How Newborns Will React To The Tiny Tot, Based On Their Zodiac Signs

Raising kids is a calling, a vocation, a vastly underpaid job, and one of the absolute most fulfilling things individuals can do in this life. With all the sleepless nights, drooled-on clothes and headaches brought on by high-pitched screaming and worrying about whether they're okay or not, parenting doesn't look ideal on the outside.

As every parent can tell us though, it's worth it. Those bright little eyes watch us. They give us chocolate kisses and cuddly hugs right when we think we've had it and should sell them on Etsy (since they're homemade, you know?).

Things get a bit more interesting when we start adding subsequent babies into the mix and then examining the kids' conflicting or complimenting zodiac signs. If we've always wondered why they fight like cats and dogs, researching their zodiac signs can be an enlightening moment. What a lot of us want to know when we're pregnant with a second or third baby is how they will all interact.

How will the new baby react to big brother's demanding attitude when he's hungry? How will he or she react to the wild and noisy older sibling they're suddenly face-to-face with—without that protective womb as a barrier to the ear-piercing shrieks the toddler can produce? While we don't have all the answers, this short list should help summarize some signs and give us a heads up in the impending arrival stage before the baby actually arrives.

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16 Why Are You So Dirty?—Earth Signs

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Earth signs are the foundation of the zodiac calendar and keep everyone rooted in reality as much as they are. The Earth signs are Capricorn (who is cardinal and starts winter off with a bang), Taurus (who is fixed and the most stubborn and rooted of all the signs), and Virgo (who is mutable and ends summer with a flourish and a kiss for autumn). These signs are practical, very focused on material and tangible things they can touch, lick and feel, and they like dirt.

As children, they will likely be running around outside getting all muddy and fully exploring the world around them.

They'll grow up to be reliable, dependable and focused adults who will have lots of friends but still be content enough to be left on their own.

As Ivy Roses states, "Earth sign people are often described as sensual in that they take the time to appreciate life through all the physical senses of sight, sound, touch, smell and taste." As the parent of an Earth sign, be prepared to pry dirt, rocks and other inedible substances away from curious mouths and provide plenty of sensual activities such as touch-and-feel books, beans rattling around in jars and soft versus rough textures.

15 Peaceful And Practical—Capricorn

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Capricorn rules from December 22 to January 20, and is represented by the ram. As adults, these signs are very practical, conservative and hard-working to the point of becoming a workaholic. As children, they are often described as old souls and are very logical. They'll thrive on routine and set boundaries, and will hold onto those early childhood friends for the rest of their lives.

According to Momstrology, the challenge will be the child demanding too much of themselves. "Disciplining this baby won’t be too hard: these responsible kids love to make Mommy and Daddy proud. Rather, the challenge may be in getting little Caps to cut themselves some slack. They are born with a perfectionist streak, and may even rip up their drawings if they don’t look like Crayola masterpieces."

These signs as children are social but like to solve problems on their own. It won't take the new baby very long to adjust and accept his older sibling after the first meeting. Caps like to solve problems on their own, so they might watch big brother with quiet interest before engaging with him. A Capricorn baby will likely be an easy baby once their personality develops a bit.

14 Fierce Fighter Till Naptime—Taurus

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Taurus reigns supreme from April 20 to May 20, and is represented by the bull—very fitting for this intense sign. We all know at least one or two grown Taurus who are the most stubborn people we have ever met in our lives, but also reliable and loyal to a fault.

As children, these babies will have naptime down to a fine art, making it easy on sleep-deprived parents, but they rule over the five senses.

Therefore if the baby is wet or hungry, be prepared for some intense screaming sessions till their tiny needs are met.

The good news is that according to Elite Daily, Taurus makes for some of the best siblings. "The bull of the zodiac does not screw around when they love someone and they'll love you simply because you're their sibling, even if you have nothing in common. Loyalty is not something a Taurus spends time interpreting; they're either loyal to you or they aren't. Whoever is your enemy is their enemy too."

This means that once the baby accepts their anxious new older bro or sis, they will stick with their sibling through thick and thin forever—regardless of whether or not they have anything in common.

