How Mom Will Handle The Pregnancy Based On Her Zodiac


Many women look to the stars to find answers to life’s most burning questions. A person’s zodiac can unlock many clues about their future; from finding love to family planning, it can be fun to factor in astrology when making important decisions. Tons of ladies swear by it, so why not take a look into how the heavens can affect what we do?

Your sun sign is categorized by the sun's position at the time of your birth. This is what astrologists use to determine your horoscope. Each of the 12 signs of the zodiac have their own characteristics. From the lusty Leo to the sassy Scorpio, your sun sign can give insight into how you will handle pregnancy.

It could also be interesting to learn about your rising sign. Your ascendant sign shows the impression you give off with new people and in unfamiliar circumstances. It plays a big part in your personality can even influence your physical traits. Simply look at an Ascendant Calender, which is based on your birth date, time, and place. These shadow traits could play a big part in determining if you will have that pregnancy glow or if you will be a total grump.

24 Aries Sun Sign: Optimistic Attitude Makes Pregnancy Easy

You’re energetic and confident which means that you’ll totally embrace your new pregnancy body. Optimism comes naturally to you so you’re positive outlook will serve you well.

The Aries woman is very competitive so you’ll work extra hard to outshine all the other moms in birthing class.

Yet, your brutal honesty might lead you to be a little bit too open about the harder side of pregnancy. Chances are you’ll talk everyone’s ear off about all of your aches and pains.

23 Aries Rising: Go-Getter Outlook Means Pregnancy Goes Smoothly

You’re a total go-getter and takes a lot to phase you, so pregnancy will be no different. Those with Aries rising look at life with total enthusiasm. Chances are that you will be very excited at each milestone as your baby bump grows.

You’re direct so if someone gets on your nerves after the hormones kick in, you’ll give them a piece of your mind. It won’t be difficult for you to make important decisions about childbirth because you are so decisive.

22 Taurus Sun Sign: Reliable Nature Makes It Less Stressful

A girl like you is totally reliable and that can make for a healthier pregnancy. You’ll always remember to take your daily prenatal vitamin and won’t miss a single doctor’s appointment. Your practical nature will make the physical challenges of pregnancy less stressful.

Although, your tendency to resist change could make you a bit more emotional as you move through each trimester. Just remember to fight your insecurities and embrace your pregnancy curves. Your body is going to go through a serious transformation.

21 Taurus Rising: Centeredness Makes Pregnancy Peaceful

Pregnant woman having belly ache and cramps , spasms

You are always calm, cool, and collected. These traits will serve you well as you progress in your pregnancy. You crave stability so you will turn inward and focus on your little one. A lady like you will spend quiet moments stroking your belly and meditating about positive childbirth.

Change can be a challenge for you so it’s good that you have the ability to reach inside and find your strengths. Don’t let your stubborn streak get the best of you.

20 Gemini Sun Sign: Possible Pregnancy Panic

Oh Gemini, your nervous nature could cause some trouble for you during pregnancy. If you don’t get a handle on your nerves, it could be a long nine months. Try your best not to panic over every little detail and you’ll have an easier time.

Not to mention that you hate being confined, so you might struggle with the more confining moments of pregnancy. Be aware of your limitations but don’t get too freaked out by all the things that you’re instructed to avoid.

19 Gemini Rising: Playfulness Makes Pregnancy Fun

There is a side of you that loves to have fun. You see pregnancy as a great adventure and will enjoy every moment as each month progresses. Chances are, you’ll post a hilarious pregnancy announcement and will have a huge grin on your face in the pic.

You’ve never met a stranger so you’ll love it when people ask to rub your belly.

Your playful nature will make the baby shower super fun. The atmosphere in the delivery room will be joyful.

18 Cancer Sun Sign: Prepare For Mood Swings

Cancer ladies tend to already be moody by nature but when you couple that with fluctuating hormones, it can produce quite an emotional pregnancy. One moment, you’ll feel like you’re glowing with happiness and the next, you could very easily be in tears.

