How Mom's Zodiac Will Sabotage Her During Pregnancy And Motherhood

Astrology is fun and it's often uncanny. This list is designed to help pregnant women and new Moms to avoid some common problems which are associated with their zodiac signs.

I'm going to talk about what each sign struggles with during pregnancy...and while caring for a new baby! I'll use some celebrity examples from each sign to make it more fun. Examples of celebs I'm going to discuss include Mariah Carey (Aries), Hayden Panettiere (Leo) and Kristin Cavallari (Capricorn).

One of the celeb mommies on the list will share your sign.

The great thing about astrology is that it makes us think about ourselves and know ourselves better. It's a way of looking inside, confronting issues and moving forward. With this in mind, I'm going to add information about coping techniques for each sign. There are ways to overcome problems and I'm going to help pregnant ladies and yummy mummies to minimize the negative characteristics of their zodiac signs.

These tips and coping techniques will help women to put their best foot forward while they are expecting or bonding with new babies. Once a woman understands the weaknesses of her Sun Sign,  she'll be ready to battle that weakness and focus on the positives. Every Sun Sign has wonderful traits, as well as bad points.

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24 Aries During Pregnancy - Way Too Selfish


Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. It's the zodiac "newborn" and pioneer. Aries often have childlike characteristics, even when they're old and gray. Women born under the sign of Aries rarely lose their sense of childlike wonder.

Like big babies, they can be a little bit selfish. It's often all about them.

If you're an Aries, you're used to putting yourself first. You may be a rather impatient person. During pregnancy, your tendency to become impatient may cause problems. You're probably going to find that waiting nine months to meet your new baby, and putting up with pregnancy discomfort in the meantime, is a little bit grueling.

You may complain a bit too much about everything that you're feeling and turn off other people. Try to focus on others, such as your partner (if you have one), family and friends.  Mariah Carey was pregnant with twins and she talked a lot about how uncomfortable it was. She still did stuff but found that being pregnant was not a good experience.

Since you have trouble waiting, you'll need to focus on doing things that distract you from the long pregnancy road ahead. Usually, Aries turn to sports and/or adventure in order to get what they need from life. They are natural leaders and enjoy pioneering, whether they're traipsing hiking trails, leading book clubs or whatever. The love what's fresh and new. They want to make their mark and be number one.

Since it may be hard to do strenuous exercise during pregnancy or go on big adventures, Aries women should focus on using their leadership skills in some other way. It could be a community group or something like that. Putting together a local group of moms-to-be might be a great way to lead which also helps you to prepare for the motherhood adventure ahead.

It's not good for this sign to stay inside and hibernate too much. Aries goes stir-crazy without people to boss around.

23 Aries Durign Motherhood - Trouble Sacrificing Themselves

Aries women want to do as they please. Motherhood is a joy but hems these natural leaders in sometimes. Aries Moms need to learn to slow down and take time out of their babies.

Aries women aren't really used to sacrificing for others, although they like to think of themselves as heroines. They love to rescue people and help them because they want to be considered heroic. However, despite big hearts, Aries women sometimes fail to consider the people closest to them. They focus their rescue efforts on people outside of their inner circle.

Aries can be a little harsh with loved ones sometimes. Don't fall into this trap as you embark on motherhood. Always be gentle with your baby.

When you have a new baby, you'll need to shift the focus to your infant. It's not about you anymore. When you accept this with good grace (and Aries isn't the most gracious sign), you'll mature and grow.

One tip is, if you're in a relationship, is to avoid taking the frustrations of caring for a baby out on your partner. Baby care is tough and can be scary, but you need to value your partner as you handle all of your new responsibilities.

Mariah has had some breakups. She's no longer with the father of her children. While she's surely fine on her own, she used to be very angry with her baby daddy, Nick Cannon. After their breakup, in 2014, she covered a Billie Holiday song while performing in Japan and added the line, 'I know you cheated motherf***er"!

