How To Progressively Parent Less And Let Your Kids Grow

Experts suggest parents to parent less and let their kids learn on their own!

Many parents have a difficult time just letting their kids grow and learn by themselves. Some parents are helicopter parents. A helicopter parent is one that hovers over their children to make sure that nothing goes wrong and that they are right there for their child when their kid needs them. If a child needs help doing something simple the helicopter parent is one step behind them to help them do the task. Being a helicopter parent can be detrimental to a child's well-being. A child might not learn how to figure out things by themselves and they will lack confidence when they are challenged. Children who have helicopter parents never have a chance to grow and learn without the help of their parents.

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Another detrimental type of parenting style is called Lawnmower parent. A lawnmower parent is a parent who "mows down" all of the obstacles in front of their child so their child doesn't have to deal with any of the challenges themselves. A lawnmower parent is a parent that eliminates any and all dangers in the child's life so that they don't ever have to be faced with any challenge. This type of parenting can be extremely harmful to a child because one day they will have to face challenges. Life is full of challenges. They will never learn how to face them because they never have before. Each challenge makes children stronger and smarter, but if they never have to face anything then they will not be equipped as adults.


The best way to parent your children is to start parenting less and letting them grow more. Some parents are working too hard at parenting that sometimes it is just better to sit back and to let their children learn on their own. Obviously, if your child is in immediate or substantial amount of danger you should step up, but it is essential for parents to start letting their kids struggle with difficult tasks. It is okay to let children deal with natural consequences. Let children climb, explore, experiment and learn. Many parents sit right next to their kids while their child learns, but it is essential to their development to let them learn how to learn.

Researchers have found that "today’s kids are less resilient, less able to self-regulate, less respectful and carry fewer responsibilities – all because of overparenting." Expert,  Judith Locke, argues that children are affected by hyper-responsive parenting that makes fewer demands on children. Children who have fewer demands inhibit them from learning key skills and will, in turn, make them less efficient adults. Less and less parents are allowing their child to play outside by themselves because they are afraid of being judged by other parents. Jonathan Haidt states that children are not being allowed to take risks and therefore are unaware of their own personal safety. This may result in them taking too big of risks, or very few risks as adults because they never learned their limits. Parents need to start letting their kids grow without so much interference.

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