How The Labor Will Go Based On Mom's Star Sign

Astrology is a fascinating practice with many factors contributing towards a personal horoscope. That is why it is never a good idea to diligently believe in the prediction of a magazine, newspaper or app horoscope. While these can provide some insight, the fact is that they are solely based on Sun signs. This means that although they are an important aspect of a person's chart, they don't represent the whole picture.

Along with the Sun sign, it's also vital to consider the Moon sign, which represents the way in which you emotionally respond to stimuli. There is also the Rising sign, the sign that was rising at the time of your birth, which indicates your "mask" or how others view you. It also represents how you view life in general.

That is why someone who has a Sun in Aries is more like a Pisces. With their Moon and/or their Rising sign in Pisces, their passion gets watered down, which is a trait typically shown by an Aries.

As I have been studying astrology for over a decade, I have also written many articles about the effect of labor on women depending on their Sun sign. This time, I am going to be writing about moms in labor that have at least two signs combined which could be their Sun, Moon and Rising sign. I will discuss how these moms' labor experiences will be affected by two-sign combos.

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20 Aries/Gemini Mom- A Fast And Loud Labor

Cancer Libra
Via: Huffingtonpost.com

Do you know what you get when you mix fiery passionate and impatient Aries with airy talkative and fidgety Gemini? A huge desire to get things moving fast and being very vocal about it.

According to AZS, moms in labor who have both Aries and Gemini as their sun, Moon or rising sign in their horoscopes will be impatient about a slow labor- and will be extremely upfront about how horrible being in labor happens to be!

They will make their pain quite known and they will make it very clear how much they want the painful labor to be over so they can hold their bundle as soon as possible – and to be over the worst of labor as well.

19 Aries/Leo Mom - A Quick And Dramatic Labor

When you are mixing passionate and impatient Aries with Leo, another fire sign that is also known to be passionate, dramatic and child-like, then you are going to get plenty of fire.

According to AZS, when moms who are going in labor have Aries and Leo in their horoscopes, whether it is their Sun, Moon or Rising sign, these moms will not only be impatient about labor taking any amount of time but will be as dramatic as possible about their experience.

Moms with these sign combos definitely do not want anything to take time, especially if they are in pain. They will make their unpleasant experience known, probably to those in the entire hospital.

And, because they have such a strong will, their labors will be short-lived.

18 Aries/Scorpio Mom - A Tough Labor For Everyone Else Around Her!

Via: Daily Mail

When you are dealing with anyone who has watery and intense Scorpio as well as passionate and impatient Aries in their horoscopes, you'll see that if they are rubbed the wrong way especially, they will give you a tongue-lashing.

According to AZS, Aries and Scorpio do not go well together, and those who have both in their horoscopes will be easily rubbed the wrong way by others.

Not to mention, they will make it known to anyone who has angered them. That means when moms who have both Aries and Scorpio in their horoscopes as either a Sun sign, a Moon sign or a Rising sign, you can bet that she will bite anyone's head off who rubs her the wrong way during labor.

No matter how minor the offense was- she will lash out and make it sound like it was the worst offense over what happened. She'll be calmer once the baby is out!

17 Aries/Capricorn Mom- A Practical And Quick Labor

If you have fiery and impatient Aries along with earthy and practical Capricorn in your horoscope, then you are definitely going to want to get things done quickly.

You won't have any patience for interruptions. According to AZS, even though this combo clashes, their opposition to each other can be put to good use to get a lot accomplished quickly.

When a mom who has Aries and Capricorn in her natal chart, whether it is either in her Sun, Moon or Rising sign, she will be the first one to have her hospital bags packed as soon as she is 36 weeks pregnant and have her birth plan all set up as well.

When she is in labor, she will want it over and done fast, but won't leave home to head to the hospital unless she knows she has everything organized such as the packed bag with items that she knows that she will need. If not, the disorganization will upset her more than the pain!

16 Taurus/Cancer Mom - A Slow And Emotional Labor

Taurus Cancer
Via: Lacooquette.com

If you have both earthy and stable yet stubborn Taurus as well as watery and emotional Cancer in your horoscope, then you will most definitely have a nurturing and emotional side according to AZS.

That means moms who have Cancer and Taurus as their Sun, Moon, Rising sign will be incredibly patient and nurturing.

Moms who have this combination in their horoscopes will definitely also cry over the pain, but will also cry tears of joy about bringing a new life. These moms will have slower labors but will savor the pain-free moments about how exciting it is to expand their families or to start creating one if this is their first child.

15 Taurus/Virgo Mom - A Worrisome Labor

Even though Taurus and Virgo go well together due to the fact that they share the same earth element, there are challenges that can be faced when anyone has both of these signs in their horoscopes.

According to AZS, those who have these signs in their horoscopes may be set in their ways, on top of being neurotic if something does not go as planned.

That means that moms in labor who have both of these signs as their Sun, Moon or Rising sign will worry about every aspect of the childbirth process. They will obsess over the painful contractions, beg for it to come to an end and will gladly take the epidural.

