How Mom's Post-Pregnancy Life Will Go Based On Mom And Baby's Horoscope

An often overlooked aspect of new parenthood is the future baby’s sign, and how his or her parents' signs interact with the new arrival. With so many other things to think about; like preparing the nursery, dreaming of names, packing hospital bags and the like, oftentimes the very last thing on any parent's mind is what in the world the baby’s sign will be.

An insightful parent, though, would be wise to research this little tidbit of information and factor it into just how things with their newborn will go. From sleep traits to behavioural problems and general personality factors, there’s a lot to be gained from researching astrology.

Settle in, grab a snack and keep reading. Below is a list of how Mom’s post-pregnancy life will go based on Mom and Baby’s respective horoscopes. It’s really interesting how the characteristics of each sign interact, and counteract, with one another. Whether baby is a Cancer, Mom is a Pisces or Mom and Baby are both Fire signs...keep reading for the scoop on just how the signs can give insight to what any mom’s post-pregnancy life will look like.

20 An Aries Baby Will Keep You On Your Toes

An Aries Baby is sure to keep any new Mama on her tippy toes. “Aries children like a lot of attention, and they are not very subtle with their demands that you give it to them, right now (they're quite impatient)! From wailing at the top of their lungs to banging on the table, Aries babies are noisy in their requests for your eyes and ears,” shares Mom365.com. Luckily your Mommy instincts are sure to kick in, and hopefully soon! Your post-pregnancy life will be busy, busy, busy. So buckle in and get ready for the ride of parenthood.

19 Taurus Mom: Her Practicality Will Come In Handy


Taurus Mom? Your practicality is about to come in handy. “Sample sale, anyone? Taurus is ruled by sensual Venus, but you’re also a practical earth sign. You know how to find the best of everything for a bargain—and you’re quite the savvy consumer. You know just what to buy at Costco, and exactly what has to come from your favourite gourmet shop, local organic butcher, chocolatier, or wine guy (with whom you’re on a first-name basis, natch),” writes Momstrology.com. Enlisting your practical tendencies into your parenting techniques will help you adjust to this big change in your life, and you will make parenting look like a breeze in no time at all.

18 Mom And Baby Are Both Earth Signs: You'll Already Be In Tune With One Another

If you and your baby are both earth signs then you are in luck. You should be feeling in tune with your baby before he or she is even born. “From Sunday night pot roasts to soccer games to holidays with all the trimmings, you're totally simpatico on such things. There's a serene stability between you but this can also be a mixed bag. It's hard for other people to penetrate such a strong family vibe and that can become a little insular,” states Elle.com on Mothers and daughters who are both Earth signs. Being in sync with your little one will make the earlier days a little more easy on you. It’s later down the road where you could see some problems arise from the similarities.

17 Mom And Baby Are Both Air Signs: You'll Both Benefit From Spending Time Out And About

Air signs have a strong streak of “forgive and forget”, or rather, they’re just too busy to get caught in the past, so children in their care will benefit from their ability to let each day begin anew,” writes Horoscope.com. You and your air sign baby will both benefit by getting outside and exploring a new area everyday. Pencil a daily walk into your new routine as a Mom. You and your baby will benefit greatly from a daily walk and change of scenery. Once your baby gets a little older, you can start exploring parks all over your city and neighbouring cities.

16 Mom Is A Water Sign, Baby Is A Fire Sign: Your Intuition Will Help You Cater To Your Needy Baby

Your Mom intuition will kick in shortly after you give birth to your little one, and it’s a good thing. Fire sign babies are free-spirited, which translates into being a little needy and restless as infants. “ Like fire itself, fire signs tend to be passionate, dynamic, and temperamental. Fire can keep you warm, or it can do great destruction. While fire burns out quickly without fuel to keep it going, it can also regenerate its power from the ashes. A single spark can set off a forest fire. As a result, fire signs need to be nurtured and managed carefully,” writes Momstrology.com on fire sign people. You will be thankful for your child's passionate and outgoing demeanour later on in life, so use your calm demeanour to help you through the trying stages of infanthood.

15 Your Pisces Baby Will Allow You To Get A Good Night’s Rest

Pisces babies are old souls, born with wise and knowing personalities. Their eyes may be dreamy, but they see everything that’s going on,” suggests AstroStyle.com on the personality of Pisces babies. Your Pisces baby will keep you busy during the day, but luckily they will be a good sleeper for you. This will make you one well-rested Mama, and probably the envy of all of your other mom friends. Enjoy the rest while it last though, later in life your Pisces child is sure to be involved in a lot of extra-curricular activities and will always want to be on the go.

