How Mom And Dad Will Change After The Baby Comes Based On Their Horoscope

Astrology is always so fascinating and it really can be quite accurate- if personal horoscopes are read the right way. That means the horoscopes that you read in the paper or online are rarely accurate. That is because these horoscopes represent each sun sign. And, even though the sun sign is a significant part of who we are as a whole- it is not everything about us.

The Moon sign, which represents our emotional response to stimuli, and the Rising sign, which represents how we view life and how others view us are just as important as the sun sign. The best way to describe the rising sign is that it is like a mask. You also have other planets in other areas of your natal chart that play an important role. That is why those other factors alone can influence your personal horoscope quite a bit. That is why the daily, weekly, or monthly horoscopes that you read are incredibly inaccurate.

However, because our sun signs do make up a large part of who we are- they are still relevant. And let's now, just for fun, find out how both parents will change once their babies are born based on their sun signs.

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24 Aries Mom - The Fierce Protector

mother and 2 girls reading bedtime story on tablet

Aries is the first sun sign, and it is a fire sign. Those who have their sun in Aries are go-getters, passionate, and can be impulsive. According to Babble, once the Aries woman becomes a mom, her protective instincts will come out and she will be an excellent advocate for her kids. She will become quite warrior-like especially in situations where her kids will need an advocate.

The only issue that could come up is that even though she will make sure her kids are protected and well-cared for in any way possible- she can also be known to lose her temper with her kids when they get older. Aries people do have short fuses after all. However, while the child is still a baby, mom will just be there to protect.

23 Aries Dad - The Motivator

We already know how much of a go-getter those who have a sun in Aries happen to be. And, we already know how protective the Aries mom will be once her baby arrives. And the same will apply to the Aries dad. However, according to The Bump, the Aries dad will be the one who will want to take the baby outdoors all the time. He will be excited about the prospect of playing sports with his baby- whether it is a boy or a girl. He will also be the one to motivate the child to be his or her best once the baby grows up and matures.

22 Taurus Mom - Stubborn But Protective

Taurus is the second sign, and it is an earth sign. Those who have a sun in Taurus are known to be grounded, stubborn, have a need for security, have a love for nature, food, and material things. According to Babble, Taurus moms will want to make sure that their babies are set on a strict schedule, once they are past the newborn stage that is. They will also be very patient and will be protective of their kids.

However, a Taurus mom will be extremely set in her ways and will not stand for her kids challenging her in a way that will bring her out of her comfort zone. She may also have a tendency to overfeed her kids because that is the nature of the sign.

21 Taurus Dad - Reliable And Devoted

It has already been said how much the Taurus needs stability and structure. And, Taurus dads will want the same thing as Taurus moms- which is security and to be set into a routine. According to The Bump, Taurus dads will be not only patient with their babies but will be incredibly reliable. They will make sure that they are always around if mom needs their help. Taurus dads will have no issues with changing diapers and giving their babies baths. 

However, a Taurus is a Taurus. Just like the Taurean mom, the dad will also not stand for being challenged to leave his comfort zone. He will also deal with explosive fights with his kids once they get older for that reason.

20 Gemini Mom - Will Lack Discipline

Gemini is the third sign, and it is an air sign. Those who have a sun in Gemini are known to be very talkative and can shift from one feeling to the next in a heartbeat. However, they are not overly grounded. According to Babble, Gemini moms will want to make sure that their babies are going to be effective communicators and turn into little Einsteins. That means these moms will spend a lot of time encouraging their babies to build their communication skills by talking to them constantly.

However, the only issue that the Gemini mom will be facing is that she will not likely set a routine because that is the nature of the sign. She will learn the hard way that babies absolutely need to be in a routine to have a sense of security.

19 Gemini Dad - Always Eager To Read The Baby Stories

It already has been established that those who have a sun in Gemini are great communicators but are not so good with discipline. The same applies to the Gemini dad. According to The Bump, the Gemini dad will have an immediate love for reading his baby a bedtime story, or just reading stories to the baby regardless.

He will also be the one to always initiate playing trivia games with his kids once they are a bit older, and will do fun activities with them like crosswords and word searches. Being organized, however, will not be his strong suit either. And if his wife or girlfriend is also a Gemini, then they will be frazzled often due to lack of organization.

18 Cancer Mom - The Ultimate Nurturer

Cancer is the fourth sign, and it is a water sign. In fact, Cancer is the mother of all of the signs, because it is the maternal sign. There is a lot of emotion and protection. According to Babble, Cancer moms will without a doubt be very protective of their kids, and very nurturing. And, they will also have to learn the hard way that they cannot shelter their kids forever because they do need to become independent people once they start growing up.

She will definitely have a tendency to be a helicopter mom, but she will also be good with saving money and will encourage her kids to save money once they become older and start understanding the concept.