You also have a sentimental side so chances are, you’ll document every moment of your pregnancy. From cute baby bump pics on Instagram to the tiniest detail of the nursery, you’ll enjoy every milestone to the fullest.

17 Cancer Rising: Nurturing Nature Connects Mom And Baby

Even though it may not be your dominant trait, you’re nurturing nature is undeniable. If you’re a Cancer rising, you will sing to your belly and feel totally bonded from the moment you find out about the pregnancy.

It won’t be a challenge for you to pick out a name for your newborn because you’ll feel like you already know them. You’ve probably had the name picked out for years. Enjoy quiet moments with your growing baby and revel in that pregnancy glow.

16 Leo Sun Sign: Stubborn Streak Means Uncompromising Pregnancy

You are known for being stubborn but your lack of flexibility could serve you well during pregnancy. The Leo mama will have an iron-clad birth plan and will more than likely stick to it. Since it’s hard for you to compromise, chances are that you’ll be the one to select your baby’s name.

You love being the center of attention so you’ll enjoy your time to shine at the baby shower.

As a matter of fact, you’ll demand that things go exactly as you wish, from start to finish.

15 Leo Rising: Flair For Fashion Makes Stylish Pregnancy

You are confident and have a flair for fashion. This means that you will rock some seriously cute maternity clothes during your pregnancy. You’ll turn heads with your stylish baby bump. If you find yourself feeling optimistic even when things are hard, you can thank your Leo rising for your good attitude.

Your playful nature will make even the most difficult days much easier. Pregnancy won’t slow you down. In fact, you might even be more energized while you're expecting.

14 Virgo Sun Sign: Practical Nature Means Calm Pregnancy

An expecting mom holds a sonogram over her belly.

Virgo ladies tend to be practical and your level-headedness means that pregnancy will be calm and simple. You handle most tasks with grace so you can totally take on the challenges that can come with each trimester.

Luckily, you already enjoy a healthy lifestyle so it won’t be a big deal for you to make the necessary changes to ensure a safe pregnancy. You can be a bit critical of yourself, so try not to freak out if you don’t do everything perfectly.

13 Virgo Rising: Strong Emotions Might Mean Freak-Outs

Do you ever find yourself feeling emotional but you don’t know why? It might just be your Virgo rising shining through. Your tendency to feel everything so deeply could make pregnancy a challenge for you. The tears might be quick come to come as you deal with all of the surging hormones.

So, be kind to yourself as your body goes through so many strange changes. Don’t be shocked if you find yourself feeling overwhelmed and out of control.

12 Libra Sun Sign: Self-pity Can Make Pregnancy Difficult

You tend to wallow in self-pity so don’t be surprised if pregnancy is a bit challenging for you. Be prepared for your body to go through some odd changes as your baby bump grows.

It can be all too easy for you to feel insecure so don’t be too hard on yourself. Since you crave companionship, you will appreciate extra back rubs from your partner. If someone gives you a compliment it can go a long way with you.

11 Libra Rising: Charming Nature Means Pampered Pregnancy

Ladies who are Libra rising tend to be magnetic, so don’t be shocked if the entire world celebrates your pregnancy along with you. It’s hard to resist your charms so people withhold the door open for you when you enter a store.

Your partner won’t be able to resist rubbing your swollen feet. Everyone will pamper you at every turn of your pregnancy. Sit back and enjoy all of the attention. Your happy-go-lucky attitude will make pregnancy a breeze.

10 Scorpio Sun Sign: Bravery Makes For A Fearless Pregnancy


The Scorpio woman isn’t shaken easily which means that pregnancy probably won’t be a challenge for you. A lady like you is brave and ready to take on the changes that your mind and body go through as pregnancy progresses.

Your fearless nature makes you one of the most capable signs of the zodiac when it comes to childbirth. The stress of growing a baby won’t phase you in the slightest. Your self- assuredness will serve you well into motherhood.

9 Scorpio Rising: Secretive Nature Means Solitary Pregnancy

Much like the Scorpio sun sign counterpart, Scorpio rising ladies tend to be intense and secretive. You most likely will keep your pregnancy under wraps for some time before announcing it to the world.

