How To Reduce Uncomfortable Swollen Feet During Pregnancy

As normal as they may be during pregnancy, swollen feet are no fun to deal with. They can make walking (let alone any other activity where you need to be on your feet) unbearable. What's worse is when you're stuck at work or somewhere else where not being on your feet isn't an option. It can make your pregnancy feel more like a miserable experience you can't wait to end.

So just how can you treat your swollen feet during pregnancy? Well, it boils down to several lifestyle changes that can also make you healthier. That means you'll get rid of those pesky swollen feet while improving your overall health at the same time. It's a great win-win scenario!

The biggest tip for getting rid of swollen feet would be to reduce your sodium intake significantly. This means limiting your intake of canned foods, chips, French fries, and more. Also, don't add any extra salt to your food. If you must add more flavour to your meals, opt for herbs and spices instead. These will enhance your meals without adding any unnecessary salt.

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Speaking of dietary-related tips, you should add more potassium to your diet. Potassium balances the amount of fluids in your body, which in turn reduces swelling of the feet. You should also reduce your caffeine intake because it's a diuretic, making your body believe that it needs to hold onto fluids. Instead of drinking lots of caffeine, drink lots of water instead. When you're dehydrated, your body will hold onto fluid; so by staying hydrated, swelling will go down.

Outside of your diet, there are more steps you can take to easing your swollen feet. If you can, try and keep your feet elevated on a pillow or stool while resting on a couch or bed. A foot massage from your partner can also help, as this helps circulate the fluid in your feet to bring the swelling down. Finally, sleeping on your left side is encouraged because it improves blood circulation, thus reducing swelling in your feet.

The most important thing to remember as you try to help your swollen feet is that this is only temporary. Once your baby is born, this particular pregnancy symptom will be no more. So try your best to get through the pain and discomfort of having swollen feet. They'll eventually go away, allowing you to focus more on caring for your newly born baby.

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