How The Newborn Phase Will Go Based On Mom And Baby's Horoscope

Leaving the hospital and coming home with a newborn is, without a doubt, one of the most overpowering things mothers experience. Somewhere between the late night diaper changes and nursing sessions, moms begin to realize (if she hasn't already) that this life  she has in front of her needs her, specifically, the most. Moms also realize how every decision they make may ultimately affect them for the rest of their lives. That’s a lot to put on anyone’s shoulders!

So how will mom face the inevitable challenges that are bound to come her way? Well, there is no definite answer to that. However, based on mom's astrology sign, we can certainly conclude how she might face these challenges. Each of us are unique and look at motherhood through our own perspectives. These perspectives are not only influenced by how we grew up, but also our personalities and how we see the world.

Our horoscopes have a lot to do with how we see the world. It is the reason why a Sagittarian will want to explore the world while an Aquarian is more concerned with being independent. Whether mom is a true believer or a bit of a skeptic, one can’t deny the striking personality traits that are evident in each sign. Scroll below as we take moms through how mom and  baby will face this beautiful newborn phase, based on their astrological signs.

24 Capricorn Mom: Traditional Values Are What You'll Strive For

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Capricorns belong to the element Earth, which means that they are naturally grounded individuals. Although you’re a go-getter, having your feet firmly placed on the ground while you chase your dreams is something you achieve easily, unlike many signs which struggle to do so. You will seek to instil traditional values onto your child because that’s what’s most important to you. You’ll look to your upbringing and take all the important lessons learned from your parents and pass those on to your child. Many know that Capricorns want career success but what’s important to you is to also make sure that your home life is stable and secure.

23 Capricorn Baby Will Enjoy Quiet Time

Having a Capricorn child means that you have a complex character in your hands. Your child will have loads of interesting personality traits that you’ll be sure to pick up on when they grow up but one thing you’ll notice early on is how much your little one will enjoy some quiet time. Although Capricorns are determined and hardworking individuals, they are also well-known to be quite reserved by nature. They are only totally comfortable around people they know. Your baby will therefore enjoy loads of quiet time with mommy and we’re pretty sure that you won’t mind that at all.

22 Aquarius Mom: It Is All About Being Original With You

Aquarians are arguably one of the most original people in astrology. They love their independence, they love stepping to the beat of their own drums. Once an Aquarian understands how unique they are, they set out to accomplish big things in life, guided by their inner will to stand out from the rest. As an Aquarian mom, you will make your own parenting rules. Sure, you’ll respect the opinions of generations before you but if you don’t understand something, you aren’t just going to do it because it’s tradition. You like being original and aren’t afraid to follow your own voice.

21 Aquarius Baby Will Show Early Signs Of Independence

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Your Aquarius baby will show early signs of intelligence. Many experts consider Aquarians to be one of the most intelligent of all the astrological signs. Besides having superior intellect, your newborn baby will also show early signs of independence. Why? Because that’s the one true nature of an Aquarian. As they get older, they are the kid who will want to feed themselves as soon as they can. Aquarians do tend to be a little detached but that’s only because of their independent nature. Be sure to keep showing them all your love though, because although they love their space, they also seek affection (They just won’t tell you outright, like other signs would).

20 Pisces Mom: Compassion And Nurturing Come Naturally To You

Pisces belong to the Water element and just like the ocean, their love runs deep. You are also one of the most sensitive signs in astrology and are well-known to think more with your heart than any other sign. Thinking with your heart means that you’ll be more aware of what your child’s emotional needs are and will try to nurture them as best as you can. BabyCenter highlights that “As a Pisces parent, you’re incredibly nurturing, compassionate and in tune with your children’s needs. From the time they’re babies, you feel their pain and you experience their joy at every new discovery they make”. Because of this, you will create an incredibly deep bond with your baby.

19 Pisces Baby Is Naturally Sensitive

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Every child needs love from their parent but a Pisces child is extra sensitive and while the previously mentioned Aquarian might want independence from an early age, a Pisces child will be very much attached to you. Pisces love to be loved, to be cared for, and to be emotionally connected to their loved ones. If your little one is a Pisces, be prepared to have deep heart-to-heart conversations with them when they get older but for now, while they are newborns, make sure that they feel all the love you have for them because that is all they want. While other signs value materialistic things, a Pisces is more about emotional and spiritual connection.