On the same note, you could also hide any uncertainties you may feel about becoming a new mom. This can make pregnancy a solitary experience so don’t be afraid to reach out if you need support. You may be self-reliant but let others take care of you, for once.

8 Sagittarius Sun Sign: A Need For Freedom

Two mothers talking about pregnancy and parenthood

You hate feeling confined so pregnancy could be really stressful for a Sagittarius woman. Try not to let anxiety get the best of you as your body is overtaken by your baby. Another complication is that you crave freedom and travel, both of which can become tricky as the due date draws near.

Try to remember that all of the constraints that come with pregnancy are only temporary. Your sense of humor will help you laugh through the hard times.

7 Sagittarius Rising: Brutal Honesty Creates Pregnancy Complaints

Sometimes you are honest to a fault. Do you catch yourself complaining about the slightest inconveniences? You can thank your Sagittarius rising for that. Pregnancy can be an uncomfortable time and you will more than likely tell just about anyone with ears that you are unhappy.

It’s not all doom and gloom, though. You crave connection with others so be sure to embrace the changes your body can go through. You’ll get more support if you curb your whiny ways.

6 Capricorn Sun Sign: Pregnancy Pro Due To Disciplined Nature


Since you tend to be very family-oriented, motherhood will come very naturally to you. The Capricorn woman has extreme self-control and has no problem when it comes to discipline. This means that you will be totally on top of keeping up with doctor’s appointments and eating healthy foods.

You might actually find yourself enjoying being pregnant. You win the most capable award out of all the signs of the zodiac. Be sure to take a few moments each day to enjoy that pregnancy glow.

5 Capricorn Rising: No-Nonsense Attitude

Photo of a pregnant woman relaxing in nature on a beautiful sunny day

When it comes to pregnancy, you totally take charge, Capricorn rising. You have everything under control and everyone around you knows it. This wins you the most independent rising sign of the zodiac and also means that pregnancy will be effortless for you.

You’re not frivolous with your emotions so you can handle whatever feelings come your way while expecting. A lady like you isn’t afraid to take on a challenge. So, labor and delivery will be a calm experience.

4 Aquarius Sun Sign: Independent Nature Makes Pregnancy Simple


The Aquarius woman is fiercely independent so you will more than likely handle pregnancy the exact same way you handle most things in life, on your terms. It won’t bother you in the slightest to go to doctor’s appointments alone.

You might actually prefer it that way. You have a tendency to keep your emotions in check so friends and family probably won’t know how excited you are to become a new mom. Yet, inside you will be quietly filled with joy.

3 Aquarius Rising: Idealism Means Enjoyable Pregnancy


You always have your head in the clouds, Aquarius rising. Your idealism will serve you quite well when it comes to pregnancy. A positive outlook means that you’ll enjoy the exciting moments of being with-child. When it comes to less than glamorous moments, you won’t be phased in the slightest.

You have an undeniable glow about you that shines brighter when you’re pregnant. Since you’re such a natural at connecting with people, you will bond with your newborn right away.

2 Pisces Sun Sign: Fearful Nature Means More Worrying

Be careful not to let your fearful nature overtake you during pregnancy. The Pisces woman can easily give into her anxieties, so take a deep breath and relax. Distraction keeps you centered so it could be fun to focus on decorating the nursery.

This will take your mind off worrying about all the things that are out of your control. Sadness creeps in easily so be aware of this after the baby is born. You may be prone to post-partum depression.

1 Pisces Rising: Sensitivity Makes For An Emotional Pregnancy


Pisces rising, you are such an emotional person that pregnancy could be overwhelming. Compassion is your strongest trait so guard your heart while you’re pregnant or you’ll be a blubbering mess. It’s important not to pick up on other people’s energy all the time.

Be mindful to keep your focus inward as you progress through each milestone. Your growing baby can sense stress and sadness in utero, so do your best to keep remain calm and peaceful despite what happens around you.

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