How The Baby Will Act During Their First Year Based On Their Horoscope

Whether mom is pregnant, trying to get pregnant, or already has a baby, she will be curious about what her child will be like as they grow. Many people rely on their horoscope to help them predict or understand their future. Someone's sign can help them figure out their strengths and weaknesses. Learning about one's own horoscope is fun, but learning about their child’s is even more interesting!

If mom is  curious about her baby’s astrological sign, we have compiled a list of all of the astrological signs to give her the inside scoop. Below, based on the child’s horoscope, we can tell you what the baby will act like during his or her first year of life. Will  baby be a good listener, naggy, hyper, or super funny? It will be fun to better predict and prepare  for the little one’s first year of life. Even more, this is a good guide for future pregnancies, so that you can avoid or get certain traits in a child.

Keep in mind, that everyone in life has bad days, and mom cannot expect to have a child that is perfect 100% of that time. With a child’s good times and bad, we love them for who they are! Read below to find out what your child will be like during their first year of life!

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24 The Good: Aquarius - Friendly And Independent

GaneshaSpeaks says that your Aquarius baby will be an intelligent little guy! The Aquarius is known to be intelligent, which will be super helpful for him as he learns how to crawl, play, eat, talk, and walk! In addition to being a smarty pants, your Aquarius baby will be friendly, which means he will lighten the atmosphere wherever he goes and bring a smile to everyone’s face.

In addition, your Aquarius baby will be independent, which can be great for mom when she wants to get a load of laundry done.

An Aquarius baby will also be very loyal, which means he will be a huge mama’s boy!

23 The Not So Good: Aquarius - Unpredictable And Stubborn

In your Aquarius’ first year of life, he may struggle with a few things. He will be unpredictable, which means it will be difficult to predict what he will do next and how he will act in any situation. He will also be very stubborn. GaneshaSpeaks says that although the Aquarius is a good listener, it can be hard for them to change their pattern of thinking.

Your Aquarius baby will probably be risk-taker, because he will be an extremist. This means it is all or nothing for them. On a bad day, you will be on the edge of your seat with this one.

22 The Good: Pisces - Compassionate And A Daydreamer

Your little Pisces will be selfless, and always want to help you. Even if that means continuously handing you the same object over and over, after you continuously put it back down. Your little one will also be compassionate and super kind.

Your little Pisces will be kind to big brother and the kids at play group. She will also be compassionate and a day dreamer, according to Mom365.

Her imagination will always be running wild, which is a super fun way to live your childhood. You will have a loving relationship with your Pisces baby due to her sweetness and kind heart.

21 The Not So Good: Pisces - A Perfectionist

Mom365 states that your Pisces baby will be overly sensitive. Although this can be a good thing, there are many times where this goes badly, such as tantrums. The wrong colored cup can set your child off in a second. Your little one will get overly upset very quickly, which can make them a real handful sometime. Y

our Pisces will be a little perfectionist, which can hurt his sensitive soul because kids tend to set unrealistic goals (such as using a fairy wand to make the family cat into a dog).

20 The Good: Gemini - Smart And Charming

Your Gemini baby will be easy going and full of life. GaneshaSpeaks says that your Gemini sweetheart will be born with great communication skills and they will be soft spoken. She will also be versatile, which means that a lot of different things will be interesting to them and they will not be stuck on the same toy for weeks on end.

Your Gemini baby will also be super smart, which means that she will pick up on things easily and do them well. She will also be hilarious, and will keep you entertained for hours with silly faces and natural charm.

19 The Not So Good: Gemini - Easily Bored And Prone To Whining

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A Gemini child will be anxious, which means that getting her to try new things or go new places can be stressful for mama. Your Gemini baby may be cautious going to a babysitter or a play date. GaneshaSpeaks tells us that a Gemini will be easily bored, which we know can result in a lot of whining.

This can mean that the activity you set your Gemini baby in front of to get your dishes washed will become something she will want nothing to do with shortly after.

Your Gemini child will also have a hard time making up their minds about anything. This can be stressful at dinner time or when trying to get ready for the day.

18 The Good: Sagittarius - Very Fun And Outgoing

Mom365 says that your Sagittarius baby will have a huge imagination! He will want to play all of the time. He will love to learn, which is great as he hits all of those milestones during his first year of life. Your Sagittarius will be full of energy and be super outgoing. This can get tiresome at times, but he will make spending time with him fun and busy!

Along with being a bundle of energy, your Sagittarius will be super funny! He will love doing things to try to make mom and dad laugh and keep it up to continue getting a reaction.