Mariah has handled her issues with him and they are friends now. She's matured.

As an Aries Mom, you're going to get angry. You're a hothead. Learn how to handle it without acting out.

22 Taurus During Pregnancy - Resistant To Change

Hawt Celebs

Some Taurus women find pregnancy to be uncomfortable. Their bodies are changing and Taurus women are amazingly resistant to change! This is a sign that has a lot of trouble moving on and accepting change. It's something that ladies born under this sign need to work on.

If you're a Taurus, you want to be comfortable at all times. It's one of the driving forces in your life. This means cozy blankets, nice, practical furniture that's pretty and soft sweaters...as well as good food. You're a sign that's into money and values what's measurable and real. You are a practical person.

Pregnancy may rob you of your comfort and it may bring money worries, too. Try to manage your discomfort and fears. This too shall pass and you'll find a way to handle everything. You are hard-working enough to get through anything if you're determined.

Nikki Reed, of Twilight fame, actually enjoyed pregnancy a lot. She was one of the lucky ones who didn't go through a lot of discomforts. Taurus is an earthy sign, and Nikki seemed to love watching her body change. However, another Taurus celeb, Megan Fox, found that her third pregnancy was unpleasant due to morning sickness. She was under the weather a lot. For Taurus, being under the weather is particularly unpleasant!

Baby yourself. Pare down your schedule if you can while you're pregnant. If you're feeling unwell due to morning sickness, consider getting a Sea-Band or hypnotherapy. Do all that you can to make your pregnancy more comfortable. Also, do a budget so you don't worry about money all of the time. Take action to soothe your fears.

21 Taurus During Motherhood - Hot Tempered

Daily Mail

Taurus women hate change and having a baby is one of the biggest changes that there is. The Taurus woman will need to go with the flow and learn to embrace the changes that being a new mom brings, rather than longing for the old rituals and schedule.

Since you're cuddly, you'll adore snuggling with your beautiful baby. However, you may not enjoy the sleepless nights. You're a sign that values rest and downtime. Try to get help with the baby sometimes so you can sleep a bit. When you don't, the legendary Taurus temper, which is slow to build but really explosive once it reaches critical mass, may surface.

You may lash out at people around you, just because you're tired and grumpy.

Also, try not to gross people out with your earthy stories about motherhood. Nikki Reed is a Taurus and she's overshared throughout pregnancy and afterward. She talked about eating the placenta. This is something that less-earthy signs may find deeply unappealing. Remember that other people aren't as down-to-earth as you are. They are more squeamish.

20 Gemini During Pregnancy - Out Of Control

Gemini women have so many strengths. They are great communicators, they're smart and they are often stunning as well! However, Gemini ladies can get nervous. During pregnancy, you may find that your natural tendency to nervousness gets a lot worse. Fight your nerves by educating yourself about pregnancy. Read about what's happening to your body so you understand it completely.

When you do some research, and Geminis are good at research, you'll feel more in control. Your sign thrives on trivia and information. Just be sure to get your information from trusted sources. You may find it fun to visit message boards where pregnant women hang out, just to see how they're doing...and to get some tips. However, most of your information should come from doctors or other pregnancy experts with the right credentials.

Also, never skip your medical appointments. Getting the "all clear" from your ob-gyn on the regular will give you greater peace of mind.

Your sign likes attention. During pregnancy, you may feel like you're not quite as charismatic as usual. You may be dealing with pregnancy symptoms which dull your typical charm and star quality a little bit. Get used to taking things slower and staying in the background a little bit more.

You'll need to spend quality time with your newborn soon, at your home. You won't be able to go out for a while once your baby is born. Use the latter period of pregnancy to prepare for this quieter type of life.

Angelina Jolie says she was shocked when she found out that she was going to have twins. It probably made her a little nervous! However, she also said that pregnancy really heated up her sex life. This sign is intellectual enough to welcome change and to find the good in things most of the time.

