For Better Or For Worse: How Mom And Dad Will Handle Labor Based On Their Zodiac

One of the topics I love to talk about is astrology. In fact, I am an astrologer and received my certification in 2006 and have done many readings for clients. The one thing I want to make sure that anyone who reads their daily, weekly or monthly horoscopes in the newspaper or online to take it with a grain of salt.

The sun sign only makes up a fraction of your personal horoscope as you also have your Moon sign, which indicates your emotional response to stimuli, and your rising sign, which was the sign that was rising at the time of your birth, and that is what provides you the mark-how others view you and how you view life in general. There are other factors that make up your horoscope too. That is why two people who have the same sun sign can be like night and day from one another.

Yet, at the same time, your sun sign represents you as a whole and even though it is a fraction of your horoscope, there is still a lot of significance when it comes to your sun sign. Even if you have a sun in Aries but you are more like a Pisces due to other factors in your chart- you still have that Arian fire deep within and it will come out at certain times.

So let's just for fun, find out how both mom and dad will handle labor based on their zodiac signs, are you ready to check it out?

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Virgo labor
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12 Virgo: Leave Me Alone!

According to Astrology Zodiac Signs, Virgo is the shyest sign of the zodiac and is an earth sign. Those who have their suns in Virgo are known to be analytical to the point that they are on the obsessive side, can be neurotic, but are also health conscious and are there to be in service to others when needed. They also take their work quite seriously.

However, the Virgo mom in labor will absolutely hate it because of the fact that she simply will not be left alone. There will be nurses coming in to check her blood pressure, check her cervix and be the reason that she is losing every bit of her dignity. Therefore, the Virgo will not be able to handle that very well.

Even though Virgo does not appear to be one of the most empathetic signs, the Virgo dad will hate the fact that his wife or girlfriend in labor is not being left alone and is being checked on all the time. It will drive him crazy, and if both parents are Virgos, they will have a very difficult time with having to deal with all of those strangers coming in to invade their privacy, and mom's private parts! In fact, labor, for this reason, could be one of the worst experiences a Virgo could go through.

11 Gemini: Can't Sit Still

Gemini labor
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According to Astrology Zodiac Signs, those who have a sun in Gemini are friendly, active and can change moods at the drop of a hat. Gemini is the first air sign of the zodiac. Therefore, they are unpredictable. But one thing that they also have in common is that they hate being alone, and they hate being confined and they also hate sticking to a routine and repetition. They are like night and day from the previous sign of the zodiac, Taurus.

Therefore, Gemini moms will be able to handle a change in their birth plan better than many of the other signs.

They will, however, hate being confined and stuck due to being in labor. They will not be able to handle the pain and will be the ones who will ask for an epidural even if they are not that far into it. They will have to keep moving in order to handle their labor as much as they can and will hate it more than anything when they are told to stay still.

Gemini dads will be the ones who will do anything to distract their wives or girlfriends dealing with labor pains and will not be able to handle being away from them at all. However, if both parents are Geminis they will work well together because the dad will keep working on distracting mom and mom will be very receptive to that- especially if she is being told to stay as still as much as possible. Even if she can't be physically moving, at least if she is mentally stimulated labor will be somewhat more manageable.

10 Cancer: Lots And Lots Of Crying

According to Astrology Zodiac Signs, those who have a sun in Cancer are highly empathetic, emotional, nurturing, intuitive and very maternal-like. Cancer is the first water sign of the zodiac, and perhaps the most nurturing one of all. So how will Cancer moms handle labor? Not very well. They will be crying and not just because of the pain. The entire experience will be putting them in tears. They will be the ones who will cry the most during their entire pregnancies, and anything can set them off.

Even if they saw a commercial advertising new and improved toothpaste or a cool filing cabinet that is capable of doing so many things that you could never imagine will put them in tears! If they are highly emotional during their pregnancies, then imagine how they will be when they are in labor!

The same goes for Cancer dads. They will be crying during their wives or girlfriends' labors, and will actually feel some of the pain she is going through because Cancers are so highly empathetic. That said, imagine if both parents have their suns in Cancer. That will be a sob story alone, and that would be too much for the hospital staff to take because of their uncontrollable emotions.

9 Libra: Keep Calm And Carry On 

Libra labor
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According to Astrology Zodiac Signs, Libra is the one sign that is peaceful and is the calmest one in the zodiac. It goes with the flow, but at the same time, those who have a sun in Libra will do everything they can to reach a balance, to be fair and to avoid confrontation as well.

