How Parents Can Help Their Kids Stay Fit This Summer

Encourage your kids to start moving and to stay fit during the Summertime.

Schools are ending for the year. They might be already home for the Summer, or they might be starting their Summer in a couple of weeks. Your kids are about to go from being busy for almost 6 hours a day to being at home with "nothing to do." In this current generation, it has become harder to convince our children to work out, stay fit, exercise and to keep active. Kids are being preoccupied with different technologies. Children are getting phones and Ipads earlier and earlier. Elementary school students are now bringing their smartphones to school. Children are getting more distracted than ever by television, social media, online gaming, video game consoles, Youtube videos and different apps such as TikTok and Snapchat. It is our job as parents to encourage to put their phones, tablets, and video consoles down and to get outside to start moving around!

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Here are the 5 BEST ways to encourage your kids to get out and MOVE.


  1. Parents, Put Down Your Technology: Your children are watching you constantly. The best way to have "better" kids is to be a better parent. Lead by example. It is important that you put down your phones, move away from your computer and stop watching television. Your kids won't really listen to you if you are swiping mindlessly through your smartphone.
  2. Play With Them: It feels like fewer parents are getting out and playing with their kids. Parents are also consumed with their technology and they are spending less time riding bikes, playing basketball, and going on a family run. Encourage your children to get fit by getting fit with them! It can be a fun family effort. Everything is way more fun with your family.
  3. Sign Your Family Up For A Marathon: Okay, before you panic, this doesn't mean something that is 16 miles. This can be a simple 2-mile marathon. Your family will have so much fun working together to get prepared for the event. You guys can get matching t-shirts and have a lot of fun as a family.
  4. Join A Gym With A Pool: Who said exercise can't be fun? The best way to get your children to start exercising is to make sure they don't know they are getting fit. Swimming is a very great way to stay in shape and to get a good work out. Swimming is also a ton of fun!
  5. Encourage Your Kids To Join a Sport: In the Summer there are tons of different activities that involve exercising! Your kids can play soccer, basketball, participate in dance and tennis! There are even unique options like kickball leagues and Pickleball. If your kid is serious in an outdoorsy activity there are also tons of Summer camps that allow children to be outdoors and do tons of adventures in the great outdoors.

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Your child might just believe that staying fit means "biking or running" and that just isn't true! There are so many activities that can keep you in shape that go way beyond the typical exercise activities that you might think. Help your kids learn what activities they love to do.

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