19 Gemini During Motherhood - Scatter Brain

Geminis need a lot of change, variety, and mental stimulation. If you're a Gemini woman, you may envy fellow Gemini, Angelina Jolie, who travels so much and is involved with so many different projects and causes. She's living out her Gemini destiny by dabbling in so many things.

Like Angelina, you're bright and talented. However, you have a tendency to scatter your energy. You get into a lot of things for a while and then leave them by the wayside. Angelina's had some husbands (three). She will move on when she feels that it's necessary and she won't look back.

With a new baby, "moving on" is not an option!

You're a social person and you may find that having a new baby clips your wings. Being a social butterfly is almost impossible when there's a newborn to take care of. You should resign yourself to texting, Facebook and phone call for a while. Try to spend the first month with your baby just taking care of the infant. There will be time later for the usual visits and chit-chat.

You may even want to go offline if you can bring yourself to do it (unlikely)!

You'll be able to get back into the social scene soon enough. You'll bond better with your baby if you put your social life on the back burner for the first month, at least. You may get bored sometimes, but that's life.

A Gemini woman relies on a talk for mental survival. Babies can’t speak. If you're a Gemini, you will need to rely on your own chatter, as well as non-verbal communication from the baby, in order to bond. This may take some getting used to, but you'll manage because you are a very adaptable person.

As a final note, you are born under a sign that tends to talk about feelings, rather than actually feeling them. With your baby, try to tap into genuine emotion. Let yourself feel things. Slow down and focus on feeling and showing real love.

18 Cancer During Pregnancy - Way Too Emotional


Cancer women usually dream of being mothers of very young ages. As little girls, they have special baby dolls, stuffed animals or pets that they mother. Cancer women are also generally very attached to their own moms.

Whether a relationship with a mother is positive or negative will have a huge impact on a Cancer's woman's entire life!

While many Cancer ladies dream of being mommies, they may not enjoy being pregnant. Being pregnant tends to suck sometimes because it can be uncomfortable. Every sign of the zodiac has to deal with pregnancy symptoms. How these symptoms affect them may vary from sign to sign.

Cancers are very sensitive and emotional. If you're a Cancer, you may find that dealing with the hormone surges and shifts is the worst part of being pregnant. You're already really sensitive and the hormone changes may throw you into mood swings which are even more extreme than normal.

Cancers are always moody and pregnancy may lead to crying jags and dizzying highs and lows. Try to read up on hormone shifts in pregnancy so you can figure out how they are going to affect you emotionally before they happen. Knowledge is power.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Lisa Rinna,  was so excited about the pregnancy. She commemorated one of her pregnancies with a nude photo shoot. If you're a Cancer, consider a pregnancy photo shoot of your own. It will take your mind off the downside of pregnancy and help you to appreciate the miracle that is in progress.

17 Cancer During Motherhood - Cranky, And Moody

Bravo TV

Cancers generally love motherhood and feel fulfilled by it. However, they may find that exhaustion wreaks havoc with their emotions, in addition to their natural tendency to worry too much. Also, some little flaws in the Cancer personality may cause problems during this new and exciting time of life.

It's important for a Cancer woman to get a lot of rest if she can. It won't always be possible, but she should try. When a new Mom born under the sign doesn't sleep, she may be incredibly moody. This sign definitely gets cranky sometimes! In fact, the moods of Cancer women can change hundreds of times per day.

Eating well will also be important, especially if you're nursing, and most Cancer women want to nurse because it's such a great way to bond. Remember that you'll need some extra calories. Taking care of your health should stop some of the moodiness.

If you're ever watched Cancer lady, Lisa Rinna, on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, you already know that she loves to gossip. She can be a bit childish and catty. Cancers do have this streak of childishness. They have the tendency to express very strong opinions about others.

Cancer moms should be aware of this and try to grow out of it. Now that your baby is here, try to chill on the gossip if you can. Also, focus on maturity. Try to do your best adulting!