13 Neat But Picky—Virgo

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Virgo rules the end of summer from August 23 to September 22, and will make for an interesting child. They like things neat and simple, so those noisy mobiles will be wasted on them as babies. They learn best by observation; so provide plenty of educational videos for them to watch instead of randomly scrolling through YouTube and Netflix. The hardest parenting struggle will be the fact that this sign rules the digestive system and therefore our Virgo will either need a special diet or will be a very picky eater—something that every parent wants to hear as the rejected mashed potatoes slide down the wall.

According to Momstrology, "While they may look innocent, they may develop a mischievous streak as they get bigger. Distract them with crafts and model kits. Working with their hands can absorb them for hours."

Due to their ability to socialize and talk sooner than other babies, they will likely want to hang out with grownups or older kids. This can become a pretty ideal scenario when parents are hoping that the new little one will connect well with their firstborn.

When paired with younger siblings, Virgo children can become bossy and overly critical. So it's helpful if they're the youngest in the family.

However, they do like to help, so there's a good chance that they will assist a lot with another new baby down the line. Of course, if that baby is also a Virgo, they'll eventually become mobile and boldly invade their neat little world.

12 Why Are You So Dramatic?—Fire Signs

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Fire signs are the powerhouses of the zodiac calendar and contain Aries (who is cardinal and starts spring off with a burst of energy), Leo (who is fixed for summer) and Sagittarius (who is mutable and ends autumn with a swish of holiday fun and humor). These signs will grow up to be powerful with burning personalities and the ability to swing from extremes, leaving other signs exhausted just watching them.

According to Ivy Roses, "People born under the fire signs of Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries are often described as out-going, enthusiastic, and often dramatic. They frequently prefer to do things on a grand scale and/or may be described as having a 'larger than life' personalities."

As children, this translates to high energy and curious minds with bursts of temper intermixed and verbal expressions of love. This will be followed up by some more dramatic outbursts of passion over one thing or another.

Until they fall asleep at the end of the day, these energetic signs will keep us on our toes and exhaust us as we try to keep up with them.

No worries—they'll be worth every minute as we watch them learn and grow, exploring the world around them with an unmatched enthusiasm that we can only dream about.

11 Fiercely Dominant—Aries

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The Aries child will be a handful. Ruling from March 21 to April 19, this kid will be on the go from the very first moment and won't stop for anything or anyone. He'll grow up to move and shake the world with the right tools and intentions at his disposal but always come back. This is a loyal and deeply loving sign.

As siblings, an Aries brother is fiercely protective and loves getting showered with gifts from his sisters.

The sisters who are Aries will be dominant and bossy (in a very loving manner of course, simply because they know best—like all women do).

Introducing an Aries baby boy to their older sibling will likely be a breeze while doing the same with a sister will provide the lingering feeling that Aries has just become a minion for life, depending if the older sibling shares their sign. According to The Astrologer, "Remember that all Aries people are dominant, they learn best through responsibility, and you must instill positive values while they are young."

Disciplining our Aries will be a struggle till we find what works best for their personality. Till then, brace for rebellion.

10 Intensely Dramatic—Leo

Leo rules from July 23 to August 22—at the height of summer—and is represented by the wild lion. This fits our Leo so perfectly. As adults, they will be passionate, intense and shine with an inner brightness that will attract numerous friends. As children, these signs will adore the spotlight and resist bedtime with a passion.

The trick is to jam-pack their days to the point where they are exhausted at bedtime so they will actually fall asleep instead of fighting us all night long.

According to Pure Wow, "Think your Terrible Two-Year-Old throws exceptionally terrible tantrums? Well, that’s because he does. Leos are some of the most outgoing, happy and charming tykes of the zodiac, but their early age dramatics are unparalleled. (Hell hath no fury like a lion who's been told he can’t have ice cream for breakfast.)"

Due to their love of the spotlight, brand spanking new Leos love sucking up all the attention and won't mind taking it away from that kid that's been around for the last few years.

Because the new babe will adore all the attention he or she is getting, they might not notice the older sibling until things settle into a routine. As they grow older, sibling rivalry will be our biggest parental headache with a Leo child.

9 The Risk-Taker—Sagittarius

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Sagittarius rules from November 23 to December 21 and is represented by the Archer, which might explain this sign's tendency to be painfully truthful to the point where they probably shouldn't have said what they just said.