18 Aries Mom: You Will Face Each Challenge Fearlessly

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An Aries is part of the element Fire and this is the perfect element for them because, without a doubt, they are fiery individuals. As an Aries mom, you will face each challenge of parenting fearlessly. Sure, you may not have all the answers, you may not always know what to do and how to do it, but an Aries makes a plan and an Aries does so with passion. Compared to many other signs, you have loads of energy, which will come in handy for looking after your little one. Be sure to also make time for yourself, even if it’s just for a few minutes. You have the tendency to give all you have to others and leave nothing for yourself. Remember that the happier you are, the more love and happiness you can bring to your child.

17 Aries Baby Will Always Be Taking Risks

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You can’t tell an Aries that there is something they can’t do. If you do so, they will be determined to show you how they can certainly achieve this supposedly “impossible” task. Your Aries child will be no different and you’ll notice it by the way they face each challenge that is presented to them. From tummy time, to reaching for items, to sitting, crawling, walking...the older your child gets, the more you’ll realize how brave they really are. This is the child that you’ll need to constantly keep occupied with various activities as they have loads of energy.

16 Taurus Mom: Stability Will Mean A Lot To You

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As an Earth element, you will bring an amazing grounding influence into your baby’s life. Newborns bring loads of challenges to any parent but the amazing thing about you is that you know what’s important so you won’t really sweat the small stuff. Even though you can be quite headstrong when facing other people, when it comes to your little one, you are a total pushover. Stability is the most important thing to you so you are a natural hardworker who is not afraid of putting in the necessary hours to achieve this stability. This means that career wise, you will most probably have been working hard to make sure that you provide your child with all that he or she needs.

15 Taurus Baby Needs All The Affection

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Taureans are well-known to be strong individuals who are a little on the stubborn side but one thing many people don’t realize is how affectionate they are and how much they need it from those around them. Mom365 highlights that “although they rarely wear their emotions on their sleeves, tiny Taurus babies and children desire and need to be shown a lot of love and affection. Be generous in your hugs and let it be known often, how much you love and appreciate them”. Your little one will also have very strong likes and dislikes. You will notice it when you introduce them to anything new – that’s when that headstrong Taurus trait will come out.

14 Gemini Mom: Being Creative And Open-Minded Is What You'll Seek

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A Gemini mother is full of life. You were one of the signs that were more excited than scared as they brought home a newborn. You’re fun and like to look at each challenge as an opportunity to learn and to grow. You’re also a jovial person and will bring that into your daily routine with your child. You will love challenging your child mentally and physically and will present games to them that will do this. Even though you do have your chilled moments where you need calmness, you’re generally full of life and all that energy will come in handy for taking care of a newborn.

13 Gemini Baby Is Always Curious

Your Gemini baby will need loads of your time and energy so be sure to get in some rest, whenever possible so that you can recharge and have all the necessary energy for your little one. Your Gemini baby is a social being and if there are any siblings around, they are going to love it. If not, maybe try playgroups where they can interact with children who are closer in age to them. This will help them thrive. Geminis also tend to have a great sense of humor so be prepared to have the most fun times with your little one.

12 Cancer Mom: You Will Find Sentimentality In Everything

Like the previously mentioned Pisces, the Cancer mom is a water sign who is very sensitive. Those who don’t know you often regard you to be very tough but those closest to you know that you’re very soft on the inside. You also love family. You love being a mom and a nurturer and you’ve most likely been looking forward to being a parent for a very long time. You’ll look forward to nursing sessions with your little one as you fully understand how deeply bonding it is. One of your best qualities is that you’ll respect your child’s feelings, which is something not every adult can do.

11 Cancer Baby Will Only Need Your Cuddles

Your Cancer baby is a little more emotional than others and you’ll definitely see those mood swings come through the older they get. When they are younger, expect them to cry a little more than babies belonging to other signs but the great thing about them is that all they truly need is your affection. Cancer babies also tend to be very sweet. When they get older, expect them to listen to you and follow your instructions. They do this because they are naturally caring individuals and simply want to make mom happy. Home and family is the most important thing to them and they will love their parents and siblings with all their hearts from a very young age.

10 Leo Mom: You're Playful And Fierce

Hands down, you’re the “cool mom”. You’re one of the liveliest horoscopes and are also aware of the latest trends. Your energy will come in handy with your baby because whatever extracurricular activity they may want to enroll in as they get older, you’ll support them all the way. You also have a big personality as Elite Daily highlights that “When a Leo woman becomes a mom, she takes all her personality traits with her. From always being the biggest cheerleader of her child to having high expectations”. There’s nothing wrong with wanting your child to be the best as every parent wants that, but you have a big personality so try to make sure that you allow them to grow into their own.

