How The Second Trimester Is The Most Amazing 3 Months For You And Your Baby

Pregnancy can be tough, with that back pain, constant trips to the bathroom and restless sleep, you’re probably wondering if it’s ever going to end. Well, good news! After you make it through the first trimester hump, the second trimester is easy sailing. The first trimester can definitely test your patience, especially with that constant nausea, but the second trimester makes up for your triumphs.

This trimester is not only the most amazing three months for you, but your baby is making major developmental milestones as well! The second trimester is one of the most cherished because this is when you begin to see your baby really start to grow inside of you, it’s when it all becomes so real.

Also, mommy won’t be going through so many distracting symptoms, making it that much more delightful to enjoy your pregnancy. We thought we’d brighten your day by letting you know what to look forward to during those lovely three months and what you should expect.

7  Bye Bye To Some of Those Dreadful Symptoms

Yay! Finally, you get a little bit of a break. During the second trimester, usually your constant feeling of nausea and morning sickness will begin to go away. This causes you to be much more comfortable and relaxed. Believe us, just the relief of nausea alone makes all the difference. During this phase, most moms get a surge of energy!

This is because the hard work of building a placenta is complete during the first trimester triumphs, so during the second trimester your body utilizes its energy towards other things, like YOU. Also, we’re not making any promises, but usually, tension in your bladder also slows down during this phase of pregnancy, for now anyways. So you won’t be constantly making trips to the bathroom, literally every 5 minutes.

Another great symptom will ease up, those tender, painful breasts. Though the ache’s will go away, those girls will still continue to grow and change.

This is the best time to utilize this burst of energy. Try to use your second trimester to get active with some prenatal yoga, or preparing baby’s nursery. When the third trimester comes along, it’ll be a relief knowing you don’t have to worry, and you’re ready for baby to arrive.

Something that may help ease the planning process are these great Pregnancy Planning Kits, by Paperandoats. These are a great tool to help you prepare for your bundle of joy to arrive. The less stress when pregnant, the better! 

6  You Get To Go Maternity Shopping

Sometimes when we’re pregnant, we dread the possibility of gaining that baby weight, but we say embrace it! You have a little miracle growing inside of you, embrace that. During the second trimester is when your bump starts to make it’s debut. You start to actually look pregnant, instead of just looking super bloated all the time. We agree, everybody is different, but usually by the sixth month, you’ll need to do some shopping.

And, it’s totally fun! Go for a little mommy shopping spree, or ask some mommy friends if they have any hand-me-downs. Just because you are pregnant, does not mean you have to compromise your style by any means. Stick with clothes that have darker tones, these tend to be more slimming.

Also a great tip, being pregnant doesn’t mean wear super baggy clothes. In fact, this just makes you look bigger. Try to go for clothes that are form fitting (around places that aren’t growing, like your shoulders). Accessories are always a great compliment as well, plus you can rock them after you’ve had your baby as well, win, win!

ThymeMaternity is a great place to grab some basic maternity must-haves. Their clothes are super trendy and flattering. They also have some great sales and giveaways, so try to wait for these moments. There are a ton of great resources to help you enhance your pregnancy glow (not that you need it). Plus, going shopping is a great way to make you feel confident.

One more thing, if this is your first baby, store away your maternity clothes after you are done with them, instead of giving them away. You might just need them if you decide to have another child in the future! 

5  You Get To Find Out The Gender!

This might not apply to the parents that want to leave it for a surprise, but for the ones that are just too curious, your wait is up! Your second trimester is when you get to find out if you’re having a little boy or girl, how exciting!

This is a great time to host a gender reveal party, and could help you figure out how you want to set up the nursery. Even though we’re sure you’d love that baby no matter the gender, sometimes knowing the gender helps you prepare better for when the time comes to meet them. Plus, it makes picking out a name so much easier!

Our Baby Names Search has a ton of popular, unique and super cute name ideas for your little bundle of joy. If you already have a name in mind, it also gives you information on that name, it’s history and what it means! Pretty cool.

This is such an exciting time for both you and your loved ones. Even if you decide not to find out the gender, you can use this trimester to test out those old wives tales, like the Chinese Gender Calendar! Either way, it’s a fun time for both you and baby. 

4  Baby Can Hear You

What makes the second trimester so important and memorable, is that you are able to interact and bond with your baby. During this time, your baby’s hearing is almost fully developed. Around week 16, is when your little one’s ears begin to grow, meaning that they can finally hear you out there.

This makes it even more exciting for you and your loved ones, you can talk to baby or even put some headphones on your belly and play music, allowing you to bond with baby and let them know that there’s a whole world waiting for them when they come out. 