17 The Not So Good: Sagittarius - Stubborn and Likes Their Freedom

Although a Sagittarius loves to learn, if they are doing something that does not quickly catch their interest, they will soon be bored and unable to sit still. This can be difficult because he may be hard to entertain at times, especially before he can talk and tell you what he wants. A Sagittarius child will also be incredibly stubborn, according to Mom365 and want to march to their own beat.

This can be a challenge when it comes to getting a Sagittarius to complete basic tasks. A Sagittarius will like his freedom and space because they are known to be independent spirits. They don’t enjoy being smothered with love and attention, so do not count on having snuggles too often.

16 The Good: Libra - A Social Butterfly

GaneshaSpeaks says that your little Libra will be kind, gentle, and will experts at getting things done. Also, your Libra will be a charmer, and will make everyone around him super happy and be the life of the party. Your Libra will never go to extremes and mostly choose the middle in order to please everyone around him.

Mom365 states that Libras tend to feel music more than others, which can be a fun thing for his future. Your little Libra will be a social butterfly, so do whatever you can to socialize her. Also, a Libra is a great conversationalist, and will be babbling and saying her first words trying so hard to talk to you.

15 The Not So Good: Libra - Stubborn And Not A Fan Of Bath Time

GaneshaSpeaks tells us that your Libra may give you a run for your money with her indecisiveness. This means that when she is faced with a choice, it will be hard for them to choose what they really want. This stubbornness may be stressful for mom or dad. HAZ states that an upset Libra baby can be aggressive and nervous, but if there are no reasons for the bad mood, your little one will be quiet, happy and smooth-tempered.

Libra babies are not big fans of the bathtub, so that may be a challenge. The Libra baby’s mood will depend on the relations between parents and family, so be sure to not let any issues rub off on her.

14 The Good: Cancer - Great Siblings

GaneshaSpeaks tells us that your Cancer child will be the most loving child. Your little one will be a huge mamma’s boy (or girl!) and will be daddy’s best friend. Cancers are also very faithful, and they will be an awesome sibling. Expect your little one to have a hard time adjusting to new places and people. She will be a child who is very family oriented and will not take well to new people.

On a good day, expect tons of cuddles from your little one.

A Cancer is also creative, which wont really impact your little one as much until they are closer to one. She will love to color, dance and play!

13 The Not So Good: Cancer - Prone To Nagging

Your Cancer baby, according to GaneshaSpeaks will be very clingy, which is cute in the beginning, but it makes it hard to get just about anything done. Grocery shopping, date night, and even cleaning the house will be almost impossible with a Cancer around.

Your child will also be super moody, so expect her to go from mad to giggling in the same five minutes on some days. Also, your little one will be super naggy, which can be tiring, stressful and irritating for mama after a while. She will be demanding and want what she wants when she wants it.

12 The Good: Scorpio - Loyal And Ambitious

A Scorpio child will be very brave, which means your little Scorpio will not be afraid to try new foods or start at a new daycare. Your Scorpio child will also be focused, according to GaneshaSpeaks, which is good when trying to teach baby how to roll over, crawl, walk, and use a spoon.

She will also be faithful and will be a loving child who will always be by your side.

She will also be ambitious, which can be a good thing for many little ones as they grow throughout their first year.

11 The Not So Good: Scorpio - Very Sensitive And Prone To Extreme Emotions


Mom365 tells us that your Scorpio child will be possessive, so watch out at play dates and daycare. She may have a hard time sharing toys as well as snacks. Your Scorprio will have an intense personality and will be very strong willed. She will challenge all of the boundaries and rules.

Also, your Scorpio child will be very sensitive and extreme with her emotions. This can be she will be smiling one minute and in tears the next. This can be frustrating for parents. Ganeshapeaks says that a Scorpio will be jealous and resentful. She will have a hard time allowing you to split time between her and other siblings.

10 The Good: Leo - Very Bold And Creative

Your little Leo will be an outgoing, bright, and happy little guy! Your cheerful Leo will crave admiration and adoration of his family and everyone around him. His warm personality will be easy to fall in love with. Leos are natural caregivers, and are a loving sign, so expect tons of cuddles and huge.

Leos are a highly creative sign, which means that mom and dad need to use their imaginations to keep this little one using his imagination.

A Leo will be a joy to be around and will crave the attention of everyone around him by being super silly and fun.