As far as siblings go, Sagittarius is always up for a party and will view siblings as awesome playmates ready to take on the world with them and go on long adventures. This makes one less thing for us to worry about as parents at least. The biggest struggle with parenting a Sagittarius will be their love of adventure.

According to Popsugar, "Sagittarius children are so sure things will turn out positively that they sometimes fail to even consider the possible negative consequences. But it takes a lot to put a damper on that bright spirit, so they bounce back remarkably well when things do go awry."

This translates to buying lots of extra bandages and keeping the house baby-proofed for longer than necessary in an effort to curb some of our overly confident explorer's misadventures. They learn with crazy intensity and might remember not to do some of the riskier moves once they've experienced the same painful result a couple of times in a row. They will usually embrace the companionship of a sibling that will help guide them in this new thing called life. At least someone can assist them in avoiding boo-boos.

8 Why Are You So Emotional?—Water Signs

Via: Parents Magazine

The Water signs are some of the most emotional of the zodiac signs and they include Cancer (who is cardinal and known for their mood swings), Scorpio (who is fixed and intensely passionate) and Pisces (who is mutable and deeply feeling). These signs are highly intuitive to the point of almost being psychic and can unnerve some people (Earth signs) with their highly accurate observations of how someone is feeling.

As children, these signs will be emotionally intense and exhausting but they'll also be nurturing, loving and loyal to a fault. They do have their downfalls, but we'll love them anyway and so will their future friends and sweethearts.

Like most kids, these sign will thrive in the warmer months and will particularly love water so swimming, sprinklers, and gardening with plenty of mud will occupy them for hours on end to their intense delight. Showers afterward will be a must but equally enjoyable.

According to Ivy Roses, "People born under the water signs of Scorpio, Pisces, and Cancer are often particularly emotionally sensitive, including having a high awareness of the emotions of others. They are also generally considered to be imaginative, dreamy and sometimes impulsive rather than logical."

7 Small But Mighty—Cancer

Via: The Thud

Cancer reigns from June 21 to July 22 and is represented by the crab, which is very fitting. This sign will be small but their ambitions and what they perceive as their abilities will be larger than life—they may even bite off more than they can chew and pick fights with the bigger player.

They are known for their intense mood swings which come and go in a flash, leaving everyone around them reeling and wondering what to expect next from their little bundle of emotions.

According to Astroyogi, "Cancer siblings are not so comfortable about sharing how much they care about you. There are times when they will indicate that you mean the world to them but they like to keep this sentimental side of their personality hidden away from the rest of the world. They are loving and affectionate."

This translates to us that the Cancer baby likely won't give away any indicators of how they really feel about their older sibling but will eventually come around and reciprocate nurturing and loving feelings for their brother or sister. Just give them time and watch for isolation tendencies.

6 Playful And Social—Scorpio

Via: Parenting

Scorpios reign from October 23 to November 21 and are represented by none other than the scorpion. They are intense and passionate characters who feel deeply but don't always verbally express those feelings. They grow up to be highly reliable leaders with lots of resources at their fingertips, making them great friends and always in demand.

Therefore, teaching our little Scorpios how to say "no" to people will be a handy skill as they learn to balance their lives and health with whom they surround themselves.

They'll be awesome siblings and will bond strongly with their family unit but—once again—will tend to keep their verbal expressions of emotion to themselves and may even appear cold and distinct at times. So, don't expect fireworks from your newborn when he or she meets your toddler for the first time.

According to Momstrology, "They tend to be introverts, so don’t be surprised if your Scorpio prefers to play alone for hours or only enjoys the company of one favorite friend or sibling. They are deeply sensitive but tend to hold in their feelings. If your Scorpio is being excessively quiet (or giving you the silent treatment), sit down for a judgment-free talk and let your kid tell you what’s going on."

5 Intensely Imaginative—Pisces

Via: I Adore What I Love Blog

Pisces reigns from February 19 to March 20 and is represented by the fish. These kids are highly imaginative, very emotional with a tendency to escape reality and often be out and about on their own rather than in the constant company of friends. They're very artistic and will more than likely be caught drawing on the walls repeatedly. As far as siblings go, Pisces is emotional and will bond deeply with their siblings. As Pisces grows older, he or she will be great with other children, so introducing them to each other should be a breeze, even if the baby is a bit shy at first around the older child.