9 Leo Baby Has A Lot Of Energy

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Be prepared to never know what to expect from your Leo child. They have loads of energy so they will definitely keep you on your toes, especially when they get older and start being mobile. Your Leo child is generally happy, it doesn’t take a lot to put a smile on their face and pretty early on, you’ll notice how outgoing they are. This is the child you’re going to be taking to multiple extracurricular activities when they get older. Leos also love drama, so be prepared for some temper tantrums when they are still young. Your Leo baby will love being the center of attention so know that they are going to want you all to themselves.

8 Virgo Mom: It Is All About Structure With You

Virgos are one of the most organized signs. You’re also a huge perfectionist. You don’t mind pulling something apart, only to put it back together again, if it means that it is more perfect that way. You thrive on structure and probably have daily “To-Do” lists to keep you sane. As a Virgo mom, your child will most probably follow a routine earlier than most as you will do all you can to help make it possible. Remember though, that every child is different and will reach their milestones (like sleeping throughout the night) at their own time, so loosen up the reigns a bit and enjoy this beautiful stage of motherhood.

7 Virgo Baby Will Get Attached To Habits And Schedules

As an Earth sign, there is nothing more important to a Virgo than stability. They are naturally grounded and thrive when there is structure. This is the baby who will find it easier to follow routines and not only will they do so voluntarily, they will enjoy it. Virgos are also very dependable individuals and when your little one gets older, you will notice how easy it will be to rely on them to do their chores or just simply follow your instructions about anything. Your Virgo baby will also love mental stimulation as they love challenges so when they get older, the perfect gift for them will be puzzles.

6 Libra Mom: You And Your Baby Will Always Look Good

It is very easy to spot a child who has a Libra mom – they are most probably the child who is dressed in the cutest outfits and has the latest hairstyle. Libras love looking good and will pass that on to their children. The important thing though is that although materialistic things are important to you, you know that there is more to life than that. You will seek to have a great balance in all aspects of your life. From motherhood, to career, to friendships and relationships, you want it all and will do all you can to make sure that you balance it all.

5 Libra Baby Will Always Have A Smile On His/Her Face

As long as there is balance and harmony in your home, your Libra child will be happy because that’s the most important thing to this star sign. When there is peace, they will give you all the smiles and laughs that you desire. Once they get old enough to head to school, this is the child who will be sorting out playground issues as they love coming up with the best resolution for everyone. Bounty also highlights that “generous to a fault, Libran children will give away their last snack or hand over their toys to the point where they could be left with nothing”. Their generous spirits will make you a proud parent.

4 Scorpio Mom: You're As Resilient As They Come

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You are one mother not to be messed with. You’re the epitome of the term “Mother Bear” and will do anything and everything for your little one. As a water sign, you’re generally very emotional and sensitive but unlike the previously mentioned fellow water signs, Pisces and Cancer, you are less prone to show your emotions to people. You will have a strong emotional bond with your baby from a very early age, which is great as your child will know as they get older that they can come to you about any piece of advice. Parenting is difficult and filled with loads of challenges, you are one sign that will pick themselves up time and time again as you have a strong determination to succeed in everything you do.

3 Scorpio Baby Will Like to Express His/Her Emotions

Your Scorpio baby will be full of emotions and as they get older, will need you to guide them and help them understand their emotions better. Being a parent to a Scorpio baby means that you need to be in tune with their emotions and also be very attentive. They love affection, but will never say it out loud. They are also naturally empathetic and can be the sweetest, to those they love. They are also very strong-minded individuals. Once your Scorpio child is determined on learning to crawl or to walk, there is nothing that will stand in their way.

2 Sagittarius Mom: This Is Yet Another Adventure You're Up For

Sagittarians are the sign that travels the most out of all the signs. While most are still planning that vacation that they’ve been meaning to take for the past few years, you’ve most likely already been on it and are planning your next adventure. You’re a natural explorer and enjoy learning and growing as an individual. These are fantastic traits to have as a mom as you will recognize parenthood as another adventure and chance to learn and grow further. You’re a fire sign who has loads of energy and will try to help your child become an individual as spiritual growth is very important to a Sagittarian.

1 Sagittarius Baby Will Not Be Crazy About Following Routines

Finally, the Sagittarian baby. This is the child that will need loads of interesting books and puzzles from a very early age. They enjoy learning, they love exploring and have a lot of energy. Your Sagittarian baby is most likely to struggle to follow routines because they are not big on rules, in fact, they despise them. Why? Well, they are non-conformists. They don’t like doing things that everybody else does. They love being individuals. If you’re a parent who loves structure and order, your Sagittarian child will give you an interesting challenge. Even though order and structure is important at times, allow your Sagittarian child to be themselves - to explore, to run a little wild sometimes…and they will surprise you each day.

References: BabyCenter, Mom365, Elite Daily, Bounty

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