16 Leo During Pregnancy - Battling Inner Demons

Daily Mail

Leo women are strong and most tend to sail through pregnancy, although there are exceptions. Hayden found pregnancy weird (an "out of body" experience) and suffered from postnatal depression afterward.

These ladies may find the process of gaining weight unpleasant, as they are typically pretty body-conscious. Big stars are born under this sign. They have major star quality. They are super-photogenic. Hayden Panettiere, Madonna, and Halle Berry are examples.

These women are pretty tough in their own way. They are not shrinking violets. If you're a Leo, too, you're probably a queen in your own court. People gravitate towards you and rely on you for charisma and humor that brightens their day!

If you're losing your shine due to pregnancy symptoms, do what comes naturally. This means pampering yourself and glamming yourself up. Get a facial, do some gentle exercise, such as prenatal yoga or swimming and take time to buy some stylish maternity clothes.

Taking care of your exterior will help you to retain your confidence as your body changes. Also, try not to hide how you're feeling due to your Leo pride. Let people in when you're having a hard time.

15 Leo During Motherhood - Post-Partum Depression


The Leo mother is going to have to make her baby the star, instead of taking center stage as she usually does. She’ll need to change her thinking so that her baby is number one. Luckily, she’s big-hearted enough to rise to the task.

Taking care of a new baby requires a lot of sacrifices. This means that you'll have to take a backseat for a while. This may be a new experience for you! Make it all fun by using your usual playful attitude.

Decorate the nursery in a playful and whimsical way that helps you to express your creativity. Buy fun and safe little toys and use them to amuse your baby. Play Mozart while you nurse in order to give your baby some dramatic music that also grows his or her brain!

You may want to show off your new baby right away. You're a person who likes to be out there, getting attention. It's probably better to keep things quiet and chill for the first few weeks. Spend quality time with your baby at home. Later on, when your baby son or daughter is bigger and stronger, you may start to dress the infant up (and dress yourself up) for photo ops which you plaster across social media. That'll help you to banish any baby blues.

If you feel depressed after childbirth, like Hayden Panettiere did, be sure to reach out to a therapist. You may find that talking to an expert in a private setting is the best way to keep your pride, while still sharing all of your feelings.

14 Virgo During Pregnancy - Nervous Nancy


A Virgo woman is an intelligent, cautious and nervous creature. They may become obsessed with “doing everything right” while they’re pregnant. They may also find it tough to get as much work done as normal because pregnancy is really tiring.

If you're a Virgo, you're going to want to be as healthy as possible during pregnancy. You will pay careful attention to diet and try to follow all of the rules. Don't beat yourself up if you crave the proverbial pickles and ice cream. Let yourself make a small slip now and then. Giving yourself a little room to indulge is important in terms of your emotional stability. You'll eat right most of the time, anyway. Most Virgos do.

Since your sign is prone to hypochondria, you may become frightened by pregnancy symptoms. You may want to run to your ob-gyn all of the time. Don't hesitate to reach out for help from your doctor if you're worried. It's better than feeling nervous all of the time. Read baby books from authority sources to gather information. Knowing what happens at each stage of pregnancy will calm you down.

Try to delegate during pregnancy. You're probably used to working harder than other people and handling a lot of details that other people don't want to be bothered with. Now is the time to ask for help. Let other people help you.  Also, try to let go of your need for perfection right now. Pregnancy will drain you if you try to keep everything perfect at home, work or wherever. It's a time to rest and nest.

13 Virgo During Motherhood - Neat Freak

Pop Sugar

The Virgo mother will care, but be reserved. She’ll need to learn how to be demonstrative enough to show her love to a little baby. She should go heavy on cuddling and let things go at home sometimes in order to spend quality time with the baby.

Organizing the fridge or changing the liner paper in the drawers (or organizing socks by color) can wait for a while. Can't it?