Now is the time when your baby will be constantly hearing the sounds of you, your loved ones, your heartbeat and all the noises your body is making. One of the neatest parts? By 27 weeks, your baby should be able to recognize the sound of their mommy’s voice!

Did you know playing music to your baby in the womb, helps them relax and actually fall asleep? There are a ton of great playlists you can find on Youtube, full of classical tunes for your baby’s tender and newly developed ears. We love thisWomb Soundplaylist on YouTube. It’s a long selection of lots of different soft tunes for your baby’s little ears. 

3  Baby Will Have A Growth Spurt

You’re not the only one going through a lot of changes during this trimester. The second trimester is also a big milestone for your little munchkin. Going into the second trimester your baby to be will start packing on the pounds and adding cute baby fat to those little muscles of theirs. Once you hit the end of the second trimester your baby will already have tripled in size, gaining a steady weight of about six ounces per week and gaining around two pounds!

Now, two pounds might not seem like a lot but basically, that little one inside of you is growing from the size of a lemon to the size of a squash in three months! This is an important time for your baby’s development, so make sure to pay extra attention to your diet and activity during the second trimester, to give baby all the nutrients they need to get through that second trimester growth spurt with ease.

Don’t know what to eat during this stage of pregnancy? And what vitamins and minerals will aid in your baby’s development? This Second Trimester Meal Planner is a great resource for figuring out what kind of foods you should be including in your diet, like whole grains, humus, fruits and lean proteins, and you can learn how they can benefit your baby, too.

Of course, if you’re craving something like a cheeseburger or an ice cream cone, go for it! Just make sure to get as much as those essential vitamins and minerals for your baby as possible. Remember, whatever you eat at this point, your baby eats too. 

2  You Finally Get To Feel Baby Kick

During your first trimester, your baby is far too small and not fully developed enough to really make any kind of a rattle. But, once that second trimester milestone comes rolling in, you can expect to feel some baby movements! Usually, the ‘flutters’ will begin in your fourth trimester. This is an exciting time for mom and baby because it’s another way to communicate with your little one and connect.

The flutters, at first, can easily be mistaken for gas or a muscle spasm, but once those muscles start to develop, those punches and kicks will get much stronger. These will be a lot more evident in your fifth month of pregnancy and they will only get stronger as your pregnancy progresses.

Baby’s kicks are also a great way to get your loved ones to connect with your bundle of joy while they’re in the womb. It’s always fun to get your child or partner to try to feel your baby moving around. During your sixth month of pregnancy, you might start to notice a pattern in when your baby moves or is awake.

Unfortunately, baby tends to enjoy kicking when mommy is trying to lie down, or sleep, or even after you’ve eaten. Did you know that if you’re nervous about something, your baby will kick you more? This is because when you are anxious or nervous your blood sugar levels rise, which will give your little munchkins a quick burst of energy.

It’s important to interact with your little one while they are in the womb. Especially, when they start to move around. Some great ways to interact with your baby when they’re inside the womb is doing things such as massaging your baby bump, taking a bath, singing and talking to baby and responding to your baby’s kicks. Here are some great ways to interact with your unborn baby, during this important time in your pregnancy. 

1  Your Baby Responds!

This is one of the most important traits of the second trimester. During this time, baby is able to kick, hear and see light. This makes it a lot easier for them to respond to you. This is the closest moment you will come to interacting with your baby before they are born. The start of that unbreakable bond between mother and child. The second trimester is so full of developmental milestones for both you and your little bean and it all leads to this moment.

At the beginning of the second trimester, you will be slowly feeling more and more kicks. But, it isn’t until close to the end when you can actually pick up on your baby trying to communicate with you. Sometimes parents even play games with their little ones, or read them stories and their baby will respond. During this time try to play games and interact with your little munchkin as much as possible.

It is also an important time to get the father or a loved one to start talking to baby as well. This is important because your baby will recognize the voices once they decide to make their debut. Your baby will also respond to sounds and lights. If you’re driving in the car or playing loud music, baby may tend to be more active and kick.

This Second Trimester: Week 13-16video, is a great resource that shows you exactly what your baby is up to in there. It really makes you realize how important this part of pregnancy is. Another great resource is our Pregnancy Tracker. This is a great tool, that will keep you up-to-date on what you and baby can expect during every week of your pregnancy.

So take a deep breath and a sigh of relief and take this time to enjoy all of these wonderful things to look forward to. The second trimester is a time for you to enjoy pregnancy and begin to bond with your little baby inside of you. It’s a time when everything becomes real, and prepares you and your baby for the long anticipated appearance. Remember, no matter how hard first and third trimester might be, take it all in and make time to remind yourself of what wonders are in store for you.

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