However, even if the pain is gone and the labor is slower, they will still worry. And, the worrying will continue after the fact as well!

14 Taurus/Scorpio Mom - An Intense Labor

Via: YouTube

Taurus and Scorpio oppose one another, and as a result, can bring out the worst qualities in one another according to AZS.

To put it simply, it means that those who have both signs in their horoscopes can display intense emotions such as making mountains out of molehills. They can also become angry and aggravated very easily.

That also means that moms in labor who have both of these signs as their Sun, Moon and Rising signs will most definitely lash out while dealing with painful contractions. They will also make it clear that they will not be happy with any kind of delay.

And yet, these moms are terrified deep down. After all, their lives are about to change forever, and this is scary for those who have these signs- whether they are combined in a horoscope or not.

13 Taurus/Sagittarius Mom - An Optimistic Labor

Earthy Taurus is usually terrified when it comes to being adventurous in any way. But when the sign is mixed with fiery and highly curious and jovial Sagittarius, this changes.

According to AZS, for anyone who has both Taurus and Sagittarius in their horoscopes will not only be on the calmer side but will be more willing to delve out of their comfort zones. They will also do that with a positive attitude. Therefore, they will be more willing to embrace anything that is thrown at them.

That means that laboring moms with both Taurus and Sagittarius in their horoscopes as their Sun, Moon or Rising signs will be relatively calm. They will definitely express displeasure at the painful contractions. However, they will also look at the bright side and realize that this pain is all the more worth it. They basically have their eyes set on the price the entire way through!

12 Double Gemini Mom - A Very Vocal Labor

Double Gemini
Via: Clipd.com

Whenever a woman has two airy Gemini as part of her horoscope, with one of them being the Rising sun, she is sure to be even more vocal about anything she experiences.

Others may even find her to be two-faced, according to AZS. That means that laboring moms who are double Geminis, meaning they have their Sun, Moon or Rising sign in that part of the horoscope, will be very clear about the pain that they experience.

More importantly, don't take it personally if a double Gemini mom switches from being ultra nice to the complete opposite later on. The pain and other discomforts that labor brings on is the reason behind that. She will also scream when those contractions come. She certainly won't be quiet until the bundle is born.

11 Gemini/Leo Mom - She’ll Demand To Be The Center Of Attention During Labor

Leo Gemini
Via: Cosmopolitan.com

Both airy, talkative Gemini and fiery, dramatic and creative Leo work well together, according to AZS. And anyone who has their main planets, including Rising sign in these particular signs will be not just very talkative, but creative, and will want to be the center of attention!

That said, moms that are in labor and who have their Sun, Moon, or Rising Sign in both Gemini and Leo will most definitely make it clear how much pain they are in by demanding to be cared for by the doctors and nurses the entire time.

They will not stand for listening that there are other moms in labor that need help as well. They will make a big stink if they are not being tended to and if their pain medications are not working effectively. Labor is a time when these moms will make it clear that they are the only ones that matter.

10 Gemini/Capricorn Mom - Intellectual Stimulation Makes Labor Easier

stimulation during labor
Via: Medicalnewstoday.com

According to AZS, airy and talkative Gemini and earthy and all-business Capricorn don't get along that well when mixed together. Therefore, those who have both of these signs in their horoscopes may have intentions to stay organized and stay focused.

However, they may easily lose focus as well, paving the way for many frustrations.

Laboring moms who have either Capricorn or Gemini as their Sun, Moon and Rising sign in their horoscopes will not be able to stand any lack of stimulation.

That means these moms have to read a book or an interesting website on their smartphones in between contractions in order to get through the difficult labor. If they are intellectually stimulated enough, they will be able to handle the painful parts of labor better and be more patient.

9 Gemini/Pisces Mom - A Neurotic Labor

Pregnant African woman in labor in wheelchair

Airy, talkative Gemini and watery, sensitive Pisces clash according to AZS. That is why it is very common for people who have their significant planets, including the Rising sign in both areas of the horoscope to often be anxious and nervous.

That means moms in labor who fall into this category will have a very difficult time with their entire childbirth experience. They will not be able to handle the discomfort and will cry over it at the drop of a hat.

They will worry non-stop about their baby, whether there are any complications coming up or not. Labor will be an unpleasant experience for moms who have this sign-combo.

8 Cancer/Sagittarius Mom - An Exciting Labor

Cancer Sagittarius
Via: NYTimes.com

Normally watery, emotional Cancer does not mesh well with fiery, adventurous, and jovial Sagittarius. However, according to AZS, both can work well together if a way for that to happen can be found.

That means that moms who are in labor that have this sign combo in their charts which represents their Sun, Moon and/or Rising sign will have a better time. That is said even with the painful contractions, and everything else that is as far from pleasant as possible that comes with being in labor.

Cancer is the maternal sign and Sagittarius is the optimistic and adventurous sign. That means these moms will not look at labor as a bad thing and will embrace the discomfort and everything that comes with it.

That is because they are too excited with the anticipation of bringing their bundle into the world, and into their arms.

