can be a little too gullible and their children may take advantage of this to bring in stray dogs or cats. They may sometimes find that they need to set firmer boundaries and more clear guidelines for their children as well as the visitors- kids or pets.

Its best they find a virgo partner though. According to astrologymag.com, The strong bond between Water and Earth is what depicts Pisces and Virgo. The water element in Pisces and the Earth in Virgo are very much attracted to each other keeping them glued for a lifetime. Virgo, one of the most fastidious and meticulous natured people, believe in doing everything the right way. Highly compatible, they find the solid ground in love easily, and hence the decision on starting a family is natural.

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