Libra moms that are in labor will have an easier time handling it than most of the other signs already mentioned!

In fact, Libra is the mirror sign to Aries, which now you know how uptight Aries moms in labor or not can be- especially when it comes to the fact that they cannot handle things not going as planned and their entire birth plan being messed up.

Libra moms in labor will most definitely be dealing with the same kind of pain as any other mom regardless of sign, but they will be the calmest and will not put up a fight with those who need to check up on them often, and need to change their birth plan around. Libra dads will be the ones to also calm their wives or girlfriends in labor as best as they can too. And for both Libra parents, they will be quite calm it will confuse the hospital staff.

8 Pisces: No More Energy

According to Astrology Zodiac Signs, those who have a sun sign in Pisces are known to be highly sensitive and intuitive, and have a nurturing side, but are also known to be irrational, emotional and are not always in touch with reality. Therefore, Pisces moms in labor will have a very difficult time because the experience will be incredibly draining.

Pisces is a water sign, and water signs are emotional by nature. But Pisces moms are not going to be able to handle the contractions at all and will be begging for the epidural before they are truly ready to receive one. They will be doing a lot of crying and will make it clear how much they cannot take it. They simply cannot handle what labor is all about because they will be quite drained by the time the baby is born.

Pisces dads will not be able to stand to watch their wives or girlfriends going through the tough labor either and may even experience sympathy contractions because that is the nature of the sign. When you have a Pisces couple that is ready to deliver at any time, the experience will be one major sob story! That is putting it lightly.

7 Aries: My Way Or The Highway

According to Astrology Zodiac Signs, those who have a Sun in Aries are determined, passionate and just full of fire. They are also very enthusiastic by nature, and their downside is having a short fuse and an impatient side to them as well. After all, Aries is the first fire sign of the zodiac.

Therefore, Aries moms are going to likely want to have a specific birthing plan. They will want to have the ideal birthing experience, and will likely have specific requests to make that happen. The thing with the Aries nature is that they have that 'my way or the highway trait'. Therefore, because of the fact that Arians absolutely hate when things don't go their way, these moms with that sun sign must prepare themselves for the fact that their birth plans will likely not go as planned and take their time adjusting to that reality no matter how much they hate it. However, even so, they will still have some kind of expectation while in labor and if things really don't go as planned, they will stress themselves out more than necessary and that will be very bad since being in labor is stressful enough.

Aries dads obviously will not have that kind of expectation like mom does with that sign. But they will be the ones who will be incredibly impatient in traffic while their wives are in labor.

It would be doubly bad if both parents are Arians because there will be a lot of cussing and screaming and tension!

6 Scorpio: Can't Stop Raging

According to Astrology Zodiac Signs, Scorpio is the most intense and passionate sign of the zodiac. You probably have heard that Scorpios know how to love and hate hard. If you are a best friend to a Scorpio who has proven to be loyal, then you have the best protector by your side for life! However, if you made an enemy of a Scorpio, then you better watch out because your life will be made miserable.

That said, Scorpio moms in labor will be raging as soon as their contractions begin, and they will be extremely difficult for the hospital staff to handle because they'll be screaming out profanities and will do everything in their power-successfully to make their jobs even more difficult.

Scorpio dads will also be raging if they see their beloved wives or girlfriends in labor suffering because nothing will make them angrier than watching their suffering loved ones not being helped the way they should be. And you don't want to imagine a Scorpio couple that is expecting a baby any moment while the mom is in labor. That will be pure torture for the hospital staff if both parents are Scorpios because there will be plenty of raging and screaming.

5 Taurus: Too Many Surprises

Taurus labor
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According to Astrology Zodiac Signs, the nature of the Taurus is patient, reliable and stubborn. They also have a love for security and material things, and it is the first earth sign of the zodiac. Tauren moms are going to have the expectation that they give birth on their due date, and also have the expectation that their birth plan goes the way they need it to since they become so set in their ways easily- however for a different reason than the Arian mom would.

Taureans become very shaken up whenever things go unexpectedly, and unfortunately, when it comes to birth plans, anything can change in a matter of seconds and that will be very upsetting for the Taurean mom because of the sudden change which they hate.