7 Cancer/Libra Mom - Stressed Over Not Looking Presentable

When you mix one sign that represents motherhood and emotion with another sign that represents beauty, then you create someone sure to experience a hard time emotionally for not looking presentable enough.

According to Astrologyzone, Cancer represents the first sign that was described and Libra represents the other sign that was just described.

Therefore, for those who have significant planets in Cancer and Libra, you will have someone who ties their emotions on how they appear. That means moms in labor that have the Sun, Moon, and/or the Rising sign Cancer and Libra in their personal horoscopes will have a rough time.

However, these moms will be more upset about not looking beautiful for being in labor. If these moms are crying from the pain, they may be crying due to the pain as well as being stressed over how they appear! That is a tough mix.

6 Cancer/Pisces Mom- Highly Emotional And Intuitive Labor

Libra Cancer
Via: Prevenblog.com

Cancer and Pisces are both water signs, therefore, being emotional and intuitive are the characteristics of these signs according to Astrologyzone. However, the difference between these signs is that Pisces is not in tune with reality and Cancer knows exactly what is going on.

Therefore, for moms who are in labor that have both Cancer and Pisces planets including the Rising sign in their horoscopes, will without a doubt be emotional.

They will also have moments where they become more emotional for fearing the worst case scenario with their birth. However, they will have quieter moments when their intuition is telling them things are okay, and that will calm them down- until they become anxious again.

5 Leo/Scorpio Mom - An Irritating Labor

When mixing two passionate signs together that also clash, then you are going to be creating more stress and friction. That is what happens when someone has Leo and Scorpio planets including the Rising sign in their personal horoscope.

According to Astrologyzone, those who have their main planets in both Scorpio and Leo, can create stress and irritability.

That means that these moms won't be able to handle anything with grace while in labor. They will be extremely irritated when they are dealing with contractions.

They are going to also lash out at anyone around! But just remember, they are deep down afraid of the whole childbirth process- which includes after the fact.

4 Virgo/Aquarius Mom - A Unique Labor

When you create airy and unique Aquarius with earthy and analytical Virgo, you end up with a unique creation that has been perfected. Those who have the Sun, Moon and Rising sign in both of these signs tend to be quite obsessive yet at the same time, incredibly creative according to Astrologyzone.

That means moms in labor who have these characteristics will be hooked on the idea of where to give birth and will have a creative birth plan in place.

Many of these moms would rather give birth at home rather than the hospital and would use a midwife. In fact, many of these moms would prefer to have water births or lotus births. However, they will also be highly afraid of something going wrong, thereby making them quite anxious.

These moms definitely want to have an unusual birth experience. However, they want to make sure it is done right, and that the baby is born safe and sound.

3 Libra/Pisces Mom - An Imaginative But Difficult Labor

Libra Pisces
Via: Whattoexpect.com

When you mix airy and beautiful Libra with watery and dreamy Pisces, you end up with plenty of imagination. Therefore, according to Astrologyzone, those who have both Libra and Pisces as their main planets including the Rising sign in their charts will be incredibly imaginative but neurotic as well.

Those moms who are in labor who have these characteristics will get lost in their imagination about how their baby will be. During the quieter laboring times, their thoughts may even stay to wondering what their babies will wear the first time.

However, when the painful contractions come, they will become afraid, anxious and have a low tolerance for pain. That means they will jump to worst case scenarios when the pain triggers them.

2 Sagittarius/Capricorn Mom - A No-Nonsense Labor

Via: tracihuffmanphotography.com

Whenever someone has both Capricorn and Sagittarius as their main planets including the Rising sign in their personal horoscopes, they will not only want to get things done quickly but will also demand excellence, according to Astrologyzone.

Therefore, that means that laboring moms who have these characteristics in her natal chart will be very impatient about the labor taking too long which is due to the Sagittarius nature.

Yet, at the same time, they will want to make sure that their birth plans are followed carefully. If their plans have to change, they won't argue with it but will demand excellence.

Therefore, these laboring moms are going to be very impatient with it and will be incredibly demanding that everything is done perfectly. If these moms end up being pleased with their child birthing experience, then the hospital staff should most certainly give themselves a huge pat on their backs.

1 Double Aquarius Mom - A Mystical Labor

For those who have more than one main planet in Aquarius, which includes their Rising sun, the general trend is for them to be a little more unusual and non-conforming to society. They are also quite inventive according to Astrologyzone.

Laboring moms who have plenty of Aquarius in their personal horoscopes will want to make sure the entire childbirth experience is mystical. Many would prefer to hire a midwife and deliver from the comfort of their own home. They would also make sure that candles are lit, and there is incense around while mom is bringing in a new life.

If these moms deliver in the hospital, they will still want there to be candles, crystals, and anything else that can add to the mystical experience of giving birth. They will most definitely acknowledge their painful contractions, but they will be stoic about the pain. They are embracing the experience of bringing a new baby into the world- with the pain and other unpleasant aspects and all.

References: Astrologyzone.com.

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