How Queen Elizabeth Avoided Ever Showing Her Baby Bump While Pregnant

Although nowadays we get to see many members of the royal family display their baby bumps both loud and proud, this wasn’t always the case. As a matter of fact, Queen Elizabeth was so discreet with her pregnancies that she rarely even showed any hint of a baby bump during her royal engagements and public appearances. That’s because she had a very unique way of covering up her pregnancies.

According to The Sun, the Queen managed to hide her pregnancy from the world. She was also never photographed with a baby bump. This might seem unusual for today’s royal fans, especially since so many people love to see photos of royals like Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle pregnant in public.

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While both the Duchesses of Sussex and Cambridge dress to show off or accentuate their baby bumps, that wasn’t the case with Queen Elizabeth. That’s because during her time she was forced to keep her pregnancy under wraps. It was considered taboo for a member of the monarchy to be seen in public while pregnant.

If that weren’t enough, when Princess Elizabeth found out that she was pregnant with Prince Charles in 1948, Buckingham Palace released a cryptic message rather than a pregnancy announcement. Instead of saying how excited they were to welcome a new member of the royal family, the palace simply said that the Princess would no longer undertake any public engagements after the end of June. Five months after her last public engagement Prince Charles was born, on November 14. However, the new mother and her son were not shown in pictures together until December of that year.

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Prince Charles’ younger sister Prince Anne was born in 1950 in Clarence House. Prince Andrew and Prince Edward were both born at Buckingham Palace in 1960 and 1964. Throughout all four of Queen Elizabeth’s pregnancies, not once did she speak about her pregnancies, nor did she try to show them off in public. Instead, she quietly faded out of public life and stayed behind palace doors until she gave birth.

Of course, the one person who changed the way that the royal family treated pregnant royals was Princess Diana. Not only was she very loud and proud with her baby bumps, but she was also the first royal to give birth at a hospital.

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