However, the Taurean dad would handle his wife's labor quite well at first by doing everything he can to keep her calm.

Taureans are just very calm in nature - unless something changes and if there is a change in plans as well while they are already at the hospital he will be also quite shaken up. Labor is a tough for those who have a sun in Taurus because it is full of surprises and they hate surprises!

4 Leo: It's Showtime!

Leo labor
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According to Astrology Zodiac Signs, Leo is the king and queen of the zodiac and is the second fire sign as well. Leos are known to be creative, playful but can be egotistical and highly dramatic. So you can only imagine how the Leo mom will handle labor. Every contraction will be yelled about, and the Leo mom will make sure she is heard while dealing with those painful contractions and are those that are likely to yell I am dying here, please make this pain stop. They will be begging for the epidural before the hospital staff would be willing to administer it because the pain is too much to take! They will most definitely make that known.

Leo dads will also make sure that their wives or girlfriends in labor are the only ones who are being looked after because they are the only ones that matter and they will make it clear to the hospital staff that since their ladies are in pain, they are too! And imagine a Leo mom and dad in this situation. Both will be making a huge production out of the labor experience to the point that they could easily win an Oscar for such fantastic dramatic acting- but the only thing is, they are not acting. They are being Leos.

3 Sagittarius: Easy Peasy

According to Astrology Zodiac Signs, Sagittarius is the most knowledgeable sign of the zodiac. Those who have a sun in Sagittarius are naturally upbeat and optimistic, they are avid learners and know quite a bit. Therefore, nothing that the Sagittarian mom that is going into labor will be a surprise. That is because she would have done her homework about what to expect during labor from the moment she found out that she was pregnant, and will be well aware of the strong possibility that any birth plan created could go out the window. It would not throw her because she'll expect that something will change things up.

Even though the contractions will be just as painful as it would be for any other mom in labor, the Sagittarian mom will find a way handle the pain until she is given the okay for receiving the epidural. She may hate it, but she'll deal with it. And the Sagittarian dad will be the first one to find a way to distract his wife or girlfriend in pain. He will know that it is his job to keep her as comfortable and distracted while he is making sure that all of her needs are being met.

A Sagittarian couple that is about to deliver a baby will surprise the hospital staff by knowing as much as they do, and as a result, they will be quite calm about the process.

2 Capricorn: Too Much To Handle

Capricorn labor
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According to Astrology Zodiac Signs, Capricorn is the hardest working sign of the zodiac. Everything about the Capricorn is about business, organization, structure, and there is no room for anything more since it is really a no-nonsense kind of sign! Therefore, you will expect that Capricorn moms before approaching their due dates writing out their birth plans in detail. Many times they feel that they can handle the pain before they actually experience it because they just want the job done correctly. If pain medication can hinder that from happening, then they will deal with the pain and not include it in their birth plans!

However, as we already know that regardless of the sun sign the mom in labor has, labor pain is one of the worst types of pain that anyone can experience. That means it will be even too much for the Capricorn mom to handle. But even so, she will do what she needs to do to deal with it as long as everything else is in order. Even while she is putting up with the worst contraction pain because being organized is more important than pain relief. And Capricorn dads will do what they can to make sure things are in order as well and not allow the emotional side of the experience to get to them. A Capricorn couple will treat the whole experience in a professional manner because that is their nature.

1 Aquarius: Glass Is Half Full

Aquarius labor
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According to Astrology Zodiac Signs, Aquarius is the most innovative and unique sign of the zodiac. Those who have a sun in Aquarius are known to be quite unusual with their way of thinking and their way of seeing things, as their perspectives are quite unique. They are also known to be detached but friendly at the same time. The one thing that is certain about anyone who has a sun sign in Aquarius is that they hate to conform in any way at all!

Aquarians are the least likely to enter the parenting journey, however, based on other factors in their horoscopes, many of them become parents. They are free spirits and have many similarities to those with a sun in Sagittarius. That said, Aquarian moms will handle their labor pains quite well and will keep the experience in perspective- that a miracle is happening, a baby is about to be born that they had created with their partners. They will still have the pain just like any other mom, but they will be stoic about it due to sticking with that way to look at what the labor is representing.

Aquarian dads would also be focusing on how amazing everything is, and will be looking forward to meeting the baby that they created as well. An Aquarian couple will be handling the birthing experience in a unique way as well, and focus on the miracle that is about to be born.

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