14 Mom Is An Earth Sign, Baby Is A Water Sign: Baby Is Comforting You As Much As You Are Doing So For Her

An Earth sign Mom and her Water sign baby will be in tune with one another from the start. “The earth sign mother is your rock and best friend—and she'll love the way you lean on her. When your emotions flare up, she can talk you down from the tree. Sometimes, however, you'll wish she wasn't so damn logical. But what she lacks in empathy, she makes up for in her problem-solving abilities and that is something you'll happily depend on,” writes Elle.com on Earth sign babies and their water sign babies. You and your Water sign baby will be leaning on each other from the start.

13 Your Cancer Baby Will Take Awhile To Adjust To Their New Environment

You made a nice cozy home in your belly for your Cancerian baby! You can probably understand why it might be a little hard for him or her to adjust to life outside the womb.”Ruled by the always-changing moon, the Cancer baby has mood swings as often as the tides change. Expect your little one to swing from ecstatic to angry to despondent to calm and collected, sometimes within moments. As infants, the Cancerian baby may cry more than babies born under other signs. But have no fear: they'll repay those tears with plenty of snuggly adoration and sweetness,” shares Mom365.com.

12 Mom Is An Earth Sign, Baby Is A Fire Sign: Mommy Instincts Will Come Naturally To You- And You're Gonna Need Them

As an earth sign Mom, you will be grounded and stable and motherhood will come easily to you. Don’t get too excited though, because your fire sign baby will test these instincts over and over again. “Fire signs are excitable, vital and enthusiastic. They command attention, whether they realize it or not. Let's keep it real ... Fire signs know exactly the effect they're having on the rest of us. They're lighting up our lives,” shares Tarot.com. Though your fire sign baby will keep you busy and close to pulling your hair out as an infant, you can be sure you will be thankful for your little one’s fiery personality as they grow older, and you will be mesmerized by their creativity.

11 Pisces Mom: You Will Pour Everything Into Your Family First- But Don't Forget About Yourself! 

“The Pisces mama has a heart of gold, and you’re the ultimate empath. You naturally gravitate to children and you shower your kids with the unconditional love they crave. In your eyes, they can do no wrong, and you’re there to soothe them, spoil them and cheer on their every accomplishment,” writes Momstrology.com. The love you have for your child is amazing, but don’t forget that you need to take some time for yourself, too! Once your baby arrives, schedule yourself a pedicure or massage for a month or so after you give birth. This is a great way to treat yourself and make sure you are getting some alone time! Once you pour into your own cup, you will find you have even more to give to your family.

10 A Taurus Baby Will Benefit From A Routine

Your taurus baby will be so much fun to have around! Your taurus baby will love to play and snuggle with you, but they will benefit greatly from a good routine every day. “Don't spring a surprise on your little Taurus, she'll hate it. Even as babies, they love and embrace routine and predictability. Introduce changes early and slowly to allow your little one to adjust and make the new work for him,” shares Mom365.com. Establishing a good routine will take a couple of months, but both you and your baby will benefit from the routine once it is established.

9 Both Mom And Baby Are Fire Signs: Buckle In, Mama, This Could Take Awhile To Get Used To

If you are a fire sign and your baby will be too, your life is about to get exciting. “People with a strong emphasis of the fire element are spontaneous and impulsive and apply their energy wholeheartedly. They have a lively imagination and their emotional response is quick,” states PregnancyBirthAndParenting.com. The early days of your child's life may be challenging, but you and your little will be a dynamic pair as he or she grows older. Consider starting up a Mommy and Me playgroup in your neighbourhood. Your outgoing personality is perfect for starting something like this up, and you and your little will both benefit from the interaction. Plus, you love being in charge of something!

8 Cancer Mom: You Will Be Over-Prepared To A Fault

Your Cancerian instincts will you planning for everything, and most of the time this will be beneficial, but just be aware that there is such as thing as being over prepared. “The Cancer female will even take over minor tasks such as tying her children’s shoelaces for them, buttoning up their jackets for them and cleaning up their toys after play time is over.

The Cancer mother personality traits show that although it is wonderful and sweet that she does everything for her children, she needs to realize that she has to let them learn to do these things for themselves. It is an essential and natural learning process that each individual goes through in their lives. There are no exceptions,” suggests SunSigns.org.