17 Cancer Dad - Excellent With Finances

We already know that Cancer is the most nurturing sign, and Cancer dads are just as nurturing as Cancer moms. However, according to The Bump, Cancer dads will start to take their finances quite seriously once the baby comes. They will make sure that all of their money is spent wisely, and will be looking for ways to save any money left over the best ways possible.

Cancer dads will look into putting saved money into investment accounts that will cause growth over time. And, just like the Cancer mom, the Cancer dad will be moody as well.

16 Leo Mom - Playful

Leo is the fifth sign, and it is a fire sign. Leo is all about creativity, playfulness but also Leos can be dramatic. They also tend to enjoy being in the spotlight. And, according to Babble, Leo moms will be excited to start playing with their babies once their babies start getting older.

The Leo mom will be the one that will be gung-ho about her baby getting the best picture taken because she will want her baby to be the center of the Universe- that part is extremely important to her.

15 Leo Dad - A Big Kid At Heart

Just like the Leo mom, the Leo dad also cannot wait to play with his baby once they start getting older and more mature. According to The Bump, Leo dads may end up having an arrogant side to them, but they are really big kids at heart and will absolutely love playing games with his kids.

That means dad will be loving to play games like peekaboo with his baby, and once the baby grows, he will be playing hide and seek, tag, and even play house with his daughter or sports with his son. The kids will remember dad as being fun!

14 Virgo Mom - An Organized Multitasker

Woman looking at clothes in a closet

Virgo is the sixth sign, and it is an earth sign. Those who have a sun in Virgo are known to be health conscious, excellent workers, very organized, analytical but can be extreme worriers. According to Babble, Virgo moms end up becoming not just great multitaskers, but always find a way to stay organized- even in the middle of a chaotic moment.

However, the Virgo mom will find herself worrying about any possible health issue that the baby will have. She will want to make sure that the baby is being fed enough and well. She will always be on top of doctors appointments on top of paying the monthly bills. One of the few signs that are known to be quite organized no matter what.

13 Virgo Dad - Extremely Picky

It is already known that the nature of Virgo is to be analytical. And, Virgo dads, according to The Bump are incredibly picky and fussy. They aren't known to be exceptional multitaskers like the Virgo moms are known to be. However, they will nitpick over the possibility that their kids are not being fed the most nutritious foods. They will also be alarmed every time their kids start to cough or develop a runny nose.

Virgo dads may be fussy and nitpick over everything but these are devoted dads who care about their babies and kids.

12 Libra Mom - Strives For Balance And Fairness

Woman Holding Babies

Libra is the seventh sign, and it is an air sign. Those who have a sun in Libra are known to be fair, balanced, and have a love for beauty. They also hate confrontation. According to Babble, Libra moms will be the ones who will encourage sharing among siblings because they firmly believe in fairness.

However, the Libra mom can become confused with a new baby, because she won't know what the best action is to take in a situation. For instance, if the baby is has colic, and she has been presented with two different types of formulas that can help ease the pain- she won't know which one to choose and will rely on her boyfriend or her husband to make the decision. Let's hope he is not a Libra either because that will be a struggle for him as well.

11 Libra Dad - Loves Being In Portraits With The Baby

Because Libra is a sign that represents beauty, a Libra dad will absolutely get in touch with his artistic side and love having all kinds of portraits and photos with his baby, and of course his wife or girlfriend. According to The Bump, the Libra dad will also encourage his child to get in touch with their artistic side. 

The Libra dad will color and paint with the baby once the baby is older and mature enough to get something out of doing arts and crafts. He will really enjoy that activity a lot.

10 Scorpio Mom - Highly Intuitive

Scorpio is the eighth sign, and it is a water sign. Those who have a sun in Scorpio are incredibly intense and passionate. They will also be your best friend and fierce protector or your worst nightmare- depending on which side you are on in their books. They are also highly intuitive.

According to Babble, Scorpio moms find that their intuition sharpens after the baby is born and it gets even stronger as the baby ages. If she senses that the baby is sick or unhappy, she will not only know this for a fact but will be able to get to the bottom of it. She will also be her baby's fierce protector.

9 Scorpio Dad - Overprotective

It has already been said that one aspect of the sign Scorpio is fierceness and overprotectiveness. According to The Bump, Scorpio dads will be definitely a fierce protector of his baby. And, as the baby grows, he will be the first to teach his child the importance of self-defense. He will also make sure that his child takes some self-defense courses as soon as the child is old enough to do so.

That is because since Scorpios have a tendency to be paranoid (with good reason), they want their kids to be prepared for any challenge they can encounter.

