15Have an Adventure!

The biggest thing about Pokemon Go is the adventure aspect of it all. You can go out around your neighborhood and explore to find new PokeStops, Pokemon, and Gyms to battle in. Kids LOVE adventure, and they’ll love a family adventure to find new places. In fact, adventure is the

name of the game, because you’ll run out of Pokeballs and other items if you don’t get out there and get some exploration done.

When visiting PokeStops, it’s a great time to take in some new sights and learn more about the community you live in. Check out the local science museum and see what you can catch there. Make a mundane ordinary trip to Target an adventure, walk through the store for a while and catch some Pokemon.

Your kids will get a kick out of it just as much as you will. Don’t believe me? It’s the same thing as letting a kid play Candy Crush with you, only this is way more interactive and you might even find that you get into the game too.

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