7 Scorpio Mom: You Will Be Back Into Your Normal Routine In No Time

If you are a Scorpio mom, you can expect to bounce back in no time. “Scorpio rules the reproductive system, so childbirth may be less complicated for you than for other moms. You tend to be limber and flexible, and it doesn’t take you long to get back into pre-pregnancy shape,” shares Momscopes.com. The way you bounce back into the swing of things and get back into shape quickly will make those around you envious. Don’t feel like you have to get moving too quickly, though. Be sure and talk to your Doctor about your recovery time and how long you should rest.

6 Your Libra Baby Will Be Easily Entertained

Have a Libra baby on the way? You can rest assured it will not take too much to keep your baby entertained. So if you are an introvert you can easily keep your child entertained from the comfort of your own home and yard. Just make sure everything is neat and orderly, to keep your Libra baby happy. “In the nursery, your little Cosmic Angel will be more content if their toys are neatly arranged and everything is symmetrical. They prefer a home that is peaceful and harmonious and deliberately shrink from disharmony in their lives,” suggests BellyBelly.com.au.

5 Mom and Baby Are Both Aquarius: You Will Definitely Need To Invest In A Good Alarm Clock

Get your rest now, Mom! Your Aquarius baby is sure to keep you up at night. An Aquarius yourself, you will know that with all the excitement that life has to offer, it can be hard to settle down, especially for a little baby who is particular mesmerized by everything he or she is absorbing. You will be thankful for that curiosity in your little one as he or she grows.” Throughout her childhood, take her to as many museums and exhibitions as you can. These experiences and more will broaden your child's mind and help her form her own opinions about the way the world works.

Best of all, though neither of you tends to be overly emotional, you can depend on the strong, mutual devotion you share. You'll love watching your little Aquarius develop into a brilliant thinker,” suggests BabyCenter.co.uk on how to nurture your little Aquarius.

4 Capricorn Mom: You Will Benefit From Leaning On Family For Help and Support

Capricorn Mom? Do not hesitate to pick up the phone and call your mom for help. “You carry the weight of the world on your shoulders, but do you have to? No, Capricorn. Parenthood gives you plenty to worry about, but it can also teach you to lighten up. While you can’t shed your dutiful nature, you don’t have to sweat the small stuff either,” suggests Momscopes.com on the personalities of Capricorn Moms. If there’s a time to ask for help, it’s now. You will benefit greatly by asking your Mom to help around the house or having your bestie bring you dinner a night or two.

3 Your Sagittarius Baby Will Be Strong-Willed And Hard To Please

Start thinking creatively now, Mama. Your Sagittarius will need ever changing activities to keep him or her pleased. “Sagittarius kids are always playing in the dirt, abandoning a messy room to tackle a more interesting project, or acting out in order to be allowed to try new things. They love to learn, but if it's not something that quickly engages them, all bets are off and they're soon bored and unable to sit still,” writes Mom365.com. Your Sagittarius babe might be a little stubborn, but you will love watching him or her explore their creativity, and at least you will not be bored.

2 Gemini Mom: You Will Adjust More Easily To Motherhood By Attending Social Events

Ever the socialite, if you are a Gemini Mom, you will want to get out of the house. “Gemini rules early childhood, so “why?” is your sign’s favourite question. As a result, you honour your children’s desire to learn, especially through play and discovery. Their education will be of prime importance to you. By the time they're born, you’ll have researched all the different methodologies, from Rudolph Steiner to Montessori, and the best educational toys for healthy socialization,” shares Momstrology.com. Look up local playgroups in your neighbourhood. Places like libraries, churches and community centres often have cheap or even free enrichment activities. You will benefit by getting out, and your baby will love the activity.

1 Both Mom And Baby Are Leos: Baby Will Be Laid-Back And You'll Make Motherhood Look Like A Breeze

This mother understands her child’s need for reverence and knows how to praise him. He will answer her the same way, feeling that she should flatter her, especially since she is such a caring mother! And they both appreciate the warmth and generosity of each other. This resourceful, magnetic, loving couple will give their warmth to others, spreading around themselves the radiance of the Sun, which they control. It’s so cool when the Lions are around,” suggests AstrologyK.com. You will quickly fall in tune with your babies needs and will soon be the envy of everyone at your Mommy and Me group, as you make motherhood look like a walk in the park...lucky you!

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