8 Sagittarius Mom - Upbeat And Adventurous

Hispanic mother and daughter riding roller coaster

Sagittarius is the ninth sign, and is a fire sign. Those who have a sun in Sagittarius are known to be quite upbeat, adventurous and can find ways to avoid responsibility. According to Babble, the Sagittarian mom will be the one to always find the good in any challenge. She may also be very likely to decide out of nowhere to take her baby to the beach or for a stroll downtown- and will just do that without even telling her boyfriend or husband. Any child that she has will think she is fun!

The only challenge that the Sagittarian mom will face is not being disciplined enough with her kids, and that could get her into trouble.

7 Sagittarius Dad - Encouraging And Enjoys Adventure

It has already been said that anyone who has a sun in Sagittarius is going to be naturally upbeat and have an adventurous nature. According to The Bump, the Sagittarian dad will enjoy fatherhood and will be the first to look forward to camping, hiking, and going out on different adventures with his child.

Dad will also be the one to encourage any of his kids to find joy in learning, as a higher education is extremely important for him. Even though Sagittarians are not known to be the best with saving money, in this case, dad will set up a college savings account right after the baby is taken home from the hospital. He will want to start saving up right away because he will want to make sure that his son or daughter will end up getting the best education down the road.

6 Capricorn Mom - Super Strict

Capricorn is the tenth sign, and is an earth sign. Those who have a sun in Capricorn are great organizers, are career-oriented and take everything very seriously. According to Babble, the Capricorn mom will find that she has an easy time balancing work with family, and will stay organized even in the midst of chaos. She will make sure things get done no matter what.

Additionally, you can expect the Capricorn mom to be quite strict with her kids once they reach toddlerhood. She will make sure that they clean up their toys after playtime, and you can bet that she will make sure that they do their homework once they start school.

5 Capricorn Dad - The Encourager And Disciplinarian

father attempting to discipline his daughter

We already know that Capricorns take their work very seriously, and Capricorn dads will be the ones to most definitely keep his kids in line. According to The Bump, Capricorn dads will instill a good work ethic in their kids. He will start teaching them the importance of work once they reach toddlerhood when they can start understanding basic concepts of work and money.

He will most definitely be strict, he won't be the 'fun dad', but he will most definitely teach them important life skills which they will need to face life and the challenges that come with it one day.

4 Aquarius Mom - Her Way Or The Highway

Aquarius is the 11th sign, and it is an air sign. Those who have a sun in Aquarius are known to be unconventional, do the things they want to do without taking any input from others seriously, they are also known to be friendly but at the same time detached. According to Babble, the Aquarian mom will parent the way she wants to parent, and will always make sure that her kids have the best of everything. Even though she will raise her kids the way she wants and refuses to conform, she will never put her kids in questionable situations.

Many will dye their hair, get multiple piercings, and get tattoos because she can and will not let anyone's opinion about her choices impact her at all. She will also encourage her kids to embrace their uniqueness once they grow and mature.

3 Aquarius Dad - More Offbeat Than He Was Before

Man and little boy with shaving foam on their faces looking into the bathroom mirror and laughing. Father and son having fun while shaving in bathroom.

Aquarius is the sign that rules eccentricities and uniqueness, and those who have a sun in Aquarius will march to their own drummer. You can bet that the Aquarian dad will be most definitely offbeat as well. According to The Bump, the Aquarian dad will come off as offbeat and like a bohemian. However, he will also be reliable no matter what.

Just like the Aquarian mom, he will encourage his kids to embrace their own uniqueness and differences. He will also teach them the importance of being a humanitarian and will encourage them to get involved in organizations once they get older.

2 Pisces Mom - Imagination Will Become More Vivid

Pisces is the 12th sign, and is a water sign. Those who have a sun in Pisces are known to be very dreamy, imaginative, highly intuitive, empathetic, compassionate but are not so grounded either. According to Babble, Piscean moms will be extremely nurturing with their babies and will be encouraging them to become artistic and to tap into their intuition as they get older.

In the meantime, Piscean moms are going to dream constantly about their kids growing up and will imagine how they will be when they are older. She will only have a moment to really tap into her imagination when her babies are napping. However, these moms need to realize that what they imagine may not end up coming true. When that happens, they will be disappointed but will eventually accept what is over what was imagined.

1 Pisces Dad - Extremely Compassionate

Pisces as we already know is the sign that rules imagination, creativity, compassion, and intuition. Piscean dads will be just like Piscean moms in many ways. According to The Bump, these dads will find out for themselves how strongly empathetic they are once they become fathers. They will be incredibly nurturing and will be singing to their babies all the time. 

These dads will be very sensitive and will want to make their babies' pain go away in a heartbeat, and that is because they feel it too. These dads will be ultra sensitive boyfriends and husbands as well. Whenever you hear of the dad-to-be having first-trimester pregnancy discomforts, there is a high chance that these future dads are Piscean.

Sources: Babble.com, TheBump.com

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