Also, some Virgos get grossed out by dirty diapers and other unpleasant elements of parenting. Virgos are fastidious and hate dirt, especially when it's poop. You'll need to adjust to handling this stuff.

Puke, poop, pee, and spit-up are a part of your life now. If you have a partner, gently suggest that he (or she, as the case may be) help you with the tasks that you find the most unpleasant. If you're on your own, grit your teeth and get things done. Someday, your infant will be fully toilet-trained!

For Virgo, cleanliness is next to godliness. Virgo women have so many intricate systems for maintaining order. If you can afford it, pay someone to clean your home while you're taking care of your newborn. They won't do it as well as you would like, but it will take some pressure off.

A messy home is going to throw you off emotionally and you may not have the energy to clean while your baby is very young.

12 Libra During Pregnancy - So Many Physical Changes

Hollywood Life

Libras may find that the physical changes that pregnancy brings, including pimples, weight gain, and swollen ankles, make it hard to achieve their typical physical perfection. Libra women are naturally beautiful and some don’t like the way that they look towards the ends of their pregnancies.

However, these gracious and refined ladies soon bounce back. They always find balance in the end, even if they wobble sometimes.

Libra women may also find that their romantic lives take a downturn while they're expecting. A lot of Libra confidence in love comes from being naturally good-looking, with perfect manners and plenty of charm. Pregnancy can be rough. When it is, it tends to change the way that Libras look and act. These changes may make them feel off-balance, which is what they hate the most.

To maintain balance, give yourself time for grooming. If you're feeling up to it, put on makeup, like Libra, Gwen Stefani, does every single day of her life. Put on a pretty dress or stylish maternity pants and a cute new top. Get dolled up and then ask your partner for a date, whether it's dinner out at a beautiful restaurant or a movie night at home.

Don't let your relationship go when you're pregnant. Your relationship is everything to you.

Libra women who don't have partners while they're expecting will be strong enough to survive, but they may feel sad sometimes. If you're in this boat, reach out to girlfriends and family for support.

11 Libra During Motherhood - Ignore Romantic Relationships

Celebrity Baby Blog

As a general rule of thumb, Libras are more into their partners than their kids. They put their romantic relationships first and their kids are loved, but come second. Libras need to put their babies first after childbirth. I don't mean neglecting their partners. I just mean putting aside their obsession with their romantic lives. It's time to grow out of that.

Even Libra Gwen Stefani, who is clearly a very loving and devoted Mom, is obsessed with her love life. When her marriage imploded, she was utterly devastated. She had a good reason, as her husband had been sleeping with the nanny for years. The situation was horrible.

Gwen wobbled badly, wrote some songs which revealed her pain and then began to bounce back. Now, she's got Blake Shelton and her career is red-hot. She was strong enough to watch all of her romantic illusions die a painful death. She still smiles and looks fabulous.

Gwen has surely learned that kids provide love in a way that partners may not be able to. Take a lesson from Gwen and focus on the baby. If your partner is true blue, he or she will be there for you as you give your newborn most of your attention.

10 Scorpio During Pregnancy - Squeamish About Her Body


The Scorpio woman will be fascinated by what’s happening to her body, rather than being squeamish about it. This doesn't mean that she'll enjoy pregnancy. It just means she'll be intrigued by the whole transformation because it's one of the big changes in life. Scorpios like to solve mysteries. If it's her first baby, she'll be discovering new things and that'll be exciting for her.

Overall, the Scorpio lady may find that being pregnant makes her feel a little powerless. She won’t be able to do the usual physical feats when she’s got a growing bump. Her normally-endless energy may wane a bit.

Scorpio women aren't weak, although they are often too intense for their own good. Hormone changes during pregnancy may ramp up the intensity...and not in a good way.  If you're a Scorpio, you already know how deeply you feel everything. You probably work at mastering your emotions all of the time.

During pregnancy, you may not be able to have the usual control over how you feel.

So, prepare for hormonal shifts that make you more emotional. Find healthy outlets for these heightened emotions during pregnancy.  It might be reading, napping, TV, gentle exercise. Find something that soothes you and turn to it often.

Also, you may feel some loss of allure as you gain weight during pregnancy. Reassure yourself that you're still sexy because you are.

9 Scorpio During Motherhood - Can't Relinquish Control


Scorpios seek out control. Newborns can’t really be controlled. The Scorpio woman should focus on love and bonding and forget about controlling stuff for a while. It's so difficult for Scorpios to relinquish control. Control is a huge issue in their lives. They want to have power over everything in their domains.

The first days and weeks with your new baby are going to be something very different. The baby is helpless, yet so powerful. The baby will have control of you.

Just surrender to it and give the infant all of your intense love. When the baby is older, you'll be able to get some control back.

Since you want to bond on the deepest level, you'll probably love this special time in your life. You have someone who's a part of you! For Scorpio women, who have trouble trusting, the bond with a baby is very special. It's a chance for a Scorpio to trust and love without fear. Be sure and treasure every moment.

You may miss being intimate with your partner when you have a new baby, especially if you're recovering from a C-section or a rough natural labor. This may be frustrating for your sensual sign. Try to do some cuddling with your partner until you feel capable of more. It will help.

8 Sagittarius During Pregnancy - Leg Problems

Popsugar Australia

Sag women love sports and being out there in the community. During pregnancy, they may need to chill on the extreme workouts and the usual social functions. Most will benefit from quiet time outdoors during pregnancy (weather permitting). It will help them to recharge. Meditation will also be a great idea.

Quiet chats with small groups of buddies may also help them to cope, even if the chats are online. This sign is extroverted and needs social contact most of the time.

Fiery and optimistic, the Sag woman will try to power through pregnancy. Sag ladies tend to have problems with their legs, although they are usually gorgeous legs. So, if you're a Sag, you may find that your legs swell up a lot while you're expecting. Regular walking should help your circulation.

Chrissy Teigen is a Sag who puts a lot of information out there online. She's active on social media and very social out in the world, too. She said that she had headaches while she was expecting, so this may be something that you need to watch out for if you're a Sagittarius. These headaches may relate to tension or to hormones.

7 Sagittarius During Motherhood - Won't Want To Leave The House

Daily Mail

The Sag may feel trapped at home during the newborn phase. You’re not supposed to take a newborn out for several weeks after he or she is born. During this time, the Sag will stay positive but probably dream of putting her new kid in a stroller and getting back out there.

Chrissy Teigen is Sag and she developed postpartum depression. She actually didn't want to go outside at all, which is completely uncharacteristic of this Sun Sign! It must have been shocking to her that she wanted nothing more than to stay inside with the curtains closed.

You never know who's going to get hit with this form of depression. It doesn't discriminate based on Sun Sign. Clearly, Chrissy got help and got better. She seems very happy these days.

In true Sagittarius fashion, she's been open about what she went through. That's good. The desire to communicate and educate is strong with this sign. Sag women love to learn and want to share what they've learned with other people.

Chrissy also had IVF before becoming pregnant and she and her hubby, John Legend, were open about that as well. This sign is all about openness. If you have a new baby and you're a Sag, be sure to talk to other people about your experiences. Share ideas and solve problems together. If you feel alone with your baby, try to find a community group for new Moms. You'll find that you're back in the swing of things in no time, with your baby in tow.

6 Capricorn During Pregnancy - Worry About Money

Saharan Times

This is another sign that worries so much! Capricorn will worry about pregnancy symptoms, worry about money and worry about everything else. From this worrying comes planning, research, and understanding. Capricorn Moms-to-be should focus on the positive, rather than thinking about what will go wrong. Easier said than done for this sign.