As the parents of a Pisces, one of our biggest struggles will be teaching our little one the difference between reality and fantasy, as well as extracting them from their make-believe worlds long enough to participate in the real one for a while in order to learn some necessary life skills. They'll spend their whole lives trying to escape reality so they might as well learn a few things while we still have them.

According to Popsugar, "They are super sensitive to the energies around them, and their emotions run high. They wear their huge, open hearts on their sleeves, showing compassion and caring for the vulnerable without realizing that they, themselves, are vulnerable."

4 Why Are You So Quiet?—Air Signs

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Air signs are thinkers and not quite fully connected to this plane of reality. They can almost literally see other dimensions around us and will often have a unique insight to share because of their different perspective on life. They balance out the other signs quite nicely, though Earth often has trouble believing that Air is real while Fire burns up Air until it's left alone. The Air signs include Libra (who is cardinal and in love with love), Aquarius (who is fixed and focused), and Gemini (who is mutable and very intellectual).

According to Ivy Roses, "It isn't surprising that air sign people often seem to have many ideas and new and interesting perspectives about situations that others might take a 'face value'. In some cases this can lead to successful careers in journalism of various kinds, including as commentators about fields of human activity ranging from fashion to sports, politics, economics and so on. In general, the air signs of the zodiac are also associated with excellent communication skills."

These signs will go far in the world but not always in the direction we pictured for them. They'll always circle back around though because air is always in motion.

3 Balance Is Key—Libra

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Libra reigns between September 24 to October 23 and is represented by the balancing scales—particularly fitting for this sign. They value justice and fairness above other signs and if we make a rule which they feel is unfair, they will argue and fight that rule. They will also watch how we interact as parents with them and their siblings and can become resentful if we parent each child differently, creating unintentional unfairness and sibling rivalry as we go.

If left unchecked, they can hold a grudge against us for years because of this. As far as siblings go, they are very attached and will shower their siblings with gifts. They'll latch onto their older toddler sibling and love them fiercely.

According to Momstrology, "If ever there was a sign that needed to be reminded of the “don’t talk to strangers” rule, it’s the Libra kid. As toddlers, they need lots of affection from their favorite adults and may annoy quieter siblings with their constant demands for attention. Libra is the sign that rules marriage, so divorce or the loss of a parent can hit them harder than most. They need to be reminded that they are loved over and over again."

2 Quirky And Unique—Aquarius

Via: Three Little Birds

Aquarius rules from January 20 to February 18 and is known for being divinely unique to the point of being called odd and offbeat. These kids will keep us on our toes as they explore the world sideways compared to their peers, going about things in their own way. They will be highly social, so getting them involved in group activities with kids their own age is a must. They rival Libra in the social department.

Aquarius babies might not know how to react to a brother or sister but eventually, they will start to show them their world and bond closely. Aquarius babies often won't notice the toddler for a time—as there will be so much more to see and explore.

According to Momstrology, "These kids can be a bit eccentric and offbeat. They may surprise you with bizarre comments or quirky habits. Your best bet is to enjoy the show. They’ll only rebel if you try to tame their antics. Generous with siblings, they hate to see anyone treated unfairly. They’ll stick up for the underdog and fight for the rights of their peer group." Aquarius love stories and the best way to entertain them is with water—whether at the beach, a lake, with the garden hose or a long bath.

1 Read To Me—Gemini

Via: The Unlikely Homeschool

Gemini rules from May 21 to June 20 and is represented by the wise owl. This sign is highly intelligent and will bounce from activity to activity, leaving us in the dust and turning our house upside down as they explore the world around them.

Where siblings are concerned, they will naturally be curious about anything new. Therefore a baby will immediately investigate the sibling towering over them and then—as they get older—Gemini may become a minion to help tear the house apart and put it back together their way.

They're chatterboxes and will ask a thousand questions before bedtime, barely letting us get a word in edgewise to answer the first question.

According to The Astrologer, "If you're raising a Gemini kid, your primary challenges will include dealing with a short attention span, indecisiveness, and emotional detachment. Gemini children are intelligent and curious. Most of them have a natural affinity for writing, but others may prefer to read. It is imperative for you to keep your Gemini child's mind occupied. As an air sign, they can easily adapt to change." We definitely have our hands full with this one but all our effort to catch up will pay off as they'll settle down and take care of us when we're old.

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