9 The Not So Good: Leo - Careless And Demanding

Your Leo will be a natural leader, which can come off as very bossy. He will always be pointing his finger demanding what he wants, and it will get worse and he gets older and can vocalize more. Leos are unwilling to accept failure, which is a good thing at times, but it can be difficult when he is trying to accomplish something (like rolling over, for example) and keeps failing. This will result in tears and anger.

A Leo is careless and daring, so you need to keep a super close eye on him. A Leo always wants to be the center of attention and will be very demanding of mom’s attention and love, which is adorable at times, and can be tiring a lot of the time.

8 The Good: Virgo - A Kind Soul

GaneshaSpeaks tells us that a Virgo child will be intelligent, which will be interesting to watch as he grows and explores his surroundings. He will have a fine attention to detail, so you may catch him examining every toy in his lap. You can trust your little Virgo to follow simple instructions.

Mom365 says that a Virgo child is helpful, which means she will be dying to mix the brownie batter or put the laundry in the dryer. Your Virgo will be a caring soul who will gladly stand up for his sister or friend with a giant “NO!” if they are getting picked on.

7 The Not So Good: Virgo - Very Fussy

Mom365 says that a Virgo child will be bossy. This can be frustrating for parents, because before age one, a child has limited vocab, so your little Virgo will try his best to demand what he wants but it may not come across clear.

Virgo children are known to be extra fussy, according to GaneshaSpeaks. This can make bed time, bath time, meal time, and even a family outing a nightmare. A Virgo child is often hard to please or impress. On a bad day, it will seem like nothing you do will make him happy.

6 The Good: Capricorn - Ambitious And Patient

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GaneshaSpeaks tells us that your Capricorn baby will be cautious, which ensures that they will not your dare devil child. You won’t catch a Capricorn child jumping off of the top of the couch or running ahead of you in the parking lot. She will also be patient, which is great for mom as she may have her hands full with other kiddos.

The Capricorn baby is also ambitious, which means that your little girl will be confident and make big goals for herself and to achieve them.

She will always try her hardest, even if that means trying to stack her blocks as high as she can.d

5 The Not So Good: Capricorn - Very Moody

Your Capricorn baby will be pretty shy, which makes it hard for them to open up to new people or people they do not see often. In addition, a Capricorn baby will be stubborn, which means they are strong headed about what they want when they want it. This can be very challenging with just about any task.

Your Capricorn baby will be super moody, so expect her to go from happy one moment to mad in another.

A Capricorn child, according to GaneshaSpeaks, will be detached and will refuse to get close to others beyond a certain point. This can be hard for mom when she wants to leave her Capricorn baby with a babysitter.

4 The Good: Aries - Positive And Uplifting

Mom365 says that an Aries child will be generous, which means she will be more than happy to share with her brother! Aries babies are nonstop, which means that your little one will always want to play and learn, which will be super fun for parents (sometimes tiring).

GaneshaSpeaks says that an Aries child will be positive, which means that their energy is happy and uplifting.

Also, they will be courageous in a variety of situations as well as super lively. It will be rare that you will see your Aries child down in the dumps.

3 The Not So Good: Aries - Quick To Anger

An Aries child will be incredibly arrogant and stubborn, according to GaneshaSpeaks, which means that they may put up a fight about a variety of things, on a daily basis. Your Aries will also be impulsive, which means you will never know if she will bolt off in the parking lot or smack her sister in the head.

Mom365 says that an Aries child is vulnerable as well as very quick to anger. Your little will demand a lot of attention. They are noisy and request for your to watch them, listen to them, and attend to whatever their immediate needs are.

2 The Good: Taurus - Polite And Generous

A Taurus baby will be very independent, according to GaneshaSpeaks, which means that you may be able to get a lot more accomplished when your little one is around. Not only will he be independent, but he will be patient, which is a great trait for any child. She will not scream until he bottle is ready and understands that you will eventually get around to picking him up when you are done doing the dishes.

A Taurus baby will also be pleasant to be around and super polite. He will also be generous and always wanting to share a bite of her food with you.

1 The Not So Good: Taurus - Stubborn and Persistent

Your little Taurus will be very stubborn, which can be super frustrating for a parent. Bed time, bath time, play time and even meal time will go the way he wants it to go, or else a tantrum could occur. A Taurus wants what he wants when he wants it. A Taurus is also persistent, which can mean that he will whine and beg until he gets what he wants.

When he does get what he wants, he will most likely become pretty possessive over it, which is another trait many Taurus children have.

Your little one will be jealous and resentment when mom and/or dad are giving their attention to anyone but them.

Sources: Ganesha Speaks, Mom 365

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