Your desire to organize may become a drawback during pregnancy. You may not be firing on all cylinders like you usually do. You may want to isolate yourself a bit. Capricorn does appreciate a bit of alone time, but there is a limit. Try to stay engaged with other people. You need to talk about what you're going through. Don't try to tough out morning sickness and other pregnancy issues on your own. Let people be there for you.

Capricorns usually have problems with their skin, teeth, and knees, so these will be your trouble spots while you're expecting. Treat yourself to some skin care products (try organic - Capricorns like natural products) that are just right for sensitive skin like yours, visit the dentist and go for gentle walks. Swimming will provide you with exercise that is gentle on your knees.

Kristin Cavallari is a Capricorn and she didn't have the roughest pregnancies. She stayed strong throughout and even wore high heels for photo shoots when she was heavily pregnant. It's probably her discipline (she's into healthy living) that made things easy for her.

Kristin found her sex life amusing during pregnancy. The baby would kick while she was getting intimate and her husband just didn't want to know that the kicking was happening! Capricorns have a wry sense of humor which makes them great company and Kristin probably enjoyed the absurdity of pregnancy a fair bit.

5 Capricorn During Motherhood - Workaholic


The Capricorn Mom is a natural manager. She wants to run things because she’s the zodiac’s executive. She will need to focus on playtime and things that don’t have the usual tangible benefits (like completing a to-do list, paying bills, keeping the house stocked with supplies and making a budget spreadsheet).

Simple things like bathing the baby and feeding the baby should always take priority over business.

Capricorns are industrious workaholics. Even the stay-at-home Capricorn mommy will probably be committed to earning money somehow (Kristin Cavallari wrote a cookbook while caring for her kids). This sign thrives on work and the status that comes with being successful and earning money.

Just try to balance. Time with a newborn doesn't last long. You can get back to empire-building when the baby is a bit older.

Capricorns are often pretty rigid about their schedules. They want everything the same, day in and day out. If you're a Capricorn, you'll need to let go of the usual routines. You're going to enter into a wild and hectic schedule that you can't control well at first. Just accept it and make the best of it.

The pleasure that you get from seeing your son or daughter grow will make it all worthwhile. This is the new member of your family dynasty!

4 Aquarius During Pregnancy - Feel Trapped


Freedom is a big deal for Aquarius, so pregnancy may feel like a prison sometimes. The Aquarius may feel weighed down. It’s a good time to indulge in books which expand your mind, gentle Yoga and other holistic pursuits. The revolution can wait!

Of course, you'll be utterly fascinated by the fact that you're carrying a new person in your womb. Aquarians love science and this new biological process will be intriguing to you. You're a natural student, so you'll probably do a lot of reading about what's happening to your body. You'll try to intellectualize the whole experience.

Aquarians aren't usually the most emotional people. They are more detached and friendly. They love humanity but can be a little standoffish with people. If you're pregnant, you may find that you want more alone time. Let yourself have it. Give yourself space to dream about the future and make plans.

You shouldn't isolate completely, but allow yourself time to unwind by yourself. You deserve it.

In terms of trouble spots, your calves may get very swollen. Try to drink plenty of pure water to reduce the risk of swelling (edema). Also, chill on the salt. Most Aquarians love it, but it does contribute to painful swelling during pregnancy.

Alicia Keys is a typical progressive Aquarian. Lately, she is all about no makeup as a feminist statement. However, like most Aquarians, she occasionally shocks society, like when she got together with Swizz Beats, who was married to someone else.

Aquarians are idealists. Alicia describes motherhood as "bliss". Pregnancy may be a little harder for this sign, but it passes.

3 Aquarius During Motherhood - Needs To Follow All The Trends


Aquarians are generally great women who are very committed to social progress. This is why the Aquarius mom may be concerned about whether or not she’s following the most innovative and modern child-rearing techniques.

If you're an Aquarius, remind yourself that good baby care can be old-fashioned, so don’t stress if you don’t have all of the latest baby care answers. Love and proper baby care (feedings, baths, pediatrician appointments) will be more than enough. You may hate old-fashioned things (most women born under your sign are very modern). However, the old-fashioned basics will be something to embrace while you're caring for your newborn.

You don't need to reinvent the wheel this time like you usually do when you take on a new task.

You're inventive, so you're going to approach motherhood in a way that is yours alone. You may raise a gender-neutral child or something like that. It's your way of moving humanity forward.

Remember that your child may not have the same person that you do. Think about this before you give him or her a crazy name that you'd love to have. Alicia named her baby boy, Egypt. This isn't too crazy and it's actually pretty cool, but it's not a typical name. It is typically Aquarian!

Your child may be more conservative than you are and less "out there". Kids aren't usually exactly like their parents. Watch your baby's personality develop and go from there. It's about the baby, not about your need to change the world.

2 Pisces During Pregnancy - Emotionally Unstable


Pisces tend to suffer from swelling during pregnancy and they are also prone to emotional ups and downs. This sign has the deepest emotions. Pisces need to pare down their schedules and get more rest while they are pregnant. It's the key to staying healthy and emotionally stable.

If you're a Pisces lady, and pregnancy makes you worried or scared, you need to reach out. Ask others for help. You offer love and support year-round to many and now is the time to request a little help in return.

Pisces women tend to have weak lungs and sensitive feet. Protect yourself from colds and cases of flu as best you can while you're expecting and pamper your feet, too. Wear the most comfortable shoes that you can find. This isn't the time for the usual wild heels and platform boots.

To relax, you need quiet time. Your sign needs time alone to imagine and create. Buy a sketchbook and decorate it with little drawings and captions. Record your memories and show them to your baby once he or she is born.

If you can afford it, treat yourself to organic food that is pure. You may crave junk food and you should try to stay away from it, as it may trigger swelling. It's ok to eat something naughty once in a while, but don't make a habit of it. While pregnant with her second baby, gorgeous Pisces, Olivia Wilde, craved Coca-Cola. She was determined to not give into the craving, which she had caved into during pregnancy one.

You may have trouble sleeping because you're not so comfortable. Lots of women born under this sign struggle with insomnia, usually, because they carry around so many feelings that they process during the wee hours. Pregnancy discomfort may make it all so much worse.

Try to find ways to sleep deeply, from sleep apps to soothing nature soundtracks to nice, new bedding to "sleepy time" herbal teas which are safe for pregnant women.

1 Pisces During Motherhood - Runs Herself Ragged

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The Pisces mother is going to sacrifice herself for her child. This is cool, but there is a limit. Pisces Moms should make time for themselves whenever they can after their babies are born. They need time for a little magic, such as great old movies, special meals, and dates.

You will run yourself ragged trying to give your baby more love than any baby has ever gotten. Since you do have so much love to give, it's safe to say that your baby will feel special and valued from day one. You will feel your baby's feelings and that's beautiful. Pisces women feel other people's pain just as though it was their own. This is a blessing, but also a curse.

The Pisces woman cannot detach from her baby!

Pisces mom Olivia Wilde decided to breastfeed her son during a Glamour photo shoot. She says the shot was unplanned. She just needed to feed him and decided to do it, and the photographer captured the moment. She took her baby to work and that's so Pisces! She did get some criticism for the photo but doesn't seem too worked up about it. She's happy to be the new face of breastfeeding because she believes in it.

Once the newborn phase is past, try to carve out some time for yourself. You'll probably want to nurse and do everything that you can to bond and make your baby healthy. At some point, you need to go out and do some stuff that you enjoy, such as checking out a new eatery or an art gallery. Downtime at home is also recommended, even if it's just watching La La Land in your PJs, while someone else watches your baby for a while.

This sign is prone to burnout. This may lead to temperamental outbursts and crying. Do what you can to stay on an even keel. This sign has faith, although Pisces are worriers. Try to stay positive and put your faith in your own ability to be a good Mom and balance your life